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Joe Pacifico Elite Gamespeed Fitness Management Services (1)


Joe Pacifico Elite Gamespeed | we provide fitness program like team training,strength training,boot camp and personnel training etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joe Pacifico Elite Gamespeed Fitness Management Services (1)

  • Joe Pacifico Fitness Management Services

Pro Athlete Training
  • Professional athletes must be on their game at
    all times, even in the off-season. Performance
    training matters and the off-season provides a
    time frame for professional athletes to work on
    any weaknesses they have in their game or just
    the desire to be the best. A certain level of
    conditioning must be maintained in this portion
    of the season to ensure future success. The
    Elite Gamespeed Pro training program works to
    keep the athlete conditioned while simultaneously
    improving strength, flexibility, speed, agility,
    and quickness.
  • An athletes competitive drive is also very
    important to success at the next level. Staying
    sharp and mentally tough in the off-season, the
    athlete will achieve victory. The Elite Pro
    Training program will challenge the athlete in
    every aspect, which will transfer over to the
    playing field, ice, or court. The key to any
    training program is whether or not the movements
    transfer to an actual game situation. The Elite
    Gamespeed Pro training program is an explosive
    training program perfect for the Elite athlete.
  • Professional athletes who opt to train in our
    programs have the two options for training,
    individually or in a small groups. The
    individual and or small group-training sessions
    will be held 2-4 days per week throughout the
    entire off-season.

NFL Combine Prep
  • Playing at the next level is every athletes
    ultimate goal and the Elite Gamespeed NFL Combine
    Training and NFL Training Programs helps athletes
    get there. The Elite Gamespeed NFL Combine Pro
    Day program and football training will help the
    athlete increase speed, strength, flexibility,
    change of direction, and mental toughness. Elite
    Gamespeed has helped over 50 athletes enter the
    professional ranks.
  • The Elite Gamespeed NFL Combine Pro Day program
    covers all the elements the athlete will undergo
    at the NFL Combine and football training.
    Confidence going into the NFL Combine/Pro Day is
    a must have and comes from knowing exactly what
    drills they will have to do and how to execute
    them. Our athletes have posted many fully
    automatic 4.3s and 4.4 times at the Combine and
    Pro Day.

Boot Camp
  • Elite Gamespeeds Boot Camp is a total body
    conditioning program that includes cutting edge
    fitness instruction and team motivation, along
    with access to a state of the art facility.
  • Designed for people of all ages and fitness
    levels, our boot camps will inspire you to bring
    out your inner athlete and provide you with the
    tools to live a healthier, happier, and more in
    balance lifestyle.
  • Each Boot Camp session is packed with a series
    of fun, ever-changing exercises created
    specifically to strengthen and increase your
    cardio fitness. Our expert performance
    specialists, all of whom are certified, take you
    through an energizing mix of calisthenics, weight
    training, crunches, obstacle courses, cone
    drills, agility and power drills, partner drills,
    and much much more.
  • Unlike other programs that take a military or
    individual approach to a boot camp, our Boot
    Camps team-oriented conditioning style is
    designed to encourage and support you while you
    experience the pure enjoyment and personal
    fulfillment of feeling your body in motion.
  • As an Elite Gamespeed Boot Camp participant, you
    can expect
  • Dramatic improvements in your energy levels
    and self-confidence
  • Increased power, strength, and endurance
  • Loss of inches, a firmer body, and a smaller
    pant or dress size, as well as decreased
    body fat
  • Improved athletic performance
  • To feel healthier and happier no matter
    what your age or fitness level

Speed Training
  • Elite Gamespeed is NE PA's premier training
    facility for high school, collegiate and
    professional athletes. We can show you how to
    increase speed and utilize your full athletic
  • How to Get Faster
  • Learning how to run faster is half the battle. An
    athletes quickness sets them apart from other
    players on the field, court or diamond. Simply by
    increasing your speed, you can qualify as an
    outstanding athlete who stands out in your sport.
  • Be the one who gets to the ball first.
  • When you begin working with our highly-trained
    performance coaches in our strength conditioning
    and speed training programs, you will immediately
    see improvements in your form, acceleration,
    deceleration, change of direction of in 360
    degrees of movement, lateral speed, agility and
    most importantly, overall speed. Our speed
    training specialists are qualified and
    accomplished in the latest techniques and
    programs for the advancement of the athletes.

Speed Training
  • Speed Training Methods and Techniques
  • We take our athletes through the many different
    aspects that encompass speed training. We
    incorporate a wide variety of training methods
    that are scientifically-supported to give our
    athletes increased strength and speed. Here are
    some of the areas we focus on when training for
  • Injury prevention
  • Running mechanics
  • Explosive starts
  • Multi-directional abilities
  • Deceleration training
  • Quickness
  • Upper/lower body strength development
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • Sport-specific training
  • Post workout recovery
  • Mental perseverance
  • No matter what your current level is, after
    training with Elite Gamespeed, you will see
    immediate results where you will learn how to run
    faster and how to train for speed. Ultimately,
    we will take you to the next level and improve
    your game on the field, court or diamond. There
    is no program that will give you the strength
    training and speed training skills you will find
    when training with the Elite Gamespeed coaches.
    If you are speed-challenged, or for those who
    already run fast, we will make you run faster.
    Come train with us and BRING YOUR GAME TO LIFE!

