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Tips for Having Private PO Box


Each of the PO Box has a unique number assigned to a particular address which the end user registers while getting PO Box for them. These numerical identifiers help the mails drafted towards you to reach rights into your mail boxes. They are lockable and are located in safer locations inside the post office. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips for Having Private PO Box

Tips for Having Private PO Box
  • Whether its a corporate body or an individual
    residing in remote places, physical location is
    vital for accessibility. NAP (Name, Address
    Phone) plays a vital role as it makes you
    accessible to others. Being connected virtually
    is growing nowadays. People love to find and
    connect with people they have met over various
    social media channels. This very reason has lead
    to the popularity of SNSs (Social Networking
    Sites). At times, one might lose virtual
    connectivity due to some technical glitches. This
    is the reason post office boxes (PO boxes) are
    vital for every business as well as individuals.

What exactly are PO Boxes?
  • For those who are not much aware of what these PO
    Boxes are, here is the info that you got to know.
    PO boxes are privately owned boxes belonging to
    an individual or company, located in the nearest
    post offices located in the vicinity of the end
    user. Such boxes are available on nominal charges
    from postal departments for ownership. You can
    also change the address by updating the data on
    address change websites.

Whats the significance of owning a post office
box (PO Box)?
  • It might be very much intriguing to you while
    making a choice for PO boxes as you might be
    getting your mails at the right time and there
    might not be any need for the same. At times, you
    might have to face the hassle of non-delivery of
    some important mail you have been waiting for due
    to incomplete info available on the part of the

  • Such situations might have lead to some unwanted
    opportunity cost. This is where the importance of
    PO Boxes comes into play and become very
    significant. If ones is located in an area which
    doesn't have proper address or delivery of mails
    are not regular, PO boxes become very important
    for such locations.

Additional Information Regarding PO Box
  • Each of the PO Box has a unique number assigned
    to a particular address which the end user
    registers while getting PO Box for them. These
    numerical identifiers help the mails drafted
    towards you to reach rights into your mail boxes.
    They are lockable and are located in safer
    locations inside the post office.

  • Each of the post offices has a fixed number of
    available PO Boxes assigned to them from
    regulatory bodies. A localized post office has
    around 100 unique boxes available. This number
    changes for district level post offices which
    have more number of post office boxes than local
    ones. There are also different charges for local
    and district level PO Boxes. The central district
    level boxes have higher costs as compared to
    local post office boxes. PO Box facilities are
    also offered by the privately owned bodies.

Benefits of Having a PO Box
  • Here are some prime benefits of PO Box
  • Proper Mail Delivery System For those who have
    to struggle with timely deliveries due to remote
    locations or not properly verified addresses,
    such verified boxes help in timely deliveries of
    the addressed mails right into their PO Boxes.

  • Better Accessibility It becomes pretty easier to
    share your address over various channels of
    communication. The short and unique identifiers
    help people to easily identify and share one's
    address. The more it gets shared, the more
    accessible one becomes.

  • Provides Professional Touch to NAP PO Box info
    confirms the mailer regarding the verified
    locations of the receiver. The unique PO Box
    number adds the desired professional tinge to
    your mailing address. For a business owner, these
    aspects are vital. For the startups who dont
    have proper offices or better setups, these
    unique address boxes can have an added benefit
    and mask your identity into a professional one.
    It creates a professional image for every
    business and ultimately helps in getting your
    mails delivered on time.

  • Safeguard Privacy Concerns A unique PO Box is an
    asset. The privacy issue is a prime concern for
    every individual or business. With increased
    instances of forgery and privacy infiltration
    cases, these have gained importance. One might
    have shared their address details over multiple
    communication channels such as social media or
    some insurance payment agencies. Such instances
    would help the crawlers to easily identify your
    physical address and show it in web search
    results. By use of PO boxes, you can prevent
    sharing your exact location. You are sharing
    remotely located box number in your address. This
    keeps a check on your privacy concerns. In this
    way, its a mutually beneficial thing as the
    mailer knows your proper post info and the
    receiver is assured of their privacy concerns.

  • Offers Mail Security PO Boxes helps you in not
    letting your mails go overlooked during the
    delivery process. One might have found their
    important mail documents lying outside their
    doorstep on account of non-availability at the
    time of delivery. PO Boxes help you n getting
    such issues fixed. You can periodically check for
    your awaited mails to your box. One can also
    schedule a pickup and delivery with the PO Box
    agencies. PO Box owners make sure that your mails
    dont fall in un-authorized hands and also reach
    the destined mail boxes or point of deliveries in
    a timely manner.

  • Assure Convenience PO Box ensures that one
    doesnt have to wait longer for the package they
    have been waiting for. After the sorting of mails
    at the post offices, each PO Box owners get a
    notification regarding the arrival of mails. This
    can help in reducing the overall mail delivery
    lead times. This aspect can make a lot of
    difference when it comes to delivery of important
    consignments or mails which have time concerns.
    This is assured on the part of mailers and the
    receiver who opt for such notifications.

  • Minimizes overhead costs A startup or a business
    might propagate to multiple local locations, and
    they dont have to worry regarding the
    consistency for mail addresses if they have a PO
    Box. This reduces the cost one might have to
    undergo while updating ones website or maybe the
    business card they would have been circulating
    around. This indirectly lowers the overhead costs
    in such instances.

  • With such enormous benefits, one is not left with
    any reason as to why one shouldnt opt for a
    personalized PO Box.

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