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Top Eco Resorts in World 2017 (1)


The famous Turkish resort on the shores of the Aegean Sea, known for its idyllic beaches and legendary music festival, or on this summer tourists in this place is not going crazy photographing sea or Music stars, but the fence around a coastal disgusting. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top Eco Resorts in World 2017 (1)

Top Eco Resorts in World 2017
Aqua-fences in Turkey
  • The famous Turkish resort on the shores of the
    Aegean Sea, known for its idyllic beaches and
    legendary music festival, or on this summer
    tourists in this place is not going crazy
    photographing sea or Music stars, but the fence
    around a coastal disgusting. Local businessman
    unwittingly made lucid tourist attraction
    instead of fences around Home Set the aquarium.
    Mehmet Ali Gokceglu quickly became the central
    theme of local fans of attraction thanks to the
    public mind as an original way again fountain
    made interesting to foreign media.

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Resort chilled water
  • Mehmet this adventure began several years ago and
    is now replaced by a complete fence of 50-meter
    long aquarium. The aquarium with hundreds of fish
    and small squid. Living Environment villas Visit
    the thousands of visitors who drive this
    aqua-fence. What is amazing is the fact that the
    fence aquarium 400 meter long pipes connected
    with the sea to provide a daily flow of seawater
    in the tank.

  • Water surrounds tourist complex in the Chinese
    city of Chongqing, but not just for aesthetic
    reasons. The project, which was designed by
    Australian Architectural Studio Hassell is
    situated on the shores of Lake Palm It is a
    favorite of buildings in which there is five
    restaurants and tea house from which visitors can
    enjoy the view of the water.

  • Since this city is located in the western part of
    China, The architects with double glazing,
    insulation and aluminum pipes decided to do a bit
    of shade for the guests of the complex. Also, the
    artificial lake creates a particular microclimate
    and protect underground facilities from

  • Water is the main guiding principle of the whole
    year visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of
    the water from every corner of the complex. Five
    building is located at the edge of the lake, a
    landscaped courtyard located between them.
    Garage, common areas and all kitchens are located
    underground to be as little as possible heated.
    Special microclimate created with the help of
    circulating cold water and fresh air creates a
    natural cooling effect of evaporation of water.

The largest mountain park in Europe
  • The biggest mountain park in Europe and second
    largest in the world Mountain Park Vilhelmshohe
    (Bergpark Vilhelmshohe) is a unique park which
    covers an area of 2.4 million square meters above
    the Kassel in Germany. Park Vilhelmshohe of 2013
    found on UNESCOs World Heritage List as a
    primer ideals absolute monarchy AND UNIQUE
    testimony of Baroque aesthetics alone

  • Construction of the park began in 1696 and lasted
    a total of 150 years. What sets it apart and
    makes it unique, are 300 years old and still
    functional hydro-pneumatic devices connected to
    reservoirs and canals. These devices are still
    supplied by Big Book Water Theatre, cave,
    numerous fountains, as well as 350 meters large

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  • The most famous sight of the park is the Hercules
    monument, and there are Vilhelmshohe Castle,
    Lovenburg artificial ruins of a medieval
    castle, artificial Ruina Roman aqueduct, most of
    the Demon, Devils Pool, Artificial Waterfall, as
    well as the Great Fountain consisting of lakes
    and 52 meters high fountain.

Eco Hotel on the highest summit of Europe
  • Hotel area is 139m2 and consists of four
    prefabricated elements that are made in Italy
    helicopters were brought to Russia, mounting
    lasted a few days. Guests are offered 46 beds,
    lounge, restaurant, kitchen, toilets, reception,
    room for staff, a special charm offers a view of
    the beautiful mountain environment.

  • As the hotel is located in a remote location, the
    architects did their best to be as energy
    efficient as possible, so it installed a set of
    technologies that enable up. The hotel has a
    photovoltaic system with a nominal power 8.6kVp I
    solar thermal system Standard gas generator, LED
    lighting and underfloor heating system designed
    for use at low temperatures.

  • An efficient ventilation system reduces the need
    for heating and sewage system is designed for use
    at high altitudes and provides almost 100
    recycling of human waste. The hotel also has a
    meltdown system with large amounts of snow that
    is used as industrial water.

Ski resort Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
  • Ski resort Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a good example
    of a series of measures taken that are designed
    to break in the Alps was as much greener that is
    in line with the sustainable development of
    tourism. For this purpose, the initiative of free
    public transport electric vehicles from the city
    center to all the surrounding ski resorts. This
    is in addition to plans to reduce CO2 emissions
    through a hundred  such as the use of biofuels in
    vehicles for maintenance, organizing public
    educational campaign aimed at tourists with a
    range of other green moves.

  • The network Alpine Pearls is another initiative
    aimed at stimulating green tourism in the Alps,
    which currently brings together 28 cities in six
    different countries. The city can become members
    of the network only if meets strict quality
    criteria regarding environmental responsibility,
    such as investment in sustainable transport,
    renewable energy, local products and historical
    heritage, local cuisine and a range of other

Luxury eco-resort with open houses on trees
  • In South Africa, there is an eco-resort in which
    visitors can sleep in the open air surrounded by
    beautiful scenery. The resorts are offering five
    comfortable houses and three luxury houses on
    trees that are built on the platform to provide
    guests an unforgettable night under the stars.
    Guest adventurers can choose between 3 houses on
    trees. The first is Chalkley house that embraces
    the old tree in the heart of the meadow and
    illuminated with many lanterns. Tinyeleti The
    house is located in the lush trees and offers a
    view of the local creek. Luxury Kingston house is
    surrounded by rocks and sheltered roof wicker.

Hangaroa Eco Village
  • This striking Easter Island Resort pays tribute
    to the Kainga philosophy that espouses respect
    for the connection between the spiritual world
    and our planet. The architecture reflects the
    village of Orongo, the remains of which can be
    found on the western peak of Rano Kau volcano,
    and the main lounge is based on an ancestral
    casa bote, which is a house shaped like an
    upside down boat.

LeFay Resort
  • This Green Globe-certified designer resort signed
    an agreement with the Italian Ministry of the
    Environment to define a management system of CO2
    emissions for the tourism sector. It also has its
    biomass-fueled electricity plant using clean,
    renewable energy sources, and its buildings are
    integrated into hillside terraces and face south
    to save on heating. The setting is sublime,
    surrounded by olive trees and lemon groves in
    natural parkland on the Riviera di Limoni.

1st Hotel Central Park
  • In South Beach and then journeyed up to
    Manhattan. We love every green detail at this
    Central Park beauty, from the paneling made of
    reclaimed wood to the creative reuse of the
    buildings original details, right down to the
    mail slot. Furnished with hemp-blend mattresses
    guest rooms are equipped with triple filter water
    systems, natural bath products, timers for the
    shower and digital newspapers.

  • For more information, visit us