Strength Training
  • Elite Gamespeed has a proven Strength
    Conditioning system designed for every athlete,
    male and female, young and mature, and of all
    strength levels. Our strength and conditioning
    sessions will be fully supervised with careful
    attention placed on the quality of movement. The
    Elite Gamespeed Strength Conditioning
    philosophy is to educate all athletes, so they
    may retain knowledge and improve their skill set
    to remain strong, injury free, and healthy for
    life. Our strength specialists are qualified
    and accomplished in the latest techniques and
    programs for the advancement of the athlete.
  • Our weight training facility is equipped with
    Legend Pro Series cages and platforms accompanied
    by all the attachments. The weight room features
    Olympic bumper plates, four-way utility benches,
    rubber hex dumbbells, and much more.
  • Athletes will be exposed to explosive Olympic
    Lifting, which will have a great effect on power,
    speed, acceleration, and overall functional
    movement. Our Strength Conditioning Program
    not only takes place in the weight room but also
    outdoors in our world-class sand pit. The Elite
    Gamespeed sand pit training was developed to
    assist our athletes to improve acceleration,
    deceleration, foot placement, game movement
    simulation, and, most importantly, plyometric
    speed and agility training. One of our most
    enduring and demanding exercises takes place on
    our battling ropes. This exercise is designed to
    increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, increase
    strength and endurance, to help develop grip
    strength, to create great core conditioning and
    superior cardio conditioning without suffering
    joint impact, and to develop mental toughness.

Team Training
  • Team Training Speed Training Program
  • The Elite Gamespeed speed training program can be
    performed on-site or off-site in effort to
    accommodate either parents or athletes. The
    Elite Gamespeed Team Training program is sports
    specific encompassing multi-directional speed,
    quickness, deceleration, and explosiveness. Our
    training system allows for a 10 to 1 athlete to
    coach ratio so careful attention is placed on
    each athlete. This program helps teams develop
    as a unit, which will intern improve team
    performance and team cohesion.
  • Team Training Strength Training Program
  • Strength Training is an essential part of any
    athletic program. Elite Gamespeed works directly
    with the coaches and athletic directors to ensure
    optimal strength training performance. Without a
    well-planned program the team may find themselves
    injured often and unable to extend their
    abilities over the entire season. The Elite
    Gamespeed strength training program is for both
    in season and off-season, and every program is
    tailored to the specific needs the specialist
    deems necessary. Our Performance Specialists are
    trained to handle large numbers and obtain
    optimal results.
  • Why is team training important?
  • On the field or court you are never alone, sports
    training is not just focused on an individual but
    a unit. Being able to mesh with teammates in
    order to produce good chemistry is a must have at
    any level of performance. Going through an
    intense training together allows for better unity
    and group cohesion. The team that wins the game
    is the team that is able to move as a force
    together. We understand the key elements to a
    successful team and our programs help produce
    results and build strong leaders.

Rising Stars future Stars Training
  • Teaching young athletes proper techniques early
    can aid them in the long run. The Elite
  • Rising Stars, Future stars, Stars Training
    program develops young athletes to perform in
    multiple sports. Our program emphasizes every
    aspect that has an effect on performance. Every
    program begins with an initial evaluation, which
    will test the athletes flexibility, core
    strength, total body strength, speed, agility,
    and quickness.
  • Far too often athletes and coaches are concerned
    about the rate of force production, rather than
    quality of force production. When it comes to
    speed development an athlete must be technically
    sound in the areas of running form, deceleration
    abilities, and multi-directional speed. If you
    look at any professional athlete, his or her
    movement is smooth and seems effortless. This
    smooth flow of movement comes from years of
    training and perfecting his or her craft.
  • Elite Gamespeed works to educate the athletes,
    not to simply train them far too often coaches
    leave the athlete with little or no insight. We
    at Elite Gamespeed believe the true key to
    long-term success is knowledge of how to
    correctly produce, reduce, and re-accelerate
    movement. By having this knowledge the athlete
    will gain an instant advantage over their
    competition and take his or her game and skills
    to the next level.

