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Myths About Indian Food That You Should Totally Ignore


Avoiding Indian food considering these myths is simply not a good idea.Restaurant Flavour of India is one of the best places to visit if you want to taste best Indian food in Zurich, Switzerland. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Myths About Indian Food That You Should Totally Ignore

Myths About Indian Food That You Should Totally
Ignore When Trying Indian Food for the First Time
Indian Cuisine
  • Indian food has always been talked about its rich
    diversity, authentic flavours and traditional
    cooking techniques which make those dishes
    lip-smacking and hard to resist.
  • However, what makes Indian cuisine so popular and
    sought-after also gives rise to inappropriate
    speculations and misconceptions that cause many
    people to avoid the cuisine even if they crave
    for it.
  • That said, we have pulled together a few common
    myths about Indian food that are totally safe to
    ignore particularly if you are trying it for the
    first time.

Myth 1 It is Too Spicy
  • The most raved speculation passed around about
    Indian food is that it is loaded with spices.
    Well, there is some truth to it, and Indian
    cuisine does feature a multitude of spicy dishes.
  • But it would be wrong to assume that Indian food
    is entirely dominated by string spices and bold
    flavours. There are multiple variations of each
    and every dish that uses a variety of ingredients
    and spices to create mild to hot palates.
  • So, if you arent into anything too spicy, there
    are mild alternatives too that are just as

Myth2 No Health, All Taste
  • Another common assumption that do not apply to
    the entire Indian cuisine is that it is
    unhealthy. While there are dishes that clearly
    dont hold back with hot spices and flavours, the
    typical Indian meals include healthy and balanced
    food including lentils, roti (flatbread), rice,
    yogurt and veggies.
  • The food includes a good amount of essential
    nutrients like protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and
    minerals. Moreover, a majority of spices used in
    authentic dishes cumin powder, turmeric and
    asafoetida possess medicinal properties that
    promote good health.

Myth3 Indian Food Means Curry
  • Most people refer to Indian food as curry. The
    fact is curry is just a generic word to denote
    Indian food and cant represent the entire
    variety or cuisine.
  • While a majority of the cuisine features curry
    dishes, there are distinct ways to prepare Indian
    food and that is what makes it diverse and
    unique. Different proportions and combinations of
    spices and ingredients are used to produce unique
  • So, next time you find someone who refers to
    every Indian food recipe as curry, share the

To Sum Up
  • From the exaggerated fears of spices and
    ingredients to health concerns, Indian food has
    been surrounded by numerous inappropriate
    assumptions like the three mentioned above.
  • Avoiding Indian food considering these myths is
    simply not a good idea.
  • Rather, you opt for tasty yet healthy choices,
    particularly if youre dealing with a medical
    condition that restricts certain ingredients used
    in India.

  • Furthermore, to ensure a pleasant experience if
    youre going to savour Indian food for the first
    time, it is important to find a great Indian food
    restaurant that is known for not only its taste
    and variety but authenticity
  • Restaurant Flavour of India is one such place to
    visit if youre looking for best Indian food in
  • A reputed Indian restaurant in the Kloten of
    Zurich. Flavour of India offers a wide range of
    Indian food that is prepared by only trained
    staff of Indian origin and uses imported Indian
    ingredients and spices to maintain the authentic
    taste and flavours.

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