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eCom Domination Review & HUGE $23800 Bonuses


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Title: eCom Domination Review & HUGE $23800 Bonuses

eCom Domination How You Can Create A
Profitable Future For You And Your Family THIS
MONTH Even If Youre Starting From Zero eCom
Domination is a perfect solution is brought out
by two marketers Sam England and Jon Bowtel to
show you how to successfully create your own
profitable online business. What Is eCom
Domination? Have you ever wander and ask yourself
a question like "Can I really run an ecommerce
business and make a stable, predictable income
with just a few bucks a few hours a
week?" Yes, many people are also in the same
shoes with you. But instead of bragging about it,
lets see how Sam England and Jon Bowtell tell
their students how to do that by their
method. Thousands of their students have tried
out the method which they are about to share
with you, and over 98 had seen cash return on
their investment within 45 days. Their method has
to do with building an ecommerce business that
TRULY thrives. Other systems built around one
specific platform, such as Etsy or Shopify
Leave you INCOMPLETE at best, and drowning
without any returns at worst The eCom
Domination method shown, on the other hand, here
is built with reliable automatic income and
stability in mind. By leveraging ALL THE
CHANNELS YOU NEED at once by doing no extra work.
us/ How Does eCom Domination Work? HERE IS HOW
It takes just 2 small adjustments that have
boosted their students results by 100X
or more. If you could make a tiny adjustment to
your operations to see 10,000 growth Youd be
absolutely insane not to consider it. So heres
what to do FIX THE TRAFFIC PROBLEM Right now,
you probably are dealing with all of the real
work of getting buyer traffic. Diving into pay
per click ads, SEO, influencer marketing, hours
on social media, direct media buys and on and on
and on, into infinity! An online store can only
generate profits if it gets BUYER traffic. But
because most junk traffic out there are not
proven buyers, you cant use your site data to
predict future incomes! Not being able to
predict your income will limit your growth
potential more than anything else in
business. On the other hand.... When used
correctly, Amazon and eBay can reign in thousands
of red-hot buyers, directly to your doorstep,
with credit card in hand. All by setting up your
listings the RIGHT way... including the KEY WAYS
to make maximum money from every sale. Thats
why these methods CANNOT be ignored their income
generating potential is too great. But NO ONE is
sharing the right way to leverage Amazon, Ebay
and Self Hosted Offers until now. HOW TO GET
THE SAME RESULTS EASILY With popular platforms
that have red hot traffic like this, you can
count on your data, because people who visit
Amazon and eBay shop there very often. This
means your business gets an advantage that most
ecom business owners will never discover. Its
the power of leverage.
The power to leverage pre-sold traffic (these are
buyers looking to make a purchase, not just
trash traffic from some solo ad or a direct ad
buy campaign) is incredible. MAKE MORE MONEY
have liked it if 20 of your ecom store buyers
became repeat customers, automatically? That
means Every month, youll get more profits in
your pockets Without ANY extra work! This
reduces your demand for fresh traffic. Suppose,
your site converts at 10, and you get 1,000
visitors. Thats 100 buyers. If 20 of those 100
buyers became autobill customers, you now have
20 people automatically buying from you every
month. And its SO simple to do this once you
know how. You have to use a little bit of basic
automation technology, but once its in place,
this technology will enable you to boost your
profits dramatically. By converting, 20, 30,
sometimes as high as 50 of all your customers
into auto- bill clients, you can score
THOUSANDS more each month. Your customers will
be happy because they are getting automatic
shipments of your product, every 30 days,
arriving at their doorstep without them having to
manually re- order. And you will be happy
because you just created a tremendous amount of
marketplace value, and your bottom line is there
to show the difference. If you are not using
automation in your ecom store, youre leaving a
pile of money on the table every time your
customers buy from you. Theyll show you how to
build funnels that convert small shoppers into
repeat buyers who spend more money with you each
time they buy. Plus Theyll show you how to
automate their order, so they can start buying
from you using the new popular auto-subscribe
Theyll show you how you can network with legit
suppliers that value their reputation, so you
never have to struggle with missing packages,
chargebacks and negative criticism that could
harm your identity. Youll be able to work
confidently, knowing that your customers are
getting their products on time, in correct
quantities, and with no accounting errors that
could quickly spiral out of control. Leverage
their exact same supply partners and say goodbye
to the stress of supply-side for good. Theyre
going to hook you up with all of this and so much
more When you join their tribe, youll get
unlimited access to their brainpower 30 years
of experience, thanks to 1 step-by-step
foolproof ecommerce marketing system Special
Features of ECom Domination Everything you need
to get the thriving ecommerce business you want
fully stacked. 154 videos watch and copy to make
explosive 30,000 foot birds eye overview
training that will shine a new light on your old
understanding of what ecom is all about. Theyll
shatter myths and beliefs about ecom and show
you why you havent been able to absolutely crush
it yet. RESEARCH FOR HOT NICHES Do you know
what your ideal customer profile looks like? This
module will show you which questions you should
ask yourself about a potential niche. Theyll
tell you what to sell, and even show you a few
secret tactics for identifying red-hot niches.
