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Why Women Avoid Talking About Their Hair Loss?


Women also face hair loss problem due to various reasons. In India, hair loss in women is considered as a taboo, and people aren’t aware that how vast this problem is. Women in India often hide their hair loss problem. However, with hair transplant in India they can get hair back on their head. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Women Avoid Talking About Their Hair Loss?

Why Women Avoid Talking About Their Hair Loss?

Regardless of what your age is, hair loss can
result in an unpleasant and traumatic period for
a female. Also, for some females, it is something
they don't usually talk about, and opt to keep it
a secret by utilizing headscarves or wigs
etc.   In our society, hair loss among men is
usually accepted. Not all men experience the ill
effects of it, but a man with a retreating
hairline is not a new thing for the society.
However, hair loss in women is something that has
not been accepted in Indian culture.
In India, most people think that for a female to
lose her hair is abnormal and uncommon. In any
case, a female suffering from hair thinning
issue, or a subsiding hairline is not as uncommon
cases as Indians may think. It is just that this
problem has remained a concealed issue.   Lets
take a look at some reasons that cause hair loss
in women.
  • Hereditary Qualities/Genes
  • Much the same as men, females can be helpless in
    front of hereditary qualities when it comes to
    baldness. This might be a direct result of
    hormonal imbalances, with baldness being the
    aftereffect of testosterone transforming into
    dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  • Poor Diet And Nutrition
  • Poor nutrition, unexpected and quick weight
    reduction and an increase in utilization of
    unhealthy fats, along with deficiencies of zinc,
    protein, iron, and biotin diminishes the required
    levels for hair development.

  • Trauma And Stress
  • Levels of testosterone are increased by stress,
    transforming it into DHT, which, then affects the
    hair development cycle. Additionally, trauma and
    stress can lead to choked blood supplies to the
    vessels creating an absence of oxygen and
    supplement intake, and in addition poor vitamin
  • Decreasing Health
  • There are numerous health problems that come with
    side-effects, one of which is baldness. Thyroid
    problem is only one of them. Additionally, some
    other problems are lupus, cancer, and myotonic

  • Strong Medication
  • There are different medicines such as steroids
    and birth controls that can result in baldness by
    disrupting on the hair development cycle.
    However, hair transplant in India is an ideal
    solution to bring hair back on your head.
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Toxins conveyed in air and water can lead to
    baldness, for instance, exposure to metals,
    chlorine and other minerals. When there is an
    impact on hormones balance in the body, baldness
    can appear.

  • Major Life Changes
  • Major changes in hormones amid pregnancy can
    result in temporary baldness. Menopausal females
    can encounter balding when their hormone levels
    shift as well. Huge life events can lead to
    stress and anxiety, which can likewise lead to
    baldness. Of course, when we age, hair follicles
    fall apart and can cause baldness.

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