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ChitChatChimp Review-MEGA $22,400 Bonus & 65% DISCOUNT


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Title: ChitChatChimp Review-MEGA $22,400 Bonus & 65% DISCOUNT

ChitChatChimp Have you built a chatbot
yet? Chit Chat Chimp is a web based, intelligent
chat bot builder developed to help users to
create their own affordable chat bots in just
minutes with ZERO CODING required http//crownrev What Is
ChitChatChimp? Do you need visitor feedback?
Don't use a poll, use a bot... If you're an
affiliate, blogger or if you sell your own
products online, listen up because this will
show you how to get all the valuable feedback you
need from visitors and how to instantly turn
that feedback into revenue and money in the
bank! How does it work? Simply train your bot
to ask an opening question (the bot's greeting
message) like this "Thanks for visiting, what
topics should I write more about on my
blog?" Or. "What other types of products would
you like me to review for you?" However your
visitor responds, their answer will be saved to
your dashboard as an "unanswered" question - For
you that's INSTANT MARKET RESEARCH! To complete
the bot's set-up you simply set a fallback reply
(the response your bot gives when it doesn't
know the answer) to "Thanks I'll pass that
information on - Have a great day" That's it!
Collect all the info you need and it takes no
longer than 5 minutes to set everything
up. Cool Right? BUT WAIT A SECOND... Because
your bot is smart you can also train it to reply
to certain responses. So let's look at that same
conversation again BOT "Thanks for dropping
by, what topics should I write more about on my
  • YOUR READER "More on list building would be
  • BOT "Thanks for letting me know. You might like
    free report about list building (URL)"
  • Thanks to ChitChatChimp review, not only do you
    know what your readers are most interested in,
    but the next time someone responds that they want
    more on 'list building' your bot can instantly
    direct them to other posts, landing pages to grow
    your list and even paid offers relevant to their
    needs -
  • And at the same time you are increasing the
    levels of engagement and the value you provide
    to your visitors you are also monetize responses
    with links to paid products, affiliate offers or
    lead magnets to grow your list with.
  • If your visitors asks about a topic and you don't
    have any resources to recommend then it will
    revert to the fall back response and thank them
    for their feedback.
  • "Thanks I'll pass that information on"
  • If up to now you've been using survey forms or
    polls to gather market research then I'm
    guessing the light bulb just went off over your
    head about how much MORE POWERFUL Chit Chat
    Chimp is (and why it needs to be on your blogs
    and websites like yesterday)
  • Chit Chat Chimp is a web based, intelligent chat
    bot builder developed to help users to create
    their own affordable chat bots in just minutes
    with ZERO CODING required.
  • The platform is powerful and highly flexible
    which means users can create any kind of bot
    Bots to better support their customers, maximize
    engagement and drive higher sales conversions,
    gather feedback, even tutorial bots that can
    train their customers and visitors how to do
    specific tasks. All while saving the bot owner
    considerable time and expense!

  • Answer and handle any sales objections to boost
  • Upsell or cross-sell other products in your line
  • Provide custom recommendations to products or
  • Offer discount codes or remind prospects of sales
  • Support your customers and site visitors
    (reducing staffing costs and freeing up your
  • Gather visitor feedback and provide you with
    valuable insights
  • You could even build an entire new business
    around your bot, train it to teach
    members/visitors specific skills and answer their
    questions .