Theyll even dive deep into analytics of your
competition, so you can use their data to spy
on the demand for consumer products. FINDING
every wholesaler is a good business for you to
work with! Who will be the BEST product supplier
for your ecom business? Theyll show you how to
avoid dealing with middlemen, how to properly
contact consumer goods manufacturers so you get a
good response, and even show you a sample call
to a manufacturer that yielded a valuable
connection worth 100,000. But best of all,
theyll train you on how you can keep it local
and buy from suppliers right in your community,
so you can feel more your trust and stability in
your business.
BUILDING YOUR STORE Even if youve never built a
website ever before in your life Youll learn
everything you need to get your ecom website up
and running. From purchasing your domain name, to
writing the most important pages of your site,
to making product listings - everything is
explained, step by step. USING AMAZON How cool
would it be to have Amazon ship your products for
you? Once your online store is up and running,
getting approved for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)
is a piece of cake. Theyll show you how to tap
into the biggest global distribution system in
the world, and prepare you for the difficulties
in logistics that may come as a result, by
showing you how to keep it simple. USING
EBAY Ebay is a perfect buyer traffic trap.
Theyll explain how you can use eBay to bring
pre- qualified visitors to your store, where you
can make sales without having to pay eBay a dime
for it. Theyll even show you how to do extra
market research on eBay in case you do wish to
sell there, plus provide you with useful tools
and resources to make this process
easy. CREATING CONTENT To make your store stand
out, you need outstanding content. Sounds easy,
until youre burdened with the task of making
it. Luckily, thanks to simple outsourcing sites
like Fiverr, great content is easy to make, and
very affordable. Theyll show you how to
generate amazing product listing content without
having to take a computer class on video
editing. Even if English is not your native
language, your store will look and feel 100
never-ending battle for ecom store owners where
to get the traffic? Finally, weve broken it
down one traffic source at a time. When you do
all of this at once, an avalanche of buyers will
rush to your store. Its amazing, and you need to
see it to believe it. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
BLUEPRINT Theyll focus heavily on Facebook
here, because its the 1 best and largest
traffic generation system available to most ecom
store owners. With over a billion users, this is
the go-to place to find your ideal buyer target.
There is more than one way to get traffic from
Facebook, and theyll show you all of them,
inside this module.
95 on already-cheap wholesale prices? When you
buy products wholesale, they are sold to you at
a price thats much less than retail. But when
youre buying surplus liquidation lots, you
save up to 20x more, allowing you to profit BIG
time. This module will show you where to find
these lots what red flags to avoid. IMPORTING
WHITE LABELING Want to start your own brand?
Thanks to white labeling, you can. This is for
advanced ecom business people who have capital
to invest into ready-made products which they
wish to sell with their own brand name. TYING IT
ALL TOGETHER Here, they discuss the smooth
edges of your business, namely customer
service, credit card processor perks, and
PayPals flexible shipping options. LIVE
TRAINING SESSIONS In this final section, weve
included LIVE training which weve done with
their students - a whopping 19-hour collection of
insane deep dives into their clients problems
and their newest industry discoveries. NO HOLDS
AUDIO TRAINING (9 hours) Weve created an
in-depth course on ecom which has helped
thousands of people get their business on its
feet, with no prior experience. This is a
collection of cheat sheets, blueprints, ebooks
and audio training. As soon as you get started,
you will have instant access to over 9 hours of
easy to follow, easy to implement video audio
training to get you profiting on your eCom
journey right away. Contacts Unlocked
(PRICELESS) You also get unrestricted access to
Jons Little Black Book, providing you with the
real life contacts he uses to run his
business. Insider knowledge is everything, and
Jons contacts can help you achieve bigger
profits by leveraging their success, knowledge
and skills too! Thats more profits - for doing
LESS work! Thats just the trainingHeres the
  • Your ecom dominator membership includes every
    automation tool you need.
