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How to Use Paraphrasing Online Tools to Copy Content from the Web


Writing your dissertation or diploma can be hard, especially if you are not meeting the deadline, check this presentation and find out how to use paraphrasing online tools to copy content from the web. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Use Paraphrasing Online Tools to Copy Content from the Web

How to Use Paraphrasing Online Tools to Copy
Content from The Web
A paraphrasing is
  • a legitimate method to take information from a
    source when you rephrase someone elses ideas in
    your own words. The most successful paraphrasing
    happens if you take as few words from original
    text as possible, save the meaning of the whole
    paper, and give credit to the author by citing
    properly. Without accurate quoting, your writing
    can be considered as plagiarized.

  • Just copying information from the Web is not an
    option. Are you behind a deadline? Consequences
    of plagiarism are too serious compared to those
    youll get by turning in a paper late.

  • Your academic and personal reputation can be
    destroyed, you can be expelled from the course or
    even worse from an Institute. Besides, copying
    from the Internet can result in legal action.

Plagiarism dishonesty
  • It can influence on your academic career as the
    record will always follow you. Not each
    university or company wants a person who was
    caught on plagiarism. Thats why paraphrasing is
    one of the best ways to make your paper original
    and flawless.

Why is paraphrasing helpful?
  • It is an effective way to solve the issue with
  • It leads to deep understanding of the original
  • It eliminates plagiarism.

  • Not everyone has good paraphrasing skills. Thats
    why so many great paraphrasing online tools are
    available online and can provide with accurate
    and instant results.

  • Usually, paraphrasing tools change words into its
    synonyms in order to make your text original and
    meaningful. They work in such a way
  • First, you reach the website of chosen reliable
    and trustworthy paraphrasing help online (for
    that, do some research on the web).

  • Second, paste your piece of text in the provided
    space and click the Go button. Momentarily,
    youll get the result.

  • Third, dont hurry to submit the paper. You need
    to check the content which you paraphrase online
    as all online tools are not ideal.

  • You need to read the original text before using
    the paraphraser and ensure that you understand it
    fully. In that case, you can compare it with
    paraphrased content to make sure that it
    represents original ideas and key points.

  • Read the text you paraphrase online free
    carefully and look if there are some meaningless
    phrases or sentences. Technical words and phrases
    can be left without paraphrasing.

  • The fact is that in English there are a great
    number of synonyms but not all of them have
    exactly the same meaning. Thats why paraphrasing
    tools can sometimes generate unnatural sentences.
    In result, your reader wont understand what
    youve written so check and double check if all
    paraphrased phrases make sense.

  • After using paraphrase website, still follow the
    100 rule if you are not 100 sure that a word
    and its synonym have 100 the same meaning,
    forget about this synonym.

  • Check if the tone is accurate, the wording is not
    too close to the original, the meaning of the
    content is saved and understandable. Look if the
    keywords and essential information are still in
    your text. They dont need to be changed.

  • Include some quotations to give an original
    author the credit but make you sure youve done
    it correctly write in the reference list
    authors name, year of publication and page

  • If youre using professional paraphrase service,
    there is no need to look for grammar and spelling
    errors as such tool easily detects all of them
    and take care about proper word choice.

  • If your sentences after using paraphrase website
    free are too long, break them into shorter ones
    or accurately join small sentences into one. You
    can also play with passive and active voices or
    word forms (verbs, adjectives, etc).

  • Switch some sentences but only where they make
    sense in a different order. Also, make sure that
    your paraphrased text fully reflects the original
    content but in other words and writing style.
  • More information you can find in this Google book.

  • Want to know more?
  • Check
  • right now!