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Conversion Masters review - Conversion Masters (MEGA) $23,800 bonuses


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Conversion Masters review - Conversion Masters (MEGA) $23,800 bonuses

  • Conversion Masters How to turn your Google
    Analytics into your sales opportunity hunter
  • Conversion Masters is a step-by-step training
    course which will help you understand the value
    of not only having Google Analytics installed but
    also the importance of deep diving into their
  • http//
  • What Is Conversion Masters?
  • Before we get started, I need you to imagine
  • What if you could explode your Shopify business
    by using the simple analytics secrets that are
    waiting to be leveraged.
  • Optimize your store and enjoy a steady stream of
    sales that you can control at will, 24/7
  • Put an end to miserable test campaigns and
    potential traffic sources that simply dont
  • Stop staring at your Analytics not knowing what
    to do - finally make your site data work for you
  • No big budget necessary to start scaling your
    Shopify store
  • Increase your profits with a minimal amount of
  • Technical skills experience are not required
  • If this sounds like something youre interested
    in, then lets cut right to the chase, right
  • now.

  • How Does Conversion Masters Work?
  • What Will You Learn With Conversion Masters?
  • 6 dimensions of scaling your Shopify store
  • 5 traffic sources that anyone can use
  • 4 secret keys to optimizing your conversions
  • How to use analytics like an agency hawk
  • What to do with the data once you have it
  • A ninja way to get your store inside Gmail ads
  • How It Works
  • Step 1. Turn your Google Analytics into your
    sales opportunity hunter
  • If you dont know Where will the next truckload
    of buyers will come from?, thats OK. Hell
    show you how to configure Analytics in such a way
    that youll always be able to get the answer.
    Copying your Analytics info inside your Shopify
    store is only half the challenge. Then, you also
    have to set it up. This product will show you
  • Step 2. Get as much high-converting traffic as
    you can handle - instantly
  • Hundreds of thousands of purchases take place
    online every day. But when you compare that
    amount of transactions relative to all web
    traffic A dramatic picture reveals itself. As
    it turns out, only 1 of all web traffic is
    buyer traffic. Everyone else is just

looking. This product will show you how to get
more of that 1 buyer traffic and avoid the 99
window shoppers. Step 3. Let Analytics walk
you directly to the Gold mine Did you know
that you can make Analytics work for you, instead
of you having to dive deep into spreadsheets to
do the same work manually? Like an X on a
treasure map, the Goals feature inside your
stores Analytics lets you see exactly where the
treasures (i.e., sales opportunities) are
buried. Step 4. Tap into extra profits on
demand - whenever you want You will finally
master the finesse elements of professional
eCommerce that many millionaires have had to
learn the hard way. Dimitris will walk you
through everything you need to know about
traffic. Geotargeting Mobile conversions
Device targeting Interest categories hell even
drill it down DAY BY DAY and show you WHICH DAYS
WHAT TIME OF DAY is best for running your ad
campaigns. This module will turn your basic
Analytics skill set into a data ninja (without
ever having you open 1 spreadsheet). Step 5.
Turn missed opportunities into value-add cart
checkouts How do you get your cart abandon rate
bounce rate as close to 0 as possible? How
can you maximize your conversions into email
subscribers or buyers? Hell show you major
conversion killers, give you a high-converting
page copy for the second most visited page on
your Shopify store, and explain ways to boost
your perceived trustworthiness and authority
online. This module will demonstrate the perfect
way to do proper consumer demand research before
you commit to a store idea. Step 6. A Dark
Untapped Traffic Source Did you know you can
leverage Google Shopping portal for free buyer
traffic? Hell show you how. Plus theyll dive
deep into Google AdWords, dos and donts of paid
traffic, and proper keyword analysis for
minimizing ad spend per-visitor. Step 7. This
One Display Network Is Under-Utilized Like Crazy
  • If you havent tapped into the power of
    remarketing yet, youre going to love this
  • module.
  • Also known as retargeting, this is a super
    powerful strategy that lets you bring people
    back to your Shopify store long after they have
    closed their browser and turned off their
    computer for the night. Its very profitable once
    you scale it, and for that reason, Dimitris
    decided to include it in his exclusive training.
  • Why Should You Get Conversion Masters Now ?
  • Here is everything that will happen for you
  • If you follow this 7-step method, you will
    achieve 7 very predictable outcomes
  • Your Analytics setup will be completely airtight.
  • Not one single visitor will ever slip through
    the cracks, and you will be tracking 100 of
    all activity happening on your website. You will
    be able to see real-time statistics as they are
    happening, and you will be able to retrieve old
    data at any time. This is a free service
    provided by Google and it works 24/7, even while
    youre asleep.
  • Your traffic quality will increase immediately.
  • Too many Shopify store owners give up on their
    stores for good, when in reality their store is
    perfect they just never managed to get the right
    people to see it! Dimitris will show you exactly
    how to go about getting your laser targeted
    demographic on to your site, so you can make a
    solid ROI on every click you get.
  • Your financial goals will be met.

  • All you need is just 30 days to see real results.
    Youve waited all your life, and there are
  • just 30 days left until you crack the code on
    Shopify. Can you wait that long?
  • Youll finally monetize Google ads like a pro
  • The reason most people never delve into Google
    ads is because theyre so costly, that a very
    high amount of people have actually lost a
    substantial amount of cash on wasted Google ads.
    If your traffic is running like a well-oiled
    mechanism, you get predictable results month
    after month. Let Dimitris show you how.
  • Youll never lose another site visitor ever again
  • Hell show you how to use a stupid-simple tactic
    called remarketing (aka retargeting) to
    bring people back to your site once theyve
    already left it. It converts like wildfire when
    done right, but you have to be careful with the
    steps you take to avoid losing money. Hell show
    you where the most common pitfalls are, and hell
    help you finesse your way around costly mistakes
    that you must know about.
  • Now lets hear what others have to say about
    Conversion Masters

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But Wait, Theyve Got Even More! If you thought
Conversion Masters couldnt get any better,
theyve got some limited- time bonuses for you
for being a fast-action taker! However, you must
act before this offer closes. Because once it
does, these bonuses will NOT be available
anymore. Exclusive Bonuses From Conversion
Limited Time Bonus 1 Dimitris Skiadas Google
Analytics Custom reports Feeling overwhelmed?
Don't want to go back and forth inside Google
Analytics to find what you are looking for? No
worries! Dimitris has created 10 ready made
custom reports ready to rock n roll inside your
Google Analytics account. 1- Click "installation"
and you'll be ready in less than 10
seconds. Mobile Conversion rate
report/E-commerce tracking report/ GeoLocation
report/ Traffic Sources custom report and many
others. Limited Time Bonus 2 Dimitris Skiadas
Must Have Tools Not Available Anywhere Else Not
really sure if you are tagging tracking
correctly your FB ads? Not sure how much money
you are making after ad spend, cost of goods and
other expenses? You 've run out of ideas on
interests to target? For once again they got you
covered. You will get access to their full
rolodex of tools they use in order to jump start
your business. Limited Time Bonus 3 VIP
Mastermind Access A jumpstart webinar and a
Private FB Group with Exclusive Training will be
provided for those who are among the first 100
to claim their access. Dont delay! A strict
limit on the number of seats will be enforced for
this fast-action bonus. Conclusion In summary,
I hope that all of the information in my
Conversion Masters Review can help you gain more
understanding about this product and then be able
to make a wise choice. However, in case you are
in need of any advice, please feel free to keep
in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you
for reading my Conversion Masters
Review. Goodbye, and see you again! GET
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