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Retail Packaging VS Bulk Packaging


Retail Packaging VS Bulk Packaging a complete difference presented by The Custom Boxes – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Retail Packaging VS Bulk Packaging

Retail Packaging VS Bulk Packaging
  • Packaging world today is diverse. It has so much
    of variety that a marketer can be derived from
    it. While the marketers are busy choosing their
    favorite packaging for their product, the package
    companies have come up with different types of
    packaging which is suitable for products that
    have different end uses. End users could include
    any intermediates or the end customers it
    totally depends on the use of the product.
    Amongst the most famous packages come the ones
    which are designed especially for retail purposes
    or bulk purposes.

Retail Packaging
  • A packaging which is done to place the product
    directly onto the shelves is called retail
    packaging. It is that type of packaging which is
    seen in a retail store. It is also referred to as
    original packaging as it does not change from the
    start, manufacturing state to the end, retail
    store display. Retail packaging has many
    instructions mentioned on it as it goes through
    all the mediators without changing its state.
    This packaging is simple but it ensures quality
    provision to the customers.

Bulk Packaging
  • A packaging which has its end users as the
    intimidators of the selling process is called
    bulk packaging. It is not aimed to reach the
    shelves at the end and is to be reached to one of
    the mediators to continue with the process. The
    mediator could be a manufacturer, wholesaler or
    retailer. Bulk packaging has more than one unit
    in a package and is packed in bulk quantities. It
    has instructions mentioned only for the mediator
    it is going to. They further pack it at the
    mediator or the retailer before putting it up
    onto the shelves. Their sizes are usually big
    enough as they place bulk quantities in the
    package. The package is not that much durable
    that it can stay long as these products are
    readily used.

The Difference Between Retail Packaging And Bulk
  • The retail package is made to be used directly by
    the end user or customer. It is meant to be kept
    in shelves of a retail store.

Whereas, the bulk packaging is made to reach to
the intimidator where it is used for either
manufacturing or wholesaling purpose.
Sizes of The Package
  • The retail package is usually of small size with
    each item packed separately. It is usually of a
    personalized shape of the product instead of
    bulk. On the other hand, bulk packages are made
    in bulk quantities and are generally larger in
    shapes and sizes. Reason being, they are packed
    in large wholesale quantities together having
    cushion materials to protect them until the time
    they reach the mediator.

Information On The Package
  • Retail packaging has all the required information
    mentioned on the package which will be beneficial
    for the end user. It includes how to use details
    as well as production, expiry dates and barcodes
    as it is ready to be placed on the shelf.
    Whereas, bulk packaging has minimum information,
    mostly the details of quantity and colors placed
    in one box.

  • Retail packaging provides full protection to the
    product keeping in mind that it would go through
    all the mediators until it reaches the end user.
    Bulk packaging, on the other hand, has minimal
    protection as it needs to be further opened and
    used by one of the mediators.

  • The world is moving towards the use of packaging
    in a positive way so that it helps them to
    increase their business in the long run. There
    are many companies which offer to package based
    on the type of your product. For a bulk
    packaging, the market is full of packaging
    materials which are of standard shapes and sizes.
    But for retail packaging, as the product with the
    package will directly reach to the shelves for
    buying purpose, the package makers are going more
    and more towards customized packaging options.

  • These include creating a personalized design for
    the product itself keeping in mind its usability.
    A very famous company named The custom boxes
    does wonders in this field. They provide
    customized designs especially for your type of
    product without keeping any restrictions on the
    minimum order quantity. If you are a new startup
    and looking for options, do consider their
    customized boxes packaging.

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