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Best Spoken English Classes in Pune | Best English Speaking Classes in pune | Pune Training Institute


"Pune Training Institute ranks in top-best Spoken english Classes in Pune , It also has presence in Kalewadi Phat, Pimpri, Wakad, Pune. Best English Speaking" – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best Spoken English Classes in Pune | Best English Speaking Classes in pune | Pune Training Institute

Learn Spoken English Class In Kalewadi And
Propel Your Career Without knowing spoken
English in the modern day world, you stand
nowhere. Whatever may be the field of your work,
you ought to have the skill of speaking in
English. English is a global language. This is
the bridge between the major foreign nations. If
you want to prosper in your career, you must have
enough proficiency in spoken English. If you
feel that the skill of your spoken English is not
of the desired standards, you must not make any
delay. Take admission in a reputed Institute like
ours to get the required level of skill.
We conduct different courses
There are different modules of the spoken English
courses. You must choose the one that is matching
your standards and requirements. There are
modules for the beginners or the school students
that are of the beginners levels. The teaching
starts from scratch taking into consideration
that the student has no knowledge of
English. There are modules which cater to
students who have some idea of English but they
want to improve upon this proficiency. The third
level is the advanced level. This is the one
which can help you to become a master on the
Spoken English. This is best suited who are
working for the corporates and want to better
their communicative abilities.
Why Would You Choose Us
There is no dearth of Spoken English Institutes.
These are the ways through which we put forward a
separate identity from the other institutes We
employ unique methods for teaching We make the
groups in such a manner so that none of them feel
inferior. Candidates with similar proficiency are
clubbed together. We do not criticize our
students We believe in building up of confidence
among our students. Many people are shy to speak
thinking that they may be made fun of. We
encourage people to speak without fear. We are
reasonable with our fees The rates that we
charge for the courses are absolutely competitive.
Spoken English Tips
The following tips helped me improve my spoken
English and overcome my hesitation in the
language. Hope they are useful for you
too. Dont worry about making mistakes because
you will make mistakes as a learner. Be patient.
This isnt a one day process. Learn certain
phrase that can be used in multiple
situations. Learn hope to greet someone
properly. Talk slowly and carefully. Dont rush
through your sentences. Watch out for your
pronunciation. Many online tools will tell you
how to pronounce word correctly. Check one of
them out when youre in doubt. Carefully observe
how proficient speakers of the language pronounce
words and frame their sentence.
Spoken English Tips
Learn at least one new word every day and use it
as a part of your conversation with people. By
the end of the wee, you should know seven words
really well. Learn new words everyday. Read at
least one article of your choice aloud every
day. Watch English movies with subtitles. Watch
English shows. Read books and magazines. Keep a
pocket dictionary handy for any word you may need
to know the meaning of.
Speak to them in English only. Practice is a
It is important to have a neutral advisor that
.strives to present what best will fit the
particular needs of a specific student.
accurate information about course
requirements Help students make course selections
that align with their career goals Help students
navigate the systems, processes, and
COURSE Our advisors will help you choose the
right course, answer your questions, and connect
you directly to your desired course. Focus Areas
towards learning Uses excellent listening and
communication skills Practice what they teach
which engenders respect Feels real concern for
students, has a down-to-earth way of showing
it Is flexible in their style of presenting
information, adapts to others' personal
styles Uses humor collaboration can be a time of
shared ideas and laughter
emphasis on communication. Depending on the type
of chosen course we will concentrate on speaking,
listening, reading and writing, not forgetting
grammar to help you make correct sentences. We
use modern but not experimental teaching
methods. OTHER COURSES Intensive English Online
Courses English Grammar English Speaking English