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What Is Portable Video Conference System


Many developers have started to consider the possibilities and benefits of video conferencing due to the great potential for video conference systems to become popular tools for “on-the-go” interaction. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What Is Portable Video Conference System

  • What Is Portable Video Conference System
  • Up until not so long ago, vide o conf erenc ing
    (https//w ww .eztalks.com) hasn't been a
    portable communication medium.

Video conferencing has begun as a medium of
communication generally relying on robust
computer systems featuring high-end hardw are,
coming w ith large projection screens and
sophisticated audio systems. Service providers
are able now adays to extend their video
conferencing solutions to portable new
platforms, thanks to the development of more
sophisticated mobile technology. Now , softw are
dedicated for video conf erenc ing apps can be
found on everything from the mobile phones, to
popular laptops and highest-end PCs. Many
developers have started to consider the
possibilities and benef its of video conf erenc
ing due to the great potential for video
conference systems to become popular tools for
"on-the-go" interaction. Developers are looking
into new softw are and hardw are designs that
can improve this model. For instance, w ith the
development of Apple's FaceTime, the users have
now new video connectivity possibilities in the
palm of ones hand. Ricoh has also developed
its ow n portable video conference system, the
P3000 Unified Communication System. The 1.6
inches (40 mm) tablet-sized pac kage comes w ith
a microphone, camera, speaker, push-button
console and netw ork connectivity. It supports
the H.264/SVC video compression standard that
adjusts compression, frame rate and resolution in
order to accommodate the bandw idth
available. Portable video conferencing tools
such as the P3000, as w ith any new technology,
are also having their concerns. Due to questions
about the reliability of connection and
audiovisual quality, video conferencing still
struggles w ith public hesitance. When quality is
already a reason of concern, it can be even more
difficult to sell a mobile product. There are
also some questions, in addition, as to w hether
it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile
device specifically devoted to portable video
conferencing. With the increase in popular ity of
Android and iOS running smartphones, people have
become used to "all-in-one" mobile devices that
can meet their various needs. In such
a competitive environment, it's still not certain
w hether or not separate devices dedicated to
portable video conferencing solutions w ill be
able to gain enough market interest. Benefits
of Portable Video Conference System The
development of portable hardw are and softw are
dedicated to portable video conferencing is an
exciting one. At every step of the w ay, new
doors for new opportunities w ill open due to
the possibility to apply existing technology to
these new mediums. Even if a small portable
video conferencing system may not be for
everyone, it cannot be denied that they have
their draw s. Especially for those people w ho
carry an unpredictable schedule or need to travel
for w ork frequently, having a mobile device able
to connect to a conference from any location it
may be an absolute necessity. Aside that, mobile
devices can be usually more affordable than
high-grade PCs. This makes the market for
portable video conferencing solutions to be more
attractive for those having a tight budget. A
Powerful Portable Video Conference System
ezTalks Onion
Among the new products that came on this new
market for portable video conferencing solutions,
the ezTal ks Onio n is a very pow erful one. The
company that is behind developing and
manufacturing the ez Talks Onion portable v ideo
conference system is an innovative video
conferencing service provider. In order to finish
the mass production of this innovative all-in-one
video communication device, the product has been
funded through a crow dfunding campaign on
Indiegogo. The ez Talks company is video
conference service provider w ith more than six
years of experience on the market. The company
has already launched another tw o video
conference solutions ezTalks V CS and ez Ta lks
Cloud Meetin g. They are dedicated to meet s
mall and big enterpr ises remote collaboration
requirements across a w ide range of
industries. The ez Talks Onion all- in-one video
conferencing equipment aims to change the current
price structure of video conferencing devices.
The current price structure on the mar ket for
video conference systems is set by traditional
service providers like Polycom, Cisco, Zoom and
Lifesize. Telepresence technology and
professional video conferencing solutions should
benefit the w ork of all ordinary people. Instead
of complicated devices, huge investment and the
necessity of IT support for meeting rooms, the
portable video conference systems should be as
affordable and easy to install as any personal
digital products instead. With its smart features
and high-end design, ez Talks Onion, is
specifically designed to low er to an
unprecedented cost-effective level the threshold
of setting up a room for professional video
The all- in-one video conferencing equipment
ezTalks Onion supports live broadcasting, HD
video conferencing, screen projection, screen
sharing, and w hiteboard annotation. The system
comes w ith various online meeting control
features such as mute audio, recording, live
chat, lock meeting room, make presenter, remote
control and more. Users can easily connect the
all-in-one device to any display or TV via HDMI
for online meetings, video conferencing, live
broadcasting, and o nline trai nings. ez Talks
Onion can be managed via any device, and
seamlessly transfer calls from any device to a
display or TV and sw itch back. With one single
high-end device individuals and teams w orking
remotely can benefit of crystal-clear video and
audio experience. The ezTalks Onion device has
the additional advantage of not requiring any
onsite technical support. The device is
designed w ith full frequency HD speaker, dual
stereo microphones w ith 5m pickup radius, and
1080p 12.0 megapixel video camera that features
120 degrees w ide angle lens. The ezTalks Onion
runs fast and smartly, being equipped w ith quad
core processor. IT comes in an aluminum alloy
unibody casing. The all-in-one portable video
conference system debuted in Mumbai, in September
2016, at InfoComm India. ezTalks Onion offers up
to 16 streams of HD video and audio for
high-quality video conferencing through live
broadcasting and TV to users from anyw here using
any device. This device is s martly designed,
making video conferencing possible w ith any
display flexible and easily. With its 120 degree
field of view , the w ide-angle camera is able to
capture the entire room so that everyone can be
seen in the room. Conclusion Companies that
have traveling employees w ho need to get w ork
done on-the-go may find that their communication
hurdles can be solved thanks to the portable
video conferencing services. These conferencing
systems offer an in-person meeting personable
environment combined w ith a phone conversation's
convenience. As long as a portable video
conference system can guarantee reliable quality
of audio and video, this may become a new niche
market for developers of video conferencing hardw
are and softw are solutions. From https//www
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