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Natural Supplements To Cure White Discharge Problem In Women Safely


This power point presentation describes about natural supplements to cure white discharge problem in women safely – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Natural Supplements To Cure White Discharge Problem In Women Safely

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Supplements To Cure White Discharge
If the vaginal secretion of white discharge is
clear or dense in appearance, this lubricant
helps to keep your vagina sterile and free from
harmful germs. Normal secretions are free of
odor, thin, stringy white spots. If this is
called release white from the vagina then leave
it alone. This is natural, and is very essential
for keeping the vagina in the pink. If sometimes
the balance is lost, and irritation begins or it
causes odor, then it is necessary to take care of
the problem.
Supplements To Cure White Discharge
However, it is no longer a problem with natural
supplements to cure white discharge is now within
your reach. Hormone regulates fluid secretion.
When woman is excited in sexual sessions the
fluids get secreted in higher amount. It is
nothing abnormal rather the reverse is helpful
for lovemaking. The problem doesn't start in this
point. In certain instances, women experience
higher discharge in normal times. This situation
needs remedies.
Gynex Capsules
Herbs and herbal supplements can fix the disorder
very soon. One of the most effective supplements
is Gynex capsules to cure excessive vaginal
discharge in a more effective way. The other name
of white discharge is leucorrhoea. The natural
supplements to cure white discharge provide
permanent solution to the problem. Gynex capsules
are the successful name today.
Gynex Capsules
  • Women are getting back their confidence by
    consuming the capsules. The reviews of the users
    suggest some of the important features of the
  • Key features of Gynex capsules
  • Help normal secretion of hormones in right
  • Check mucous glands to be over active
  • Add powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Keep up good flow of blood towards genital organs

Gynex Capsules
  • Reinforce the tissues to avoid cuts, roughness
    etc., in inner passage
  • Encourage delightful sexual activities in
    elevated sensation.
  • Working of Gynex capsules
  • The capsules are the blend of number of valuable
    ingredients. Each of them helps to maintain
    healthy balance between progesterone and estrogen
    to maintain optimum health of the female

Gynex Capsules
Some of the herbs used in the capsules are
effective anti-bacterial and antifungal which
reduce the escalation of infection and put off
extreme white discharge. The use of natural
supplements to cure white discharge like Gynex
turns vaginal tissue healthier and checks white
discharge in larger quantity. More is that, Gynex
capsules provide complete relief to the problems
arising out of the use of different contraceptive
devices, sedative, use of creams, toilet paper
Ingredients For Gynex Capsules
Ingredients included in the capsules The
capsules are the good blending of different
herbal ingredients that provide holistic remedy
in faster way. The important herbs included in
Gynex capsules are Godanti Hadtal Bhasma, Ashoka,
Lodhra, Ashwagandha, Nagkesar, Shubhra Bhasma and
Gynex Capsules
Directions Consume 1 to 2 capsule two times a
day with water after breakfast and dinner. This
ensures confirmed cure of the white discharge,
however chronic and acute it might be. The
capsule can be used till the problem is cured as
it produces no side effect. It is suitable for
women of any age. Remember, while taking Gynex
capsules, maintaining of health hygiene is very
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