How AAC blocks manufacturers in India produce AAC blocks? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How AAC blocks manufacturers in India produce AAC blocks?


Though AAC blocks are produced in volume but each and every block is being tested individually. Modern AAC bocks manufacturers in India have now included advanced technology within the concerned process for developing improved blocks. Read more : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How AAC blocks manufacturers in India produce AAC blocks?

How AAC blocks manufacturers in India produce
AAC blocks?
  • AAC Blocks are currently in higher demands and no
    other construction materials can beat the same.
    These blocks can strengthen the base and spirit
    of any modern-day buildings. Construction quality
    and standard is now getting improved with the
    utilization of these kinds of durable blocks.
    They are completely eco-friendly causing no
    pollution at all. In fact, no after-construction
    wastes are being created by using these blocks.
  • AAC Blocks manufacturers in India are now putting
    all their efforts in minimizing both construction
    and environment costs and this is how great
    savings are being created. They usually aim in
    bringing an absolutely cleaner future ahead by
    implementing green technologies. In this way,
    delivery, performance and quality standards of
    infrastructural industry can be improved to a
    great extent.
  • There are many new brands that are developing AAC
    blocks for bringing a drastic change in the
    construction industry. AAC blocks can create
    concrete structures and this is why they are
    getting used for developing different kinds of
    buildings. These blocks can be easily joined with
    each other as a result of which the strictures
    can be developed with ease. They are not only
    strong but can also resist fire like anything and
    thus exposure towards fire accidents can be

How AAC blocks are getting created by Indian
  • The structures made from AAC bocks
    will never get deteriorated and this is being
    guaranteed by AAC blocks manufacturers in India.
    These manufacturers are now using the most
    advanced technology for adding more strength to
    AAC blocks. Few vital steps are being followed by
    these manufacturers for preparing AAC blocks.
  • First of all, necessary raw-materials need to be
    collected from the most reliable sources. Vital
    materials that are needed in this regard are
    cement, sand, limestone powder, aluminium powder,
    gypsum and others. All these materials need to be
    mixed with each other for developing concrete AAC
  • Specific proportions of the materials need to be
    maintained otherwise the best composition will
    not be created. The mixture volume needs to be
    decided on the basis of the block count and this
    thing should be considered by the manufacturer.
    Nowadays, the mixture is being created
    mechanically rather than manual efforts and this
    is why the production task is getting completed
  • AAC blocks are being thoroughly tested and
    verified after they are being produced. The
    strength and durability levels are to be checked
    in this respect so that high-quality can be
    easily maintained and the customers can receive
    the best products.
  • There are many manufacturers who make intricate
    researches for the sake of adding some concrete
    and innovative features to AAC blocks.
    Market-researches are needed for knowing the
    customers demands and the prevalent trend.
  • If you think that only mixing and dosing are
    enough for making AAC blocks then you are wrong
    as there are many more steps that are involved in
    the concerned manufacturing procedure. The blocks
    need to be casted well otherwise the frame cannot
    take concrete shape. In this stage final moulds
    are being created as per the requisite size,
    dimension and length. These moulds are created on
    the basis of accurate specifications. Green
    properties or elements should be preserved well
    otherwise the compactness of the bricks will not
    be maintained properly.
  • Bubble openings should be closed and the moulds
    should be dried thoroughly. The moulds can be
    either dried in a natural manner pr mechanical
    procedure can be applied. In this respect, it is
    very necessary for considering installation
    capacity otherwise the bocks cannot be settled
  • Defective moulds should not be discarded rather
    they are again put into processing so that they
    can be renewed. Cutting and demoulding are also
    the most important aspect of this procedure.
    Cutting wires are mainly used for maintaining the
    perfect shapes and sizes of AAC blocks. To be
    more precise, the shape of AAC blocks can be now
    easily maintained with cutting wires. Desirable
    thickness can be easily aintained and the
    concerned purposes will also get served in a
    proper manner. A specialized suction system is
    being used for removing crust from AAC blocks.
    After green-cakes being prepared they are being
    taken to the testing department for verification

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