How to Setup Express VPN For Your Roku streaming player? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Setup Express VPN For Your Roku streaming player?


Today, in this Presentation, we will provide the steps to setup Express VPN for your Roku. Firstly, we want to tell you that Roku streaming stick doesn’t have in-built VPN or media streaming functionality. If you want to connect Roku with your VPN network, then you ought to configure your Roku on VPN enabled router. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Setup Express VPN For Your Roku streaming player?

How to Setup Express VPN For Your Roku?

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  • You will be required to link a Roku account with
    your home Wi-Fi router in order to start with the
    setup process, then follow the steps mentioned
    here in this Presentation
  • Here we want to mention that if you want to
    stream the contents that are being broadcasted on
    the US channels, then you will have to configure
    your device with the US based Roku account setup
    before initializing the setup process of
    configuring Router on Roku streaming stick.

Setting up your VPN-enabled router
  • Make sure that you are configuring your router
    according to the US server address because if you
    have setup your Roku according to the US based
    contents, then this also needs to be connected on
    same location IP addresses.
  • To start with the setup on your window PC, check
    whether your computer support creating a virtual
  • For this open the command window by typing cmd.
    Right click on this window and tap on run as
    administrator icon.
  • If you are using an old version of windows, then
    open my computer and right click on it.

Further steps to configure the VPN
  • If you see yes against the hosted network
    supported option, then your adapter can easily
    create a virtual router else update the drivers
    of your network adapter and try it again.
  • Now set up a VPN on your router by following the
    tutorials available on the official link of your
    router manufacturer.
  • You can easily find the steps to configure the
    VPN on VPN enabled router online.
  • Ensure that your Roku is properly setup according
    to the US contents and if you have already done
    with this step then skip this step. For more
    information related to setup, you can go to www
    Roku com link.

  • From your VPN connected computer, open the
    internet browser and type owner. Roku com link in
    the address bar and setup Roku account.
  • Click on United States when you are asked for
  • Enter the Zip code of United States in the next
    field. It is a five digit number available on the
  • Factory reset the Roku streaming stick by
    clicking on the reset button that is present on
    the back of your device.
  • Hold the reset button for 15 seconds then release
    it. If your Roku not working this time, then
    check the power cord of your device whether it is
    properly connected or not.

Starting with new login credentials
  • Once your Roku gets started, login to your Roku
    account with new login credentials.
  • If you are not able to login on this page, then
    go to www support Roku com link. The expert team
    members on this official page will guide you
    properly with concrete solution.

Connect Roku player with the virtual Router
  • To connect the Roku player with router, open the
    Roku home menu and tap on settings.
  • Go to Network menu.
  • Tap on wireless network. It may sometimes written
    as Wi-Fi in some devices.

Enter the password for virtual router
  1. Select virtual router from the list of
    available networks. You can change the name of
    your router any time.
  2. You are now required to enter the password for
    virtual router, then tap on connect.
  3. You are now connected to the VPN network. You can
    enjoy streaming contents through media streaming
    player. If you see Roku HDCP unauthorized content
    disabled on screen, then check the HDMI cable and
    connect it properly if you find it loose.

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