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How to Organize Makeup Drawers with Cardboard Boxes


We can do so much with the things we have around the house and utilize everything that we throw away. From the food we waste to the empty cardboard boxes we use and throw away every day, we can reuse them in so many ways. The best thing that these boxes do is to help keeping the house and kitchen organized. You can find use of almost all types of boxes that you bring home with food. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Organize Makeup Drawers with Cardboard Boxes

How to Organize Makeup Drawers with Cardboard
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There are many ways in which you can organize
drawers with. Lets learn a few ways of doing so
using makeup boxes or cardboard boxes. We usually
have cereal boxes emptied every other day. This
time around dont throw them away, keep them
aside and collect at least 4 to 5 of them for
this project.
Empty the makeup drawer and bring everything in
the middle, see what shape is your product mostly
and determine how much different type of sections
you will need according to the type of makeup
container. There are usually more lipsticks and
pencils, so we need a longer space and a
rectangle space for all the lipsticks.
Then is the turn of palettes and blushers. You
can make a section for everything even if you
have just one of each thing, and in the end we
can go for one section that holds things with all
the other shapes. So before you begin the
organizing part, separate and sort everything,
save time.
Best makeup boxes will be made with sturdier
cardboard boxes. Bring out all the boxes you have
been collecting and now take one cardboard cereal
box and remove its front where the main logo is.
Remove it with paper cutter and remember all
safety precautions whole you do so. Remove and
take it away neatly.
Now box must resemble a tray, stick the boxs top
flap and close it so it doesnt open, close all
sides and secure them so the box resembles a
tray. Take another cereal box and repeat this
method with it. Remember that you have to take
measurements of the drawer we are making
organizers for.
Take third cereal box mark its base 3high or
same as thickness of the box, or depth of the
tray we just made. Mark it and separate the base
of the box very neatly, first tape around the
base on the line you are about to cut so the
edges of the box remain neat.
We will add just a little more separators and
organizers by cutting 3 or the size equal to the
depth of the tray, strips from cereal boxes.
These strips will have length as deep as the size
of the drawer, if the drawer is very deep, you
can always cut many strips and connect them.
You are almost done with the organization, next
is to give them a nice color, decorate them and
make them look great before you put all your
makeup inside them. These custom Makeup Boxes are
easily painted you can use spray paints or paint
them with a brush. You can also take your
favorite embellishments.
Paint it, add some embellishments, label
organizers with lipsticks, blushers, brushes,
palettes, pencils, mascaras and miscellaneous.
These labels are for you and for the friends that
like to visit you and the friends that end up
messing around with your makeup, they can see how
nicely you organize your stuff and they will keep
Last part is to put every makeup product in their
assigned box, and then arrange the boxes in the
drawer. Later if some space is left, use the
separators we created in the end. Those can also
be used for keeping the bigger stuff such as
hairsprays and hair products organized beside the
makeup products!
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