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How to prepare for an interview, How to prepare for interview


Comprehensive Guide for how to prepare for your next interview, questions you can expect and answers you should be ready with – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to prepare for an interview, How to prepare for interview

How to face interview
  • If you are an experienced, professional then
    you might know How to face interview, and if you
    are a fresher then you might be looking for tips
    on How to face interview. Well, in both the
    cases, remember that interview is not a war that
    you need any war strategy, it is a formal meeting
    that tests whether your ability match with the
    job requirements. However, people tend to get
    nervous in interviews, and that is completely
    normal, after all, it is the matter of putting
    your career on track.

What should you prepare for?
  • Information collection Start with collecting
    information about the company, its background,
    its working styles, projects it executed, nature
    of the job, etc. All such information will help
    you to answer questions deftly in an interview.
  • Buff up your skills If you are going for
    technical interview then you should revise what
    you have learned during your college or training
    period. Polishing your communication skills is
    also important, as this will work for almost any
    kind of interview.

  • Practice practice, obviously dont guarantee you
    getting the job, but at least it improve your
    chances of landing on your desirable job. From
    the way you enter, to the greeting, the talk, and
    the wrap up, practice everything so that you can
    do them confidently and can overcome your
  • Make arrangements From your outfit, to the
    conveyance, to your formal documents, etc, make
    sure that you have everything arrange before the
    main day, or else you will have to rush, and
    ultimately everything will fall off from their
    place. Making arrangements beforehand enable you
    to have enough time to concentrate more on the

Stratergies to face interview and attain success
  • Arrange your job kit Make sure that you are
    prepared from every aspect before the big day,
    and this include preparing your interview kit as
    well. This should comprise of office directions,
    copies of your CV, a notepad, pens, and other
    important documents.
  • Study job description To understand the actual
    needs of your recruiter, you should study the job
    requirements and description properly. This will
    also help you to customize your interview
    preparation and can focus on the required skills
    that match the requirements. This can be your key
    to success and the best strategy to find out how
    to prepare for interview.

  • Build a rapport Your actual interview begins the
    moment you enter the door. Recruiters start
    judging you from the entry, so upkeep your body
    language from the very start. Begin with greeting
    your recruiter, and you can also ask him or her
    how he or she is doing. This breaks the strict
    formality of the interview and makes the
    situation a little light.
  • Focus on the company If you are asked why you
    are interested in the job, which is a common
    questions that comes up in interviews, you should
    focus on how the company is important to you.
    Dont just show that the job is your only point
    of interest. Recruiters like to hire people who
    are concerned about the company and its

Misconceptions about interviews
  • One of the common misconceptions about an
    interview is that the recruiter is well prepared
    and might have done a study of your background.
    However, this is not always true, as majority of
    hiring managers have many other important jobs to
    attend to and might not get the time to do a
    background check on every candidate. Yes,
    recruiters might go through what you have
    mentioned in your CV, but then you too are
    prepared with those points.

If you are still pondering on How to face
interview then remember that the mantra is to be
yourself and face what comes your way.