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Why Tyre Quality And Durability Are Important?


Read on why you should maintain your tyres in a good condition. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Why Tyre Quality And Durability Are Important?

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  • A considerable amount is spent year after year
    for developing new technology and materials for
    tyres. Though tyres may seem uncomplicated, they
    are one of the most vital parts of your car.
    Modern tyres provide enhanced safety, remarkable
    performance than we have ever anticipated from
    the rubber tyres of the yesteryear. Let us glance
    over how tyres wear out and how to take care of
    them so that they remain in top condition keeping
    your family safe on the ride, and what benefit
    you will get by having the choicest tyres on your
    car instead of budget tyres.

Steps For Maintaining Tyres In Top Condition
Inspect Tyre Pressure
  • Indeed, it is a good idea to check your
    cars tyre pressure once in every 3 or 4 weeks.
    Look inside the drivers door or inner part of
    the petrol cap to know the vehicle manufacturers
    recommended tyre pressure.
  • Over or under inflated tyres are inclined to wear
    out haphazardly, which means you will have less
    road grip. Check the tyre pressure when the tyres
    are cool because moving tyres tend to become
    warm, which will raise the inflated pressure.
  • Therefore, to ascertain whether the tyres are
    properly inflated or not, always measure the tyre
    pressure when the vehicle is in a cool state.
    Your cars tyre pressure is paramount to keep you
    and your family safe on the drive

Car Tyre Appearance
  • Examine your cars tyres one by one and ensure
    there are no tears, bulges or cuts on any of
    them. Additionally, there is no major rubber
    cracking in the tread grooves.

Tyre Tread Depth
  • Min legal tyre tread depth for cars in Australia
    is 1.5mm .You can inspect by viewing at the tread
    wear gauge bars built into the tyre tread
    positioned at the base of the tread grooves. It
    is time to change the tyre when it is damaged to
    the point where any of the bars become identical
    with the nearby tread.

Car Tyre Rotation
  • Different vehicles wear down tyres differently
    for instance, a rear-wheel drive car will wear
    the front tyres very differently than a
    front-wheel drive. Regularly rotate the tyres
    after every 5000 km or so even if no signs of
    uneven wear displays. This is one of the finest
    ways to maintain your cars tyres in top condition

Reasons For Tyre Wear
Driving Habits
  • Tyres life is impacted by driving habits. Hasty
    acceleration and constant hard braking will
    swiftly exhaust a tyre

  • Tyre sidewall can be damaged because of kerb

Tyre Type
  • Compared to a tyre designed for comfort, a tyre
    designed for high performance may wear sooner.

Bad Roads
  • The tyre can be damaged because of potholes,
    rough road surfaces, unsealed roads and objects
    on the road.

  • Inadequate maintenance of tyre and suspension
    parts can cause tyres to wear prematurely.

  • Some tyres will wear quicker considering their
    design features, the material used in
    manufacturing them and based on particular
    driving style.

Tyre Age
  • Just glance at the Tyre Identification Number
    (TIN) placed on the tyre sidewall to ascertain
    the age of your cars tyres. The ending four
    digits indicate the week and year when the tyre
    was manufactured for instance, a tyre with TIN
    XXX4007 has been manufactured in the 40th week
    of 2007.
  • However, there is no clear-cut rule to know how
    long they will endure. Notwithstanding the age,
    tyres should be changed if they display
    considerable cracking in the sidewalls or bulging
    of the tread face, or damage to tread grooves or
    sidewall. These warning signs tell you that they
    are at the end of their life. Thus, a mix of
    several factors wears down your cars tyres.

The Choicest / Budget Tyres
  • It can be quite confusing to choose your next set
    of car tyres. Add to it, the price difference
    between budget and the choicest tyres often the
    decision can be quite puzzling. Tread patterns
    are identical between budget and the choicest
    tyres, so car owners are tempted to select the
    affordable option. However, this factor alone
    cannot end the comparison between the choicest
    tyres and budget tyres.
  • The choicest or high-quality tyres are developed
    by major companies like Bridgestone, Continental,
    Good Year and Achilles Radial among others. These
    well-known brands invest quite a sum in
    developing superior quality and exceedingly safe
    tyres. They are made with quality rubber
    compounds and crafted with robust, lasting
    materials. In their high-tech research centres,
    tread patterns are meticulously tested imitating
    all driving conditions including all real world

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