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All you need to know about sleep


If you want to take full control of sleep apnea and want to get rid of it, then you might plan to invest some pennies for the mouthpiece. This device is used for controlling the movement of your tongue and can provide excess passage for proper air movement. Improper tongue movement can lead to create vacuum inside your mouth, which will later give rise to throat vibration. This vibration is known as snoring. So, try using the best device to control it from the core. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: All you need to know about sleep

All You Need to Know About Sleep
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Why Snoring Happens?
  • If a person snores, it starts when the relaxed
    tissues in throat vibrate as the air you breathe
    in rushes past. A study reveals that 50 of U.S.
    adults snore.
  • Factors like lifestyle, health and the shape of
    mouth can make a person more likely to snore
    during sleep. A person can get relief by
    concentrating on his health.

Are you a Snorer?
  • Sometimes people are confused about snoring, so
    you should ask your partner or your roommate
    about your snoring to get an idea about your
  • If still you have trust issues, then you should
    use a recorder in your phone and then listen to
    your snoring pitch and pattern to face the

Blockage in Nasal Passage
  • If your Nasal Passage has blockage, then it can
    cause snoring. This requires the user to keep his
    nose clear by taking adequate care.
  • In order to prevent such blockages, nasal strips
    can be useful and can help to open up all the
    passages. But if the problem still persists then
    you should consult a doctor.

Do you have a habit of Sleeping on Back?
  • If you sleep on your back then this can be the
    main reason for worsening your snoring condition.
    Sleeping on side is much better in this
    condition. You can also try sleeping by using
    stacked pillows if you are not flat when you
    sleep on your back.
  • This posture definitely helps to reduce snoring.

What is your Nose Shape?
  • A lot depends on the wall between nostrils which
    sometimes is not right and can be smaller than
    the other. Such a condition is called deviated
  • If your nose got damaged in an Accident at a
    younger age, then it can also be a cause of
    snoring for you. It can also cause breathing
    problems and you should consult doctor for fixing
    this issue.

Check your Mouth Shape
  • You can also check the upper part of your mouth
    which is going towards your throat called soft
    palate. If it is low and thick, then it can
    narrow the airway of your mouth and can cause
  • If the uvula, which hangs from the soft palate is
    longer than usual then it can cause snoring.
    These conditions can get worse with overweight.
    Surgery can sometimes help with this, too.

Is It Your Medication?
  • In some cases it is found that medications like
    antidepressants, sedatives which cn cause
    relaxation of throat and tongue muscles. Track
    your snoring after consumption of such medicines.
  • Consult your doctor if you have a habit of
    snoring and consume any of these medicines, the
    medicines can be changed.

Sleep Apnea
  • Sleep Apnea is a very serious condition which can
    wake you up in the night, it can also make you
    gasp for breath also night. Having a dry mouth,
    sore throat or headache in the morning are
    symptoms of Sleep Apnea.
  • It can also lead to high blood pressure, stroke
    and even heart diseases, you should consult your
    doctor if you think you have sleep apnea.

Snoring in Children
  • Snoring in kids is unusual especially when they
    are suffering from cold or allergy.
  • You should observe your childs snoring pattern
    and note if they snore loudly. You should also
    check if it is every night or occasionally.
  • Then you should consult pediatrician for this

If you are Pregnant
  • In case of pregnancy, the mother to be can
    experience snoring as her nasal passage can swell
    which can make it harder to breathe. As the
    mother gains weight during pregnancy, this can
    push on the diaphragm, which helps to move air in
    and out of lungs.
  • Snoring during pregnancy can also be linked to
    health issues like high blood pressure.

Tip 1 - Keep an eye on your Weight
  • Being overweight is also considered as a primary
    factor to cause snoring. In some cases the girth
    of neck is also known to cause snoring.
  • Doing exercises can help you lose shed those
    extra kilograms. Consult a nutritionist or doctor
    to get a fitness regime which is suitable for
    your health.

What You Can Do Cut Back on Alcohol
  • Consuming beverages and medicines make the throat
    and tongue muscles to relax which can make a
    person snore.
  • You can also make changes in your drinking habits
    and avoid such drinks when you are close to
    bedtime to reduce snoring.

The Silent Treatment For Snoring
  • The Silent Treatment is designed in such a way to
    help you develop a muscle memory for your tongue
    and stop snoring.
  • This helps you get rid of snoring and within a
    few months you can enjoy your sleep which is
    snore free.

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