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Manufacturing ERP Software | ERP software for Manufacturing India | eresource ERP


eresource ERP delivers an innovative manufacturing industry ERP software solution that helps manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Manufacturing ERP Software | ERP software for Manufacturing India | eresource ERP

Getting Started with eresource Xcel ERP
Exclusive ERP for Manufacturing Industry
Why eresource Xcel ERP ?
  • Overview Manufacturing firms need to address
    several key strategic issues if they want to
    successfully compete in this dynamically changing
    business environment. Global competitiveness
    exerts strong pressure on manufacturers to reduce
    product cost and at the same time exercises to
    significantly improve product quality and all
    other aspects of customer services.
  • Next-generation ERP system eresource Xcel ERP
    system has real-time data access, interactive and
    collaborative features such as online customer
    assistance and, real-time analysis, as well as
    open access to all internal and external users.
  • Accelerate Manufacturing Process The system
    integrates all departments and functions across
    an organization in a single computer system that
    is able to serve all those different departmental
    needs, and accelerate all business operations.
  • Minimum Investment Maximum Benefit The system
    has its fingers in all aspects of running a
    business its benefits are myriad and go beyond
    tangible cost reductions. eresource Xcel can
    improve an organization's customer service.
100 Web Based ERP software
Technology Independent / Platform Independent
Interactive Dashboard
Eresource ERP for your Business.
Select the right ERP system for your Business
When a manufacturing company plans an enterprise
system implementation, the primary motivations
are business transformation, business process
harmonization and the technology upgrade which
ultimately does the replacement of the legacy
With the business transformation the aim of the
top management is to undertake changes at the top
line or bottom line of its Business process .
Business process harmonization is a business
transformation exercise but at a scale where the
objective is to generate process benefits and a
smooth activities across the organization.
Xcel ERP Business Functions
  • OVERVIEW Sales Management comprises of Contact
    Management and Sales Order Processing Management.
    It is an integrated solution comprising of
    marketing and sales activities. Organization can
    act immediately to improve sales, service and
    marketing effectiveness by using this Module.
    eresource Sales Management module is all about
    retaining customers, improving customer loyalty
    and gaining customer insight. This module also
    helps you getting your customer order management
    easier day by day. Whether it is maintaining
    customer information, quickly creating a quote or
    migrating them to sales order or being responsive
    to your customers, we provide you right solution
    and efficient flow of information. 
  • FEATURES- Actively tracks and manages customer
    information- Connects your entire team from any
    device- Intelligently captures customer emails-
    Simplifies repetitive tasks so you can
    concentrate on leads- Delivers instant insights
    and recommendations- Extends and customises as
    your business grows
  • Purchase Management module in eresource ERP
    streamlines procurement of required raw
    materials, packaging material, sub assembly and
    other non-inventory materials. It automates the
    processes of identifying potential suppliers,
    Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation,
    awarding purchase order to the supplier, and
    billing processes. Purchase module is tightly
    integrated with the inventory control and
    production planning modules.
  • Store is an essential part of any manufacturing
    organization. The objective of a store is to
    efficiently and economically provide the right
    materials at right time and in the condition it
    is required. Keeping a close eye on the inventory
    levels is the key to smooth and uninterrupted
    functioning of any production department. Sound
    functioning of a production department improves
    the overall working of other vital interrelated
  • INSIGHT OF BOM The Bill of Materials module for
    eresource Xcel systems allows you to easily
    create and maintain a detailed bill of the
    components and miscellaneous charges that make up
    your finished items and subassembly components.
    You can produce accurate and informative reports
    detailing bill structures, component
    requirements, and production history. The Bill of
    Materials module is designed to accommodate the
    after-the-fact recording of production.

