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Important Tips to Protect Your Home From Unwanted Animals


Check out these tips on how to protect your home from unwanted animals. Brought to you by Krazy Critter Removal: , Krazy Critter Removal has over 20 years experience in wildlife and animal removal. If you've got Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Bats, Snakes or any other unwanted guests in your home, they have all the modern training and expertise to take care of all your wildlife and animal removal needs for your home. Krazy Critter Removal offer both residential wildlife removal, commercial wildlife and animal removal. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Important Tips to Protect Your Home From Unwanted Animals

Important Tips to Protect Your Home From
Unwanted Animals
Unwanted Animals
  • In the urban areas of some countries, unwanted
    animals like the opossums are beneficial as
    eaters of carrion and rodent.
  • They also contribute to the cleanliness of the
    surroundings by eating the throw away foods that
    may possibly attract rats and mice.
  • However, in some rural areas, the effect of
    non-native opossums preying upon small mammals,
    native invertebrates, reptiles, nestlings,
    groud-nesting birds, eggs, reptiles, and
    amphibians is of concern to wildlife biologists.
  • These unwanted animals will not be dangerous as
    long as they are kept out of the homes of human,
    they have limited interaction with pets, and are
    not cornered.
  • In case they went to your house, keep calm, close
    the interior doors in your surrounding, leave the
    room, and let the it find its way out through an
    open window or door or through the pet door.
  • If needed, you can also use a broom to gently
    drive it away outside. Never corner the them by
    force because it will be defensive.

Unwanted Animal
  • If the wild animal appears injured or sick,
    contact your local wildlife office or the
    wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible.
  • Generally, they look like a placid and gentle
    animal, they have 50 teeth that they can use to
    protect themselves. With this, close encounters
    are not advised.
  • When in search of food, they may proceed to a
    garbage can, a vegetable garden, or chicken coop.
    When in search of den site, they may go to a
    chimney, an attic, or crawl space. Changing the
    habitat around your house is the most effective
    way to not attract or prevent conflicts with this

  • Here are the important tips on how to avoid
    conflicts with
  • these unwanted animals

Don't give them Access to Garbage
  • Make sure that you secure your garbage can with a
    lid tighten with a chain, rope, or weights.
    Better yet, choose a garbage can with mechanisms
    that hold lids on or with clamps.
  • To prevent tipping, secure side handles to wooden
    or metal stakes driven into the ground. Keep them
    in a garage or shed. And after they have returned
    to their resting places, put your garbage outside
    your house for pick up in the morning.

These Unwanted Animals should not be Fed by People
  • If you fed the unwanted animal, it may possibly
    result in undesirable situations for you, your
    children, pets, your neighbours, and the wildlife
  • The opossums that are fed by humans often lose
    their fear of people and may become aggressive
    when not fed as expected.

At Night, Keep your Pets Indoors
  • If they are cornered, they may attack the cats
    and dogs. If bitten by this wildlife animal, it
    may lead to disease transmission and fractures.

Check these Out!
  • To conclude, there are several ways to prevent
    the unwanted animals from getting access to your
    home and if followed properly, they will not be a
    household issue or your neighbourhood's concern.
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