Nutrition supplementation
  • Sports nutrition has many goals to enhance
  • First, it improves performance by improving body
    composition, which increases
  • speed, quickness, mobility, and strength. Second,
    it will help the speed of
  • recovery, which will in turn create more capacity
    for practicing and
  • competition as the body is becoming more fit and
    adjusted to the coupling of
  • the good nutrition incorporated into the workout
    regimen. Third, it will allow
  • one to increase energy for both practice and
    competition, which will definitely
  • help ones performance. A strategic meal plan
    will also increase immunity,
  • allowing one to stay healthy and be able to
    continue and intensify practice and
  • training. Most importantly, it will improve
    overall health as proper health is
  • essential to all aspects of life.
  • It is important for an athlete to maintain weight
  • increasing muscle and decreasing fat. Weight gain
    places strain on cardiovascular
  • and respiratory systems which slows an athlete
    down and creating more stress
  • on the body. While weight loss means that a
    person is not getting enough
  • nutrients to sustain the body causing poor
    recovery and extreme fatigue. The athlete
  • does this by eating foods high in protein,
    complex carbohydrates and other

Tactical Fire Rescue
  • All throughout the length of our careers, we help
    thousands of athletes accomplish their goals,
    their dreams and experience moments beyond any of
    our wildest imaginations. Young, aspiring Little
    League ball players have rejoiced as they hit
    their 1st ever home run. High School players
    celebrating with their families as they sign
    their letters of intent by earning college
    scholarships. We combined the proper
    implementation of our highly effective program
    with all of the hard work, dedication and talents
    of college players and coaches to win National
    Championships in soccer, volleyball, baseball and
    many individuals in swimming. And weve stood
    tall atop the athletic mountain with our
    athletes. All of our faces warmed by the
    spotlight as theyve been awarded medals,
    championships, MVPs and are paid millions of
    dollars to play a game.
  • We always continue to research, design and
    develop performance driven SC programs. But in
    2006, we decided that we wanted to fully
    implement SC to a new population. To a
    community whose increased performance could save
    their lives. To a community whose increased
    performance could help them save a life. To a
    community whose performance could help them save
    even more lives. We evolved into TFR (Tactical
    Fire Rescue SC Program) and moved forward at
    full speed. Since then, weve helped hundreds in
    the community utilize training systems that were
    previously devoted to helping sports athletes
    accomplish in the arena. Now for the Tactical
    Athlete, combat readiness and in case of
    emergency (ICE) preparation has been our call to
    arms, doing our part to protect those that
    protect us.

Team Building Workshops
  • We at EGS believe that team building workshops
    are one of the most important investments a
    company can make. Its not an activity you do
    because theres extra money in the budget, but a
    central ingredient to achieving success as a
    focused and effective organization. Theres a
    reason that companies have chosen The EGS Team
    building workshop to turn their group of
    individuals into a team.
  • Every EGS activity challenges players to tap into
    a wide variety of skills, from Creativity,
    Communication, and Problem Solving to Time
    Management and Strategic Planning. Participants
    are certain to interact with their environment
    and each other in ways they could have never
    imagined. Not only do your employees experience
    the magic of their surroundings, but they begin
    to see the possibilities that exist in one
    another and themselves.
  • Now we know youve got a big job ahead of you.
    Youve got to plan an event that not only
    delivers the goods, but is so awesome and
    entertaining that everyone will be raving about
    it at the work place for days. Good thing you
    found us! The EGS workshop features a state of
    the art facility, experienced staff, easy event
    planning, and real results.
  • There are 5 elements that lead to team
    dysfunction that keep your team and organization
    from reaching its full potential.

Football Combines
  • Year after year thousands of talented high school
    football players are overlooked by universities
    and recruiters. These athletes are often
    overlooked because they have not been marketed
    therefore no one knows about them. In order to
    get recognized and considered for scholarships
    athletes must position themselves in a
    environment that caters to their needs.
    Attending Elite Gamespeeds combine clinic is a
    great opportunity to compete and find out where
    you rank among your peers. Players will be
    working with world renowned trainers who have the
    highest success rate in the most recent years of
    the NFL combine. The top performers will be
    displayed on the Elite Gamespeed website.

Personal Training
  • Learning how to live a healthy lifestyle is half
    the battle. When you begin working with our
    highly-trained personal trainers in our strength,
    conditioning, cardio vascular training programs,
    you will immediately see improvements in your
    energy, confidence, , attitude, general health,
    cardiovascualr, and body fat percentages, Etc Etc
    . Our personal trainers are qualified and
    accomplished in the latest techniques and
    programs for the advancement of our clients.
  • Benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer
  • Having a personal trainer to guide you through
    your fitness routine will help make sure you are
    spending time on the proper types of exercise.
    If you only have a limited amount of time to work
    out, a personal trainer will make sure you get
    the best results possible for the amount of time
    that you put it.
  • 2.Motivation
  • Motivation is often difficult to maintain when
    you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a
    personal trainer enhance your motivation to
    continue with a workout regimen. Even if you
    don't use a personal trainer for every session,
    knowing that you'll meet with your trainer soon
    will motivate you during workouts. You also get
    the satisfaction of showing your trainer the
    improvement you've made as your exercise program
  • Most people have multiple goals when working out,
    the most common being fat loss and muscle gain.
    Its often hard to find the right balance between
    these two, and a personal trainer can help you
    find the right exercises to achieve all of your
  • A personal trainer will teach you the proper form
    and technique to use during your workout so you
    can stay safe and injury-free.

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