  • Fiercely updated and supported.
  • All cloud-based under one roof.
  • Works everywhere.
  • With these tools under your belt, you will be
    able to save 65 time on those mundane tasks
    that force many people to quickly burn out, and
    stop trying to push forward with their passion
    for ecom.
  • A-Z Prospector Tool (MSRP 299)

This software simplifies market research, and
helps you save hours on product lookups. Simply
insert your desired niche, and A-Z Prospector
will give you Amazons top best selling
products, so you can scope the entire Amazon
database at a glance and cherry pick sure fire
winners for your own ecom store. eProspector
Tool (MSRP 199)
This software tells you what people are buying
right now, and how much theyre paying for
it. Similar to A-Z Prospector, the eProspector
will give you eBays current market activity,
showing you what people are bidding on in real
time, giving you proven ideas of what people
are buying. Sourcing Samurai (MSRP 99)
This software shows you wholesale suppliers that
are ready to give you the lowest price on
merchandise that you can sell in your ecom store.
Once you prospect niche products to sell,
Sourcing Samurai will show you where to procure
those products. Simply type in a keyword, insert
a price range you wish to pay, and select a few
more filters to see exactly where to buy your
stock. Customer CRM System (MSRP 299) This
software helps you keep track of your buyers and
their orders. Once your store is up and running,
the next hardest thing to deal with for most ecom
business owners is the data. The CRM system will
help you stay organized, so you can focus on
what matters most finding the best products to
sell. Profit Forecaster Software (MSRP
299) Do you ever wonder how much money your
ecom store will earn next month? Have you ever
struggled with predicting where your business
will be in 3, 6 or 12 months? To have full
control over your empire, you need to know where
your finances will be in the future. Even if
you have no list No tech or website skills
Limited startup cash And no experience This
software will show you exactly where youll be
30, 60, 90, 365 days or more down the road. This
software also allows you to check things like
your selling price is high enough or if your
product cost is low enough, taking all the
guesswork out of your profits and making sure
youre on the right track. Subscription Funnel
Builder With Auto Shipping System (MSRP
399) This advanced software helps ecom store
owners maximize their earnings on every buyer
they get. Having upsells in your online store is
critical, because if you dont use upsells,
youll be struggling with bringing in new
prospects to your website, over and over
again! No upsells No profits. But with this
software, youll have access to the same
technology that became the backbone of many
multi-million dollar businesses (think, Dollar
Shave Club and Amazon Prime subscriptions!)
If youve struggled with creating infinite
streams of recurring paying customers,
youll absolutely love this bonus software. Why
Should You Get eCom Domination Now? The key facts
about eCom Domination The ability to INSTANTLY
create any 1 store, product listing, or customer
funnel, is worth the investment in the course.
Yet that is only about .01 of what youre
getting as an ECOM DOMINATOR. Tap into 30 years
of wisdom in the ecommerce business, divided up
into step-by-step COPY US exclusive videos with
training that you will NOT find anywhere
else. Experience a complete transformation of
your income streams by adding new ones and
maximizing any you currently have. Create basic
product listings advanced upsell opportunities
automatically ones that sell. Build a piece
of virtual real estate that can be sold later
on. Limited time discount available right now,
during this 5-day launch period. No overtime
work, just simple straight-forward tasks that
anyone can do. No experience required in any
particular ecom platform. No advertising spend
necessary to start making money. No recurring
fees to stay in the course or to participate in
their community. Did you know? Private coaching
from much less experienced ecom gurus costs
anywhere from 5k to 30k per month. When they
created ECom Domination, they wanted to
accomplish 2 things Create a superior ecommerce
marketing course that can cost just a fraction of
this insanely high price Remove the monthly
renewal component, to make their expertise much
more affordable For that reason, you wont have
to pay anywhere near that amount for much
better training than what you can get literally
anywhere else.
On top of that, you also get instant access to
the entire software suite that they use to help
their students achieve phenomenal levels of
success. These automation tools will save you
precious time, so you can get your work done more
quickly, and get back to doing the things you
love most. Even if they wanted to charge a
one-time fee of 5k for this course, it would be
more than reasonable, because ECom Domination
WORKS. Still not sure this is right for you??
