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Abacus | Vedic Maths


We offer online courses for vedic mathematics and abacus training in India. Go through our online portal for best abacus and vedic maths training classes and tutorials – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Abacus | Vedic Maths

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Our Vision
Building new generation with smart kids by
exploring the practical approach to
teaching Brain Master
What We Offer
Brain Master Arithmetic system (P) Ltd Offer
Online Abacus Education
Vedic Mathematics Training
About Abacus Education
  • Abacus is the base for all computers
    calculators of modern age. Calculations are done
    on beads. Abacus education is a brain development
    program and child can be trained to use abacus to
    achieve calculation speed at par with computers!
  • Abacus has a system to impose stress on the
    brain gradually. On the 1st day, the children
    work with four formulas. On second day, with
    eight formulas. At the end of first level, they
    work with thirty four formulas at a time.
  • The same process continues till eight levels. We
    use abacus with both hands. By using the left
    hand, we activate the right brain..
  • Human mind can be trained to use abacus to
    achieve calculation speed at par with computers!

Vedic Maths
Mathematics Is A Fun With Vedic Maths
  • Vedic Math's was discovered by Poojyapad Swami
    Bharti Krishna Tirtha Ji Maharaj, Jagadguru
    Shankaracharya for the Goverdhan Math.
  • This program is based on sixteen formulas and
    thirteen sub formulas of Vedic mathematics.
  • Once you understand the basics of Vedic maths, a
    regular practise will make you a human
  • You can answer the question 9999999999
    X9810965679 within 20 sec.. You can answer the
    squire of 85 in 3 sec.

Brain And its Functions
  • Our brain consists of two parts left brain and
    right brain. The Left brain governs the right
    side of the body. Similarly the right brains
    governs the left side of the body.
  • The characteristics associated with the Left
    Brain are
  • Logic
  • Analysis
  • Sequencing
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Facts
  • Think In Words
  • Words Of Songs
  • Computation
  • The characteristics associated with the Right
    Brain are
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Arts
  • Rhythm
  • Feelings
  • Visualizations
  • Tune of Songs
  • Day Dreaming

How To Improve Right Brain
  • To improve / activate any body part the most
    simple thing is to work more with that body
    part. Brain is an internal organ, so it is not
    advised to do any physical exercise for it,
    Arithmetic is the best brain exercise. Arithmetic
    has a vital role in Abacus education/Brain
    Development Program.
  • Our left brain is activated by using right body
    parts and right brain is activated by using left
    body parts. Most of children are right hander so
    the left brain of children is developed already.
    Abacus education and Vedic Mathematics along with
    the earlier discussed programs help to improve
    the efficiency of the right brain.
  • As we know, Vedic mathematics based on arithmetic
    calculations hence Vedic Mathematics is an
    effective technique to improve the efficiency of

Students Benefit
  • What your child can do

  • Here we are mentioning few
    equations which an abacus or Vedic Maths trained
    child can solve in the given time Mentally
    without using calculators, abacus etc.
  • 376 x 743 ? ( in 45 sec)
  • 254 43.54 98.3 - 45.76 - 34.23 37.65 ? (in
    60 sec)
  • Square of 637 ? (in 45 sec)
  • 54 x 245 / 25 ? (in 45 sec) How it seems,
    Impossible? No, its true all kids with average
    I.Q. can do it.
  • Abacus Education and Vedic Maths

Helps to increasing the
abilities as
  • Enhance the memory power
  • Concentration, Confidence
  • Analyzing Reasoning ability
  • Creativity, Imagination,
  • Visualization
  • And Intuition etc

About Brain Master
  • Brain Master System Pvt. Ltd. is a leading
    company, having one of the fastest growing Abacus
    learning franchise networks in India. Brain
    Master has a very talented pool of Abacus and
    Vedic Maths Experts who are the proponents of
    the Education Sector.
  • Having trained a large number of students in
    these wonderful mental maths techniques, we wish
    to be the global business pioneers in the growing
    education industry. With the present network of
    165 franchises spread across the 18 states of our
    nation, If you feel the need to improve the
    mental math skills of your kid, or have an
    inclination to begin your own business wander.
  • Presently, most parents find it difficult to
    locate a centre where they can get their kids
    enrolled for Abacus education and Vedic
    mathematics course. And, also it is impossible
    for them to get centers in each and every
    location. To solve this problem, Brain Master one
    of the leading companies has decided to work on
    it. After a long process of research and
    development for years, we have come up with
    online training courses of Abacus Education and
    Vedic Mathematics.

How To Take Training
  • We have provided the free demo classes along
    with question sheets so join free demo classes.
  • I assured that you will find one of the best
    solution for Abacus education and Vedic Maths
  • To start free classes click this link

If you wish to discuss any thing related to the
details, Just give us a call Anil Dixit Cont.
Nos. 91 9810963339, 91 9810963334 (800 A.M.
to 800 P.M.)
Thanks for your Time patience
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