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Revision Process: Improving the Strength of Your Paper


The most responsible part of you paper writing is revision, you can make a lot of correction through this part, and improve the strength of your paper. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Revision Process: Improving the Strength of Your Paper

Revision Process Improving the Strength of
Your Paper
  • The process of revision requires reviewing,
    editing, formatting and checking for grammar and
    spelling errors in written paper in order to
    boost its quality and make it as accurate as

  • Revision is like looking at some piece of writing
    from a fresh perspective so you can see whether
    the paper says what you intended to say and if
    its easy to understand for the reader. Here are
    some tips on how to revise your paper effectively.

  • Set aside your paper and relax
  • Dont start to revise my paper right after you
    finish writing. Your paper needs a fresh look so
    give it some time and relax a little bit. Then,
    come back to your draft and be honest! Is this
    paper is really worthwhile? If not, rewrite it.

  • Make sure your introduction is eye-catching
  • This part of writing must hook the reader
    immediately so ensure it is accurate and easy to
    get. The main idea of your paper must be written
    clearly and concisely. If there are some complex
    terms, explain them to the audience at the
    beginning of your paper.

  • Revise the focus of your written piece
  • Make sure it is proper to the assignment. Revise
    whether you stick to the main idea through the
    whole paper. Also, make sure your topic is not
    too short as well as not too big.

  • Be honest with yourself
  • When you revise my essay, ask yourself whether
    you still agree with your arguments. You could
    discover something as you completed your
    assignment so make sure your points arent
    controversial and poor.

  • Make sure your paragraphs are organized
  • Consider each section of your work as small
    mini-essay. They should look like brief stories
    with a catchy topic sentence, an informative
    middle, and a strong concluding sentence.

  • Revise the structure of your paper
  • Your work must flow from one point to another.
    The structure needs to be logical, smooth and
    each section must be well-positioned. You can
    read your paper aloud. It helps to catch
    confusing information and inaccurate flow.

  • Maintain the balance within your written piece
  • Everything must be well-proportioned. Make sure
    you havent talked too much about some trivial
    ideas which took too much space on your paper.
    Dont include too many details because at the end
    youll have to make essential thought shorter
    because of the word limit.

  • Remove repetitive information
  • If some of your points can be written in a few
    words rather than a huge sentence, use the
    shorter version. Besides, dont repeat details or
    thoughts which youve already mentioned.

  • Use a thesaurus to get rid of repetitive phrases
  • You will find there not only the most appropriate
    words but also make your paper sound rich. Use
    paper revision service if you need professional
    revising help.

  • Transitions between paragraphs should be smooth
  • Make sure, you insert transitional words (such as
    in addition, moreover, comparatively, otherwise,
    nonetheless, because of, etc), especially between
    sentences with abrupt changes in ideas.

  • Revise the conclusion
  • Make sure it is a clear, strong and effective
    ending for your paper. It should be a brief
    summary of main ideas youve put in the body of
    your piece.

  • Evaluate whether your paper is valuable
  • Your work needs to be original. If its just a
    repeating of already existing ideas, you should
    reexamine your own opinions and thoughts.
    Remember, only those works which bring a new
    perspective on the topic are worth reading.

  • Make sure youve achieved your goal
  • It depends on whether your written piece must
    inform, analyze, convince, inspire, teach or
    entertain the audience. If its accomplishing its
    goal, your work is done.

  • Proofread your piece of writing
  • After you have fixed all issues with papers
    structure and content, its time to check it for
    grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Use
    spell checker as well as capitalization checker
    to make it easier.

  • Print a copy of your paper
  • It is easier to catch errors on printed version
    of your work rather than on a computer screen.
    Also, let this title capitalization checker to
    help you out.

  • Proofread for confusing words
  • Make sure you havent written accept instead of
    except or whose instead of whos, etc. Such
    words can change the whole meaning, so omit them
    or write correctly.
  • More useful tips youll find in this Google book.

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