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Essential Garden Tools To Create An Epic Outdoor Garden


Whether it is a city yard or a patch of green behind your house, take a look at certain tools that every gardener needs in their basic kit, while gardening - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Essential Garden Tools To Create An Epic Outdoor Garden

  • Essential Garden Tools To Create An Epic Outdoor

  • All you need is elbow grease and a few
    critical garden tools to make your garden great!
  • The real resultsand benefitsof a
    beautifully manicured garden stem from your
    exertions the sweat of your brow, so to speak.
    Nonetheless, a few tools can make it a lot easier.

  • If youve been gardening for years, this is
    not new information, but if youre new at it,
    like a young couple in your first home with a
    yard, youll want to bookmark this one and head
    over to Toemar soon.

  • Tools That Every Gardener Needs
  • Whether its a patch of green behind your
    house or a standard city yard, there are
    certain tools that every gardener needs in their
    basic kit.

  • Trowel This small tool is used to scoop and
    move earth and plants.
  • Spade This shovel-like implement has a
    rectangular head and a sharp edge. Use it for
    cutting up earth, turf or digging.

  • Rake At the very least, youll want a leaf
    rake but you can also consider a hand rake for
    when you need to work around plants that are more
    delicate, without damaging anything.
  • Hoe This tool with a longer handle than a
    handheld has a thin metal blade. You use it for
    weeding or cutting up the earth, before planting.

  • Round head shovel This is an essential tool
    for digging and moving materials like gravel and
    mulch around. Look for one with a D shaped
    handle, and a short enough shaft that youve got
    the leverage you need when using it.

  • Hose Nozzle Once youve planted your
    fabulous new garden or laid your grass seed or
    turf, youll need to keep it moisturized! A hose
    and adjustable nozzle are just the ticket to keep
    on top of your gardens water needs.

  • Wheelbarrow When planting, its a lot
    easier to buy loads of soil, topsoil etc.,
    however carrying these bags is back breaking work
    so make sure you have a solid wheelbarrow to help
    with the heavy lifting.

  • Lawn Mower Electric, gas or hand pushed, a
    lawnmower is essential for any yard space larger
    than a postage stamp. Keeping your grass at the
    right height ensures its health

  • That the stems get enough sun and rain, that
    you dont get an influx of crab grass or weeds
    and generally have a healthy looking green space!

  • Extras?
  • Edge trimmer Grass edges, around flower
    beds, shrubs and trees are hard to mow, so an
    edge trimmer (usually gas or electric) can help
    clean up these areas nicely.

  • Garden scissors Having a pair of scissors
    that are exclusively kept with your garden tools
    makes sense and youll use them more often than
    you think cutting herbs, removing the deadheads
    on perennials, cutting twine and so on.

  • Gardening gloves These are a good idea of
    you are at all squeamish about bugs, worms or
    anything else that lives in the loam.

  • A couple of other reasons for investing in a
    solid pair of gardening gloves is that they keep
    your hands safe from splinters, your nails
    impeccable and makes cleaning up after a long day
    of gardening a snap, allowing more time for
    sitting on the patio, with a drink and your feet

  • How To Pick Out The Right Tools
  • Go to the store and try them out! Okay, dont
    go and dig in the garden stores plant area, but
    you definitely want to handle the tools and see
    if they fit your hand and arent too heavy to
    use. Something might look good on a screen but
    when you see it in real life, you might realize
    that the shaft is just too long or heavy for you
    to handle.

  • Tools That Experienced Gardeners Need
  • Shears Whether trimming grass around a
    feature, edging a garden bed, cutting back
    grasses or shrubbery, shears are an all around
    useful tool for the more careful cutting that
    needs to be done.

  • Muck Truck Think of it as part wheelbarrow
    and part Tonka truck. Basically, it is a
    motorized wheelbarrow but with three times the
    capacity of the traditional kind, with an engine
    that can handle most uneven ground levels without
    losing a bit of earth, sand or gravel.

  • It has 4 wheel drive and can go in reverse,
    and is equipped with a set of breaks so that it
    doesnt become a runaway barrow on an incline!

  • Pruner When youre cutting branches that
    are less than 3/4 thick, where a saw or chainsaw
    is just too much, a pruner is a great way to
    get it done cleanly and neatly.

  • You can also get telescopic ones with a rope
    action so that you can reach some branches that
    are high up without bothering with the ladder. If
    you prefer the ladder, a long handled pruner is
    still a good idea.

  • Bow rake This is the perfect tool for
    leveling soil in your garden beds, spreading
    mulch or compost and generally keeping everything
    in your garden on the straight and narrow!
  • Is It Better To Buy Or Rent Bigger Items?

  • This depends entirely on the type of
    gardening you do. A person who does landscaping
    not only for themselves but for other family
    members or even as a volunteer for a local
    horticultural society might consider buying but
    for a one off project?

  • Renting makes good sense. You get
    professional grade tools for just the amount of
    time you need to get the project done!

  • The types of tools you can rent include
  • Compactors and hand tampers
  • Saws, including table saws
  • Stone cutters
  • Rock dolly
  • Lawn rollers
  • Muck Trucks

  • Taking Care Of Your Tools
  • Once youve made an investment in the
    necessary tools, you need to be sure to take care
    of them so that theyll last you a long while.
    Wipe down any dirt or water off of your hand
    tools and store them.

  • Ideally, long shafted shovels, hoes and rakes
    will be hung on the shed or garage wall, keeping
    the blades and tines in good shape, sharp and
    ready to go the next time you need them.

  • Make sure your mower blade is always sharp,
    to get optimal performance and check the tires on
    your wheelbarrow for proper inflation. If every
    tool has a place for storage, theyll be easy to
    find when you just want to spend an hour doing a
    little weeding before you stretch out on the
    lounge chair and enjoy a sunny afternoon!

  • If youve rented the garden tools, then you
    dont have to worry about the tools being
    maintained which leaves you more time to enjoy
    garden space youve so lovingly created.

  • Whether a newbie to the world of gardening, or
    an old hand, find a garden centre that you like
    and dont be afraid to ask the staff questions!
    Its what were here for!
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