OVERVIEW The Bill of Materials module identifies
a standard list of items, or components, required
to produce a different, or parent, item. It
defines the relationships between items being
produced and the items needed to produce them. A
produced item can be composed of one or more
items which might be purchased, assembled,
fabricated or changed in some way to create a new
item. The Bill of Materials is used by other
modules to streamline business processes, provide
effective planning tools, and to manufacture
products in a consistent and timely manner.
  • OVERVIEW Production planning optimizes the
    utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts,
    components and material resources using
    historical production data and sales forecasting.
    ERP production module will just handle a small
    portion of production. The module begins with
    Product creation. There will be a component
    master and stage master. This module is mainly
    designed to monitor day-to-day production
    progress. On completion of any work order,
    information will be passed on to despatch for
    delivery. Reports on delivery schedule will be
    available in this module
    planning and control is a highly integrated
    executable module. It receives planned production
    orders from the planning engine. It receives
    details of product structure from BOM and details
    of operations needed for a manufactured item from
  • OVERVIEW Production Planning and Control module
    provides capabilities for planning, execution,
    quality and plant maintenance. Production Plan in
    eresource ERP is determined based on Resource
    Planning, Sales and Operation Planning and Demand
    of the Product. Having determined the
    information, eresource ERP generates Master
    Production Schedule.
    Planning and Control is a highly integrated
    executable module. It receives planned production
    orders from the planning engine. It receives
    details of product structure from BOM and details
    of operations needed for a manufactured item from
    Routing. It receives cost accounting data from
    cost accounting module. The inventory module
    deals with issue of goods to production orders
    and quality management checks the quality of
    goods produced.
  • OVERVIEW Quality is an important factor when it
    comes to any product or service. With the high
    market competition, quality has become the market
    differentiator for almost all products and
    services. Therefore, all manufacturers and
    service providers out there constantly look for
    enhancing their product or the service quality.
    In order to maintain or enhance the quality of
    the offerings, manufacturers use two techniques,
    quality control and quality assurance. These two
    practices make sure that the end product or the
    service meets the quality requirements and
    standards defined for the product or the
    service. There are many methods followed by
    organizations to achieve and maintain required
    level of quality. Some organizations believe in
    the concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM)
    and some others believe in internal and external
    Management is a way of life for a company. It has
    to be introduced and led by top management. This
    is a key point. Attempts to implement Quality
    Management often fail because top management does
    not lead and get committed, but just delegates
    and pays lip service.
  • OVERVIEW Job Work Module in eresource ERP allows
    you to make products from outside agencies with
    your own material and it is also called as
    subcontracting. The output after subcontracting
    may be in form of semi finished or finished
    product. The raw material is issued based on Bill
    of material for ordered item, pending items to be
    produced or material inventory with job worker is
    key to this module. This module is most suitable
    for fabrication, addition to materials.
  • FEATURES - Maintains the records of Job Work
    In-Out Source.- Keeps track of all items for
    Job-Work also keeps a record of all Job-Worker
    BOM.- Provides benefit of using Substitute Items
    in Job Work.- Effect of Tolerance Burning Loss
    is maintained in Job-Work Process.
efficient production from a manufacturing plant,
one must have assets and equipment in running
condition. To make them run efficiently one have
to keep track on the machinery activity on
regular basis. If the equipment is operating
inefficiently it will slow down or stops the
production completely. In plant maintenance
module such downtime can be reduced by scheduling
the preventive maintenance effectively.
  • OVERVIEW Engineering stands for Plant
    Maintenance. It summarises data of fixed assets.
    Preventative maintenance (or preventive
    maintenance) is a maintenance that is regularly
    performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the
    likelihood of it failing. Preventative
    maintenance is performed while the equipment is
    still working, so that it does not break down
    unexpectedly. PMS module handles all these tasks
    regarding Maintenance. It handles electrical
    mechanical maintenance of the company.
  • Accounts Finance Management in eresource ERP
    gathers financial data from various functional
    departments and generates valuable financial
    reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance,
    General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports,
    Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost
    Centre wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit
    Analysis, Profitability Report, Asset and
    Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC
    Analysis and many more. eresource ERP Finance
    management module has the capability of meeting
    all the accounting and financial needs of an
    organization. It is with this module that
    Financial Manager as well as other Managers
    within business can review the financial position
    of the company in real time and assist in better
    decision-making and strategic planning.
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