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Gemstone jewellery


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Gemstone jewellery

Gemstone Rings Natures Gift to Change Our Fortune
Gemstone Rings Natures
  • Your future is inscribed in your palm and to make
    it we not only resort to hard work but also like
    to add a pinch of luck. Jewellery studded with
    gemstone is the latest to join the trend. Not
    only does it adds poise to beauty and enhances it
    further, they are also acclaimed to change

Carving your future to make you a gem
  • Gemstones come in various sizes and colors. Each
    gemstone is said to be related to a particular
    planet, which deems the power of changing the
    gear of our life into a new wonderland. While
    gemstones have been a part of human civilizations
    since eons, its popularity has found basis only
    in recent years. These were used for making
    jewellery and ornaments for both men and women.
  • Many purchase these for engagements and wedding,
    also for changing their fortune.

Why are Gemstone Rings popular?
  • Gemstone rings not only add to the aesthetic
    sense of beauty, they are also magnificent and
    classy gifts of nature. Each and every stone is
    unique and pure in its own way and getting them
    engraved in the form of a ring, get one closer to

Owning mystic powers
  • Whenever we hear the word gemstone, the first
    thing that usually strikes us astrology and
    future. People, who believe in crystal power,
    believe that gemstones possess mystic powers and
    render one protection against disease, illness,
    and shower with happiness.
  • Thus, many people tend to wear them in the form
    of Gemstone rings, as it is believed when these
    stones touch our skin, they can waive the energy
    levels, thus warding us out of the ill fortune.

How to know which stone is right for us?
  • While there is a range of Gemstone jewellery in
    the form of rings, earrings, gemstone studded
    bangles and pendants, rings and pendants are the
    most used. Though many people may opt for any
    particular stone which they find attractive,
    those who believe in astrology wear it by
    calculating the date of birth and other factors
    for choosing which stone suits them the most.

Factors to keep in mind while buying a gemstone
  • Other than the astrological aspects and
    popularity, other factors that one needs to look
    out for while buying Gemstone jewellery one has
    to remember the following factors
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Weight

  • Each and every stone has its own unique color.
    The most popular ones among people are ruby,
    turquoise, coral, emerald, diamond and pearl,
    other gems are also quite popular amongst the
    users. While choosing for a gemstone for the
    ring, look out for ones which are deep in color
    as they are not only valuable but also render an
    aesthetic sense.

  • A good quality gemstone will have a clear and
    better clarity, ranking it at the topping the
    case of transparency index.

  • The most important aspect while determining
    whether a stone is genuine or not can be
    understood by its weight. A good quality gemstone
    will weigh more in the carat.

  • Adding a spark to our lives like a star on the
    sky, gemstones are a magical presence of nature,
    donned to gear our life towards fortune.
  • Diamonds are known to be a girls best friend.
    The most elegant of jewellery which is known to
    be an epitome of elegance and beauty, diamonds
    add shine into the lives of those who own it.
    Diamond rings Perth is popular for adding a sense
    of class to the beauty of women, enhancing her
    elegance to a new level.

Suited for all occasions
  • Whether it is an engagement party or a wedding
    occasion, diamond rings never go out of fashion.
    They are known to enhance the appearance of a
    person, well suited for all types of attire from
    western to traditional. Diamond rings Perth never
    fail to spread its charm, no matter what the
    occasion may be making head turns towards you in
    awe and envy.

Swaying the world off their feet
  • While there are Perth brands of jewellery that
    are out in the market, it is the classic designs
    which has sustained its position among the most
    sought jewellery amongst the masses. With time,
    the jewellery making sector has emerged to grow
    ten manifolds.
  • Carved with a sense of magic, they are found in
    different sizes. Many of these designs have with
    time yielded enormous money for the market, thus,
    making them come out with more beautiful designs
    and marvels.

Carved for fantasy
  • Rings have always been a popular jewel amongst
    the masses for eons. They have always managed to
    sway the world of their field by adding a flare
    of classic touch to our appearance. Even when you
    have not worn any other jewellery, wearing a
    diamond ring would complete the look for the
  • Diamond rings are available in various shapes and
    sizes which are carved in different settings.
    Accessories studded with diamonds are most
    popular amongst Australian jewellery, which adds
    the ultimate touch of glamor in a woman.

Make head turns in appreciation
  • A diamond has the power of grabbing attention.
    Carved by nature in the most profound way, they
    are known to be the ultimate symbol of love. No
    wonder, a diamond ring Perth is the most chosen
    jewel when it comes to confessing ones love.
  • They are precious gems, also rank top in the list
    of cost, but turn priceless when it comes to
    gifting it to your loved one. It indirectly
    confesses to the person how precious the person
    to the other is.

Confessing the unsaid, emoting love
  • As priceless is love, similar is a diamond. A
    diamond ring symbolizes the love for other. One
    can experience the magic of diamond, by seeing
    the effect it has on the other. The spark can be
    well seen in their eyes, laying their heart in
    your hands.

  • Australian jewellery is found in a variety of
    range from bangles to anklets, bracelets to the
    necklace, acclaimed to offer jewellery for both
    men and women since times immemorial adding
    happiness to lives and elegance to appearance.
  • Carved with perfection, cut in different shapes
    and sizes, with the touch of marvel, diamonds
    will turn your life a living dream, marked to
    offer perfection in the world of imperfections.

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