East Europe Influenza Vaccination Market Outlook, Influenza Vaccine Market in Slovakia - Ken Reseach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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East Europe Influenza Vaccination Market Outlook, Influenza Vaccine Market in Slovakia - Ken Reseach


This report provides a complete analysis of 4 East Europe Countries (Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia), Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Market in Infant & Adult population. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: East Europe Influenza Vaccination Market Outlook, Influenza Vaccine Market in Slovakia - Ken Reseach

Economic Factors Affecting the Seasonal Influenza
Vaccination Market in East Europe Ken Research
In 2009, a recommendation of the European Union
(EU) health Council was issued in order to
increase the vaccination of risk groups and
healthcare workers in addition to further
technical and scientific expertise. The
essentiality of this guidance was to provide the
EU Member States with relevant information
regarding the decision-making process on routine
vaccination of healthy children, adults and
pregnant women with seasonal influenza vaccine,
giving a flourishing push to the market of
seasonal influenza vaccination.
Collectively referring to the Eastern European
countries of Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and
Slovakia, wherein the seasonal vaccination is
recommended for children, the latter for agesgt6
months to lt13 years and the former for agesgt6
months to lt3 years, with no reimbursement of
vaccine costs. Within these specific countries,
the vaccination policy of Slovenia differs from
the rest by mandating the childhood vaccination
across nine areas to be necessary with excluding
the exceptions based on religious belief along
with the implementation of fines for those who
fail to comply, thus giving a further impetus to
the growth of the market. The remaining countries
followed the recommendations of those aged gt60 in
Hungary and gt65 in Romania.
According to a recent article published by ken
research, it can be conferred that in terms of
children vaccination, Romania Hungary together
accounts for more than 40 percent market share in
2016 whereas, in adult vaccination segments,
these two will share more than 80 percent market
share by 2022. Furthermore, only the country of
Romania is provided with the public funding for
the vaccine. Therefore, it can be accomplished
that Romania is having the highest seasonal
influenza vaccine market share in East Europe
Countries, as mentioned in the Ken Research
report. Ken Research says, in order for the
systematic review of the search strings for
influenza, geographical scope, burden of
influenza, vaccine safety, vaccine effectiveness,
and cost effectiveness, PubMed was used as the
core database along with Embase for the influenza
burden in pregnant women.
For the fulfillment of the purpose, these search
strings were combined with search strings for
population, i.e. children, adults, pregnant women
and contact of young children. The European Union
(EU) recommendation for the influenza virus
strains has been issued by the European Medicines
Agency that should be included in the vaccines
for the prevention of seasonal influenza from the
autumn of 2017. According to the report
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Market in
Hungary, Romania, Slovakia Slovenia (East Europe)
By (Infant Adult) Forecast, the effective
growth of the seasonal influenza vaccination
industry can be attributed to many factors, such
as the increasing burden of the seasonal
influenza, technological and scientific
advancements with new vaccines uncovering the
surface, increasing health awareness among
consumers, desire to live healthy lives with the
increasing expenditure ability, etc.
resulting in the increased involvement of the
younger patients along with their families
undergoing vaccinations. Their market is also
well assisted by the recent biotechnological
developments. The impetus growth can also be
attributed to the continuous rise in the
occurrence of a range of seasonal influenza
requiring vaccination aided by the various
governmental policies launching targeted
vaccination programs. However, vaccinating all
children would lead to herd immunity thus
reducing overall transmission of influenza. Also,
the introduction of universal influenza
vaccination of children affects the overall
childhood vaccination schedule and hardly any
European studies regarding the vaccine
effectiveness have been identified in children
along with no post-vaccine safety studies,
further resulting in the constricted extension of
the market.
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