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Paraphrasing and Writing Top-Notch Content: Techniques and Tips


Every professional writer need to not only write content but to know how to paraphrase it right, so check this presentation and find out all of the techniques and tips. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Paraphrasing and Writing Top-Notch Content: Techniques and Tips

Paraphrasing and Writing Top-Notch Content
Techniques and Tips
  • Paraphrasing means expressing someone elses
    ideas and thoughts with your own wording. When
    you paraphrase, the meaning of the original
    source must be saved but presented in a new form.
    If your wording is too close to original, your
    writing can be considered as plagiarism.

Paraphrasing Tips and Tricks
  • Before you start paraphrasing, read the original
    source a few times and look for any words or
    phrases you dont fully recognize. You must
    clearly understand the whole meaning and authors
    intention to rewrite my sentence successfully.

  • Then, close the source. Write down authors
    thoughts in your own words and compare them with
    the original. Does your writing have its own
    writing style or is it too similar to the
    original? Have you accurately presented ideas in
    a unique way? Have you reproduced authors
    thoughts or only change words in his/her

  • The comparison is very useful you might
    unintentionally use exact words or phrases from
    the source. You know what to do next word

  • If you take some terms or complex phrases
    verbatim from the original source, make sure you
    put them in quotation marks so the reader can see
    these words are borrowed from the source.

  • Cite the source authors name, the year of
    publication and its page number must follow your
    paraphrase. Putting it in a reference list is a
    must! Use paraphrase tool online to make your
    life easier!

  • If the source is too long, its very helpful to
    take notes and outline an origin first and then
    reword by yourself or online paraphrase. Dont
    look at the source!

  • Remember change the original words but not the
    meaning. Also, leave the writing tone the same
    but try to sound like you. Check paraphrase
    website which can help you out.

  • You cant add any information. You have to stick
    to the source and paraphrase ALL essential
    authors ideas. Dont leave anything out, except
    for unnecessary info.

  • A great dictionary will help you to find good
    synonyms and make your writing sound attractive
    and rich. Also, paraphrase software can do
    rewriting for you on the top level of quality.

  • Do some changings
  • rephrase positive sentences into negative ones
  • change from direct speech to indirect
  • from Active Voice to Passive
  • change an order of authors ideas
  • change word structure.

  • Also, you can change word class write adverbs
    instead of adjectives, use nouns to substitute
    verbs (or vice versa), etc.

  • Break long statements into smaller ones.
  • Make some abstract thought more specific.
  • Proper names, scientific terms as well as
    theories and concept words cant be changed.

  • If you cant find a synonym to replace the
    original word, write its short definition.
    Another option look at the dictionary or try
    online paraphrasing.

  • Also, you can replace a specific word with more
    general one. For instance, you have to rephrase
    the word a grapefruit or an orange. If the sort
    of fruits actually doesnt matter and wont
    affect the ideas meaning, change to a general

  • Its OK if the length of your piece of writing is
    not the same as an origin. Usually, paraphrased
    content is shorter than the initial one. But make
    sure that the main idea of the passage is
    represented correctly.

  • The writing must be to the point. There is no
    place for your own viewpoints and opinions. If
    you have to rewrite my essay, its better to make
    your writing more personalized. But when
    paraphrasing, the source is used to maintain your
    argument, not to express your thoughts.

  • Revise your piece of writing in order to find any
    resemblance. If you catch too close wording,
    rewrite it once again. If its impossible to
    change words completely, put them in quotation
  • More tips you can find in this Google book.

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