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Chronic pain relieving remedies.pptx1111.pptx


Emulin+ a best carbohydrate manager & Chronic pain management product for reduce Inflammation, weight loss, blood sugar control, diabetes treatment & more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chronic pain relieving remedies.pptx1111.pptx

Chronic pain relieving remedies
The duration that the pain has lasted
The intensity of pain you feel Where you
feel the pain What you think caused the pain
  • Pain that lasts longer than three months and does
    not respond to conventional treatment methods is
    deemed as chronic. Some pains cannot be treated.
    However, you can find relief from a majority of
    chronic pains through the doctors different
    treatment methods. With these remedies in place,
    you will be able to continue with your normal
    life. After treatment, it will be possible for
    you to engage in physically demanding tasks
    without experiencing limitations in movement that
    arise from pain. In this way, you can take part
    in most activities you desire. Chronic pain
    relief treatment is varied. To make the best
    choice on your treatment method, consider the

1. Radiofrequency Ablation
  • In RFA, the medical practitioner targets the
    nerve endings that convey the signal of pain to
    your brain. During this treatment procedure, your
    doctor will target these nerves with a hot
    needle. He or she will bring the hot needle very
    close to the nerve endings and burn them out.
    This heat prevents further pain since the nerve
    can no longer send messages of pain to your
  • Radiofrequency Ablation is particularly useful
    for people with arthritis or nerve damage. It can
    also relieve pain in the knees, neck, lower back,
    and hips. As such, it is broadly applied. For
    more precise relief, you can undergo cool RFA.
    Both these procedures take away the feeling of
    pain for eight months to a year. After this
    duration, you will have to revisit your doctor
    for a repeat of the procedure.

2. Pain shots
  • In this method, the doctor will find out exactly
    where the medicine is required by your body and
    deliver it there. He or she will do this by the
    help of an X-Ray. Depending on the nature of your
    pain, the doctor will decide what medicine will
    best serve you. Inflammations, for example,
    respond better to steroid injections.
    Anesthetics, on the other hand, could numb the
    nerve or muscle and thus offer pain relief.
    Injections for chronic pain include
  • Trigger point injections These are used to
    put the medicine in tight areas between muscles
    that could be causing pain. Sometimes the muscles
    could be squeezing nerves leading to pain in
    other places. This pain is also relieved through
    these injections.
  • Nerve root blocks These injections usually
    focus on nerves along the spine. Signals from
    these nerves often cause pain in other areas such
    as the hands or feet.
  • Epidural steroid injections These put the
    medicine into your spinal column and therefore
    help with disc problems

3. Supplementation
  • Unlike the other methods, this treatment only
    involves taking oral medicine particularly
    Emulin. This wonder drug is from iGalen and has
    incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Its pain
    relieving effects have enabled patients suffering
    from arthritis and fibromyalgia to have peaceful
    nights of sleep and days full of activity. In one
    testimonial on iGalens site, a satisfied client
  • Clearly, this is one satisfied customer. With the
    thousands of success stories about Emulin, it
    would be advisable to sample it first before
    looking to any other method of relieving your
    chronic pain. This would save you money and will
    leave you with additional benefits as well. Get
    your pack of Emulin today.