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Is a removable pole dancing kit suitable for pole fitness?


Are you looking for the right pole dancing kit for you? Thinking whether a removable pole dancing kit is safe enough to practice your pole dance routines? Then let this PDF shed light to your dilemma! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Is a removable pole dancing kit suitable for pole fitness?

Is a Removable Pole Dancing Kit Suitable for Pole
2 Major Fears People Face When Starting Pole
Fitness at Home
  • they cant do it mainly due to being overweight
    or lack of upper body strength
  • pole safety

Deciding on Which Pole Kit to Buy
  • To help you decide on whether or not you should
    buy a permanently installed pole or removable
    pole kit like the Pro Quality Dance Pole or the
    X-Pert X Pole, you should answer these questions
  • 1. Decide on how you are going to use the dance
    pole for your home.
  • 2. What are your end goals and intentions?
  • 3. Are you going to really swing on the pole and
    actively engaging in pole fitness moves and spins
    on a regular basis as an at home workout routine?
  • 4. Are you going to use it for show pole?
    Meaning you dont want to really do many spins at
    all, you just want something you can dance
  • 5. Do you have plans on becoming the next pole
    dance champion?
  • Once you have answered these questions then you
    are now ready to choose the right pole for you.

  • At we carry
  • a range of pole dancing kits to choose from.

Is a removable pole kit safe enough?
  • The Carmen Electra pole dancing kits wont hold
    much weight and so if you are on the heavier side
    and plan to do some spins with force behind it
    it wont do the job in the long run.
  • Watch this video review on the Carmen Electra
    Professional Pole to find out why gtgt
  • The X Pole makers of the X-Pert X Pole on the
    other hand, is a leader in selling safe and
    reliable removable pole dancing poles for home.
    However, not everyone can afford the X Pole, so a
    good alternative is a professional grade pro
    quality no brand pole which is cheaper.
  • CAUTION many no brand poles look alike, but
    they are not built the same. Here is a great
    video explaining the differences gtgt

Is a removable pole kit safe for heavy body
  • All pole kits usually have an approximate body
    weight that is safe it should be listed in the
    advertising. Avoid pole kits that dont list this
  • It is suggest that you buy a removable dance pole
    kit that has been tested through professional
    commercial use (which is more heavy duty use than
    a normal home dancing pole will get). Its one
    thing to climb the pole and just hold yourself
    there. Its an entirely different matter if you
    are doing spins on the dance pole.

Is a removable pole kit safe for inverting and
advanced pole tricks?
  • If you plan to invert and do some real committed
    pole fitness at home, a removable pole kit can be
    very safe. Many competitive professionals of all
    sizes have safely done pole tricks on a removable
    pole. Even women who are overweight have safely
    inverted on a removable dance pole at home. The
    key point is to get a home dance pole kit that is
    designed for this type of use.

  • The most commonly sold removable pole kits at
  • is a chrome 45mm Pro Quality No Brand Dance Pole
    Kit and the X Pert X Pole Kit. Both come with
    pole dancing lessons for beginners on video.

  • Remember, removable pole dancing poles can be
    made semi-permanent with a ceiling mount.
  • ALL poles, regardless of brand or type must be
    installed correctly according to manufacturers
    instructions to be considered safe to use.
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