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Top Places To Check Verb Conjugation


Check this presentation with a list of sites and tools with pros and cons for each where you can check verb conjugation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top Places To Check Verb Conjugation

Top Places to ?heck Verb Conjugation
What is Verb Conjugation?
  • Verb conjugation how a verb changes to show a
    different person, tense, number, mood, or voice.
    It tells us when or by whom some action takes

  • PersonThere are six different persons in English
    (first person singular(I), second person singular
    (you), etc.) and we need to conjugate a verb for
    each person.
  • TenseVerb tense defines when the action in a
    sentence is happening (in the present, future, or

  • AspectIt shows the degree to which some action
    is completed. Simple aspects usually express a
    fact (it is not clear if the action is completed
    or habitual) continuous aspects refer to
    on-going actions perfect aspects show that
    action is completed to a certain point in time.

  • MoodIt shows how the writer or speaker feels
    about what he/she writes or tells. We use the
    stative mood to make a statement the
    interrogative mood is for questions the
    conditional mood presents what conditions might
    cause some action.

  • Voice
  • In English, we have two voices active and
    passive. In the first one, the verb points out
    that the subject of the sentence carries out the
    action. In passive voice, the subject is the
    recipient so the action is done by somebody else.
  • More info about verb conjugation you can find in
    this Google book.

Top Places to Check Verb Conjugation
  • Advantages of this verb checker online
  • It is free, simple and fast you can check
    whenever you want (all you need is Internet
    connection) you dont need to register,
    download and install software (you can use this
    tool straight on the website) verb checker
    online pays attention to the content of the

  • offers corrections this
    tense checker is an all-in-one tool not only can
    you check verb conjugation, but also punctuation
    and originality of your paper you can use this
    tool unlimitedly and run all your papers that
    need checking simple procedure you copy and
    paste your text in the special box, click the
    button and wait a couple of seconds to receive
    the result
  • Disadvantages none!

  • It is accurate and widely used online tool that
    has lots of handy features, explanations of
    grammar rules, scoring techniques. It is an
    excellent proofreader and virtual English teacher
    that identifies errors and show how you can fix

  • This online free verb corrector does not only
    spot errors but also explain them and suggest
    corrections. It was created for self-helped users
    to improve their knowledge of English grammar.

  • This Open Source proofreading software detects
    grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes not
    only in English but in more than 20 other
    languages as well.

  • This subject and verb checker finds and fixes
    errors in verb usage as well as spelling and
    stylistic mistakes. For instance, if you misused
    active or passive voice, this tool can recognize
    and fix it.

  • Its main advantage is lots of tips and sentence
    examples on the website. So, if you have errors
    in verb conjugation, this tool will fix them and
    give you samples on how to not commit such
    mistakes and write correctly.

  • Free, easy to use, instant and one of the most
    trustworthy verb subject and verb checker online.
    It is an expert in correcting grammar, verb and
    punctuation errors.

  • This free tool has many features it checks verb
    mistakes, corrects grammar and punctuation,
    counts words, helps with word choice, checks
    paraphrasing. It also offers to play an error
    correction game, but only if you are registered.

  • Simple subject verb agreement checker online free
    that defines and corrects mistakes and awkward
    using of words for less than 5 minutes.

  • Just in few clicks this helpful tool will check
    your piece of paper, offer a list of style and
    grammar suggestions and explanations with
    examples as well as proper alternatives of word

  • It is not only spelling checker, but also phrasal
    verbs and other verb usage corrector. Free,
    simple and accessible 24/7.
  • This grammar tense check tool is free and handy.
    It checks each aspect of English grammar, not
    only verb usage, but all parts of English speech
    as well.

  • This source is related with Microsoft Word and
    checks grammar, spelling, punctuation and style
    errors. It also translates over 50 languages and
    offers video tutorials and understandable
    explanations of grammar rules and verb
    conjunction as well.

  • Need to check verb conjugation?
  • Visit
  • right now!