Checkout all of the results for their Sam
England is the smartest guy I know online. No.
seriously. Three years ago. I was struggling
from week to week trying to figure out how to
make ends meet and working a dead-end job. Then
a buddy of mine told me about Sam England's
eCommerce training. and I decided to give it a
spin. I figured if I could learn how to add an
extra 100 per month to my Income. then the
price of Sam's training would be a great
investment. Sam taught me how to source products
I could sell online. products that I would not
need to store in my garage. He also taught me how
and where to sell my new products online. And
within Just one month, I was making an additional
500 per month. Three months later. I was making
200 per day In pure profits. One year later. I
quit my dead- end job. and now I make more money
working from home every month than what I used
to make at my dead-end Job In one year! Thanks
Sam! - Sherman Hatley When I first started
making money online, I was building Amazon
affiliate sites. To be honest. I worked a lot of
hours, and even though I thought I was doing
pretty well with my business. I had to keep a
real job to pay the bills. During a good year, I
might be able to make 10k during the Christmas
shopping season. but most months. I was barely
pulling 2k a month. I knew there had to be a
better way. Then I discovered Sam England's
ecommerce training... These days. I have hundreds
of products on Amazon that sell like clockwork.
Now I make 10k month during a slow month,
working just twenty hours a week. If you want to
do the same for yourself. let Sam England teach
you what he taught me. - Bill Stewart
Jr. Exclusive Bonuses From eCom Domination When
you join ECom Domination from this page,
theyll comp you for their next Live Event,
calledYou will get to network with the
Internets smartest gurus. eCom Domination Page
Build more high attention grabbing pages.
eCom Domination Fan Page Designer Pro Boost your
brand credibility and loyalty by have the best
most attention grabbing FB fanpage possible.
eCom Domination SEO Neo Achieve higher natural
search ranking the life blood of eCom
eCom Domination Viral Post Monster Simple Fast
and Powerful Solution to get your niche targetted
eCom post going Viral
eCom Domination Squeeze Expert We all need lead
gen, even in eCom, build no leak squeeze pages
eCom Domination Pop Engage Increase social
conversion and build your tribe
eCom Domination Member Profit Pro The effortless
way to create pro membership sites. Ideal for
adding revenue to eCom offers
eCom Domination Mobile Convertor We all know how
important mobile is to your eCom offers. Now you
can instantly optimize any of your eCom site for
eCom Domination FanPage Control Panel Keep your
FB fanpage up to date and remain highly engaged
with your followers direct from your browser in
your easy to manage control panel
eCom Domination Content Expert The ultimate
content marketing tool. Create free viral content
in seconds and drive hoards of traffic to your
eCom offers.
eCom Domination Page Redirector Finally use the
power of your FB fanpage to full effect with
Redirect Pro
eCom Domination Design Pro Create your own
custom eCom product graphics without the need for
Plus, you will also get Expert Interview 1
Crush It While Amazon Fulfills Your Orders Why
This Is The Best Business Opportunity For Ecom
Newbies Launching An Amazon Store On A Budget -
How To Manage Inventory Expert Interview 2
Guide On Minimizing Your Ebay Fees Maximizing
Your Profits How To Get Extra Traffic To Your
Store Using Facebook Pages Make Extra Money By
Helping Local Stores List Their Products On
Ebay Expert Interview 3 BRIAN MCLEOD (EXPERT
COPYWRITER) How To Write Copy That Generates
Repeat Customers, Over And Over Again Leveraging
Social Proof For Your Product Listings
Supplement Audio With Video - How To Feature Your
Product Inside Your Video Sales Letter These
experts have been there, done that. They
figured out ways to maximize their traffic
minimize their refunds create repeat buyers and
eliminate ALL store management headaches. Learn
from their experience, simply by listening to
these BONUS interviews (yours, free). ITS TIME
TO GET YOUR SATISFACTION Right now, ecom is a
very fashionable business model, but unlike most
other products in IM, the ecom industry is
actually very stable. Building a successful
business in ecom is like building an asset that
has real world value and can be sold for profit
(or even passed on to your children). But the
biggest benefit of this course is the detail
of the training. Nothing is left to chance
and no questions go unanswered. Its the A-Z of
ecom. Conclusion Whats the worst that can
happen here? Imagine the absolute worst possible
outcome here Suppose you commit yourself to 60
days of intensive ecom work, but after building
your profitable online store, you absolutely HATE
this business for some unforeseen reason! What
happens then? Here is exactly what will happen
then. Not only will you get your money back
100, but you will also SELL YOUR STORE on a site
flipping auction like Flippa, so another person
can pick up where you left off! When you create
your ecom empire, you create a valuable asset.
When you dont want to have it anymore, you can
sell it, just like a house or a car! eCom
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