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Garden Walls - 4 Things You Should Know Before You Build


Garden Walls is the best way to enhance the value of your home. Toemar is one stop solution for all your garden needs. Here we offer a range of garden products including topsoil, mulch, decorative stone, sod grass, grass seeds, flagstone, tiles and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Garden Walls - 4 Things You Should Know Before You Build

Garden Walls 4 Things You Should Know Before You
  • Also known as retaining walls, garden walls
    can make or break a yard literally
  • If youre thinking about selling your house,
    garden and retaining walls are a great way to
    boost the curb appeal and value of your home.
  • They draw the eye into the garden and give the
    appearance of a major landscaping design with
    relatively little effort.

  • They can be a DIY project, for the
    adventurous gardener, but if a retaining wall is
    needed to maintain the integrity of the garden
    structure, its always wise to call in a pro (or
    risk disrupting the flow of runoff and flood
    every lawn on the block!)
  • Whether to boost the appeal, or to improve
    your garden for your own enjoyment, a garden /
    retaining wall might be just the addition youve
    been looking for.

What Is A Garden, Or Retaining, Wall?
  • A garden, or retaining wall, is a concrete or
    stone, for lack of a better word, wall. They are
    used in a variety of ways in landscaping,
    including creating raised beds, an elegant
    border, or to help with soil erosion and

  • While similar, a garden wall is more about
    creating raised beds and upping the look of the
    landscape , while the retaining wall is more
    functional, to deal with uneven ground levels and

Why Should You Have Garden Or Retaining Walls?
  • Walls serve a practical, as well as aesthetic
    purpose. A solid retaining wall is designed to
    hold back the pressure that the soil exerts when
    there are two different ground elevations in a

  • A slope might not be what you want in the
    garden, so the wall acts to break up the two
    elevations. The stability of the soil and more
    elevated portion of the garden is ensured by the
    solid stone or concrete wall, which takes the
    bulk of the pressure being exerted by the soil.

  • Garden walls are more about design they
    typically arent as tall and are used more to
    create divided garden areas and beds, rather than
    to deal with slopes or elevations. They can be
    created in curved designs, which are very elegant
    and can enhance your flower beds and other
    divided garden areas immeasurably.

Materials Used In Garden Walls
  • Whether you opt for stone or concrete, most
    walls products are mortarless these days, which
    makes garden walls a project that the DIY
    landscape gardener can undertake (with caution.)
  • You can also opt for a combination of concrete
    and stone, such as where you use natural stone
    for steps or for the caps / coping you or your
    hardscaper can create an elegant design that will
    last for years.

  • Concrete forming technology has resulted in
    concrete wall products that have the look and
    feel of natural stone, available in a range of
    textures and colours.
  • Concrete is lighter than natural stone,
    making it possible to build a wall without the
    extensive use of machinery, though it does
    require a level base, which might take some
    effort to dig down to create, to prevent the wall
    from shifting down the road.

  • Concrete wall systems are designed for easy
    tongue-and-groove interlocking installation and
    the new designs allow you to create curves that
    are still smooth and consistent.
  • One of the biggest pluses to concrete,
    particularly if this your first attempt at
    building a wall, is that is relatively
    inexpensive, compared to natural stone.
  • Those points made, natural stone has a beauty
    to it that is unmatched in other products.

  • The stones are different shapes and sizes, so
    they take more creativity to fit together tightly
    to build the optimal wall, but the result is
    gorgeous. Natural stone is strongerand
    consequently heavier to work withand requires
    less effort during the leveling process, as most
    natural stones arent perfectly level to begin
  • You may need some machinery to bring in
    natural stone and it is much harder to create a
    curved, consistent look. But when a natural stone
    wall is put together, with flair and design, its
    a sight to behold!

Should You DIY Your Wall?
  • The short answer is Probably not.
  • Building a retaining wall to deal with
    unequal ground levels without the help of a
    professional CAN be risky. You want to be sure
    that you arent interfering with run-off
    patterns. Drainage that isnt planned properly
    could end up seeping into youror your
    neighboursbasement, among other risks.

  • Like what? Foundation erosion, drowning
    plants and trees, wood rot on decks and other
    garden features, pests and so on!
  • Building a garden wall, which is far more
    about creating a design that you want for your
    yard, is much simpler and can be done with a
    little design help from your local garden centre.
    With it, you will soon have a new focal point in
    your yard and a new area to grow flowers, plants
    and trees.

  • Concrete or stone, DIY or professionally
    installed, consider garden or retaining walls
    when youre planning your landscaping changes
    they can add a real dimension of visual interest
    to your yard, helping it to make it an oasis for
    you and your family to enjoy!
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