How Does ChitChatChimp Work? Special Features of
ChitChatChimp Super Easy To Create A Bot in less
than 5 minutes... With ZERO technical
skills! You'll simply 'fill in the blanks' choose
a suitable name and tag for your new bot, choose
the colors, pick or upload an avatar and set your
greeting message and common fall back responses
(if the bot can't answer a question) - It takes 5
minutes and your bot is ready to go!
Customize Your Bot With Built In Avatars,
Gravatar Integration Or Upload Your Own Images
Smarter Than Your 'Average' Bot... As your bot's
answer database grows your bot will grow smarter
too... They've built in a 'close match' question
algorithm that works behind the scenes to provide
answers to
question that are NOT already in your answer
database. If your bot doesn't have a pre-
programmed answer available it searches it's
answer database using this algorithm to find the
best match and provide an answer. When this
happens your bot will still save the question in
your 'unanswered questions' but it will tell you
it answered the question. You can then check if
the reply was good and if so hit the save
button, or you can edit the answer for all future
replies to that specific question. Running
MULTIPLE Bots While you could choose to train one
single bot to do everything in your business, you
can also create and train multiple bots
(depending on your account plan) to do
completely different things. For example one bot
for sales and another bot for training your
members. You can save separate answers for each
individual bot PLUS you can save common answers
for groups or all of your bots. Add Your Bot To
ANY Website, Blog or Store Once you have created
your bot adding it to your website is easy.
They'll supply you with a short snippet of code
to place in your page's code and that's it. You
can then edit the look and feel of your bot at
any time via your account dashboard and those new
changes will instantly appear where you placed
your bot (you won't need to touch the actual
page again).
Chat Jacking' Feature (unlimited accounts
only) As you've seen, adding a chat bot to your
site is straightforward... However what if you
could also add a chat bot onto ANY website? This
add-on has been the 1 most requested feature
from the smart affiliate marketing Pro's that
helped to form part of their beta testing team.
You could use this feature to have fun too, but
it does have a potentially highly profitable
purpose, especially if you regularly send traffic
to 3rd party sites from ads or affiliate links.
Remind visitors about your affiliate bonuses,
deadlines to buy and lots more! With the Chat
Jacking feature enabled you'll get a short link
to point your traffic towards. This serves the
3rd party site under your chat bot's overlay. You
simply add the URL you want to 'Chat Jack' and
include a page title then distribute your special
link. How It Works Now anyone can build an
amazing chat bot without knowledge of
programming! Now you know some of the amazing
ways Chit Chat Chimp can help you every day,
let's look at how it actually works. You see
until now creating a chat bot for a website has
been a cumbersome and technically frustrating
challenge involving complex coding and weeks or
even months of set up time. Chit Chat Chimp
eliminates all that! They've made the process of
making and customizing your bot point and click
simple and training it both fast and fun. Step
1 Pre-Load Some Questions Answers
Step 2 Your Live Bot's Incoming Questions
Step 3 Adding Multiple Replies To Questions
Why Should You Get ChitChatChimp Now ? For
support your bot's goal will be to reduce your
workload and keep your customers happy, so you
could teach your bot to answer common questions
like "How do I assemble this widget", "Where do
I access my product", "When will my package
arrive?", "How do I reset my password?", "Where
are the set up instructions?" On a sales page
your bot's mission could be to increase
conversions, so you teach it to answer common
pre-sales questions like "Does this product work
in X country?", "Do
  • you offer a guarantee?" or "How does your product
    compare against X competitors product?"
  • For market research and in instances where you
    simply want to understand your audience better,
    your bot could greet visitors with a question -
    Such as "What topic are you most interested in?"
    you'll get some great feedback for new product
    ideas and can further teach your bot to respond
    and make recommendations leading to sales.
  • ChitChatChimp makes it easy to create your own
    chat bot for both personal and commercial use,
    you can then add it to your website and provide
    your visitors with improved support, sales
    assistance or even just for entertainment.
  • And the cool thing is if you secure an account at
    ChitChatChimp today you'll benefit from
  • ZERO CHAT LIMITS - Your bots can have UNLIMITED
    monthly chats.
  • NO ANSWER LIMITS - No limits on how many answers
    you add to your bot.
  • NO TRICKY CODING - Create your first bot in just
    a few minutes.
  • LOWER PRICING - The low launch pricing ends soon.
  • Go build a bot - Your customers will thank you
    for it!
  • Conclusion
  • There's lots of reasons why you should act now
    during the launch and get a great deal... But
    the best reason to take action is because
    chatbots could be doing SO MUCH for your
  • Freeing Up Your Time
  • Saving You Money
  • Boosting Conversions
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Generating Revenue
  • And LOT'S more - Don't wait and miss out these