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10 Tips for Writing a Proposal Letter


Take a look at this presentation and discover 10 useful tips for writing a proposal letter, to find more tips you can check this site. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Tips for Writing a Proposal Letter

10 Tips for Writing a Proposal Letter
What is a Proposal Letter?
  • A formal proposal letter is a business document
    written to attract investments into a potential
    project. It is a great way to tell other
    businesses about services you want to offer and
    why these companies need it. The aim of a
    proposal letter is to get the support for your
    project by letting the right people know about

  • The clear, concise, error-free and compelling
    proposal has more chances to be approved.
    Professional and at the same time engaging manner
    is a must, so if you want to get a positive
    response from your readers, check the following
    tips on writing a proposal letter.

1. Define the audience
  • Take into consideration that your readers are
    busy and probably will read your proposal in a
    hurry so you should keep it short and up to the
    point. What does your audience want to hear? What
    is the most successful way to catch its
    attention? Be straightforward and respect your

2. Write an outline
  • It will help to organize your ideas. Your
    proposal should consist of approximately 3
    paragraphs the issue, your solution and the
    conclusion why it is worth money and why youre
    the right person to resolve the problem.

3. Give a captivating start to your proposal
  • Write an appalling introduction that will hook
    the readers attention. Make it powerful and
    clear. First, greet the reader and give some
    background information. Then, state the main
    purpose of your letter.

4. State the problem
  • Tell your readers what is a problem and what is
    causing it. Ensure them this problem needs to be
    solved because it has a direct influence on the
    audience. Give lots of facts and research
    conclusions to make your proposal stronger and
    more convincing.

  • State the issue properly and assure the audience
    that youre the one who can take care of it.
    Dont write some obvious facts which everybody
    knows. Show that youve conducted a deep research
    and know everything on the topic.

5. Research widely
  • The more examples you present, the more convinced
    your readers will become. Also, avoid your own
    subjective opinions and rely on the research of
    experienced scientists and professionals.

6. Offer a solution
  • It is the most important section in your proposal
    cover letter. Tell how you are going to manage
    the problem and what outcomes will be. Assure
    readers that your solution is the most effective.

7. Provide information about a schedule and budget
  • Because were talking about investments, you must
    provide detailed and concrete info about a
    budget. Be thorough it will give the audience
    confidence they wont waste their money. Also,
    make sure the project fits your readers budget.
    Propose your ideas to those who can afford it

8. Write a strong conclusion
  • You must sum up with the advantages of your
    proposal acceptance letter and ensure readers
    that they outweigh the costs. Then, thank your
    readers for giving consideration and spending
    their valuable time on reading your letter. It
    should end with words Sincerely or Yours
    truly, your signature and name.

9. Edit and format your letter
  • Thoroughly write, edit and design your paper.
    Make sure it is clear and coherent enough. Ask
    your friends or someone who's good at writing to
    critique your work. The final proposal should be
    attractive, easy to read and well-composed.

  • Avoid clichés, jargon, abbreviations. Such
    language presents as lazy and careless. Forget
    about complicated vocabulary. Make it simple,
    plain and readable. Check this sample business
    proposal letter for partnership.

  • Avoid the Passive Voice. It can make your
    statements too wordier and unclear. Besides, your
    writing style must be clear so that a non-expert
    can easily get your point.

  • Dont write such statements as I believe that,
    This solution might help, etc. Use as strong
    and convincing language as possible.

  • The tone of your proposal should be polite,
    professional and respectful. Make sure the manner
    of the letter is attractive and positive.

  • Write one point in each section of your proposal.
    It is the only way to make it as readable as
    possible. Also, dont write sentences more than
    20 words long. Make them simple to understand.

10. Proofread your paper
  • Ensure that the content is free of errors.
    Carefully re-read your work in order to catch
    grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Make
    your paper to flow smoothly.
  • More tips you can find in this helpful Google

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