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Rank Hijack review & Rank Hijack $22,600 bonus-discount


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Rank Hijack review & Rank Hijack $22,600 bonus-discount

Rank Hijack Traffic From Other Sites Authority
Zero Guess SEO And Ranking Rank Hijack is a
ground breaking SaaS that finds Niche Keyword
based 'parasite' sites that can be used to rank
quickly and easily in Google, leveling the
playing field for members... http//crownreviews
.com/rank-hijack-review-bonus/ What Is Rank
Hijack? The easiest way to convert traffic into
sales - in ANY market - is to put your offers in
front of people looking for a specific
solution. NOT with paid ads that try to convince
people why they need something... But simply by
presenting solutions to people that are looking
for them. Thanks to the power of online search
engines, its now easier than ever to find people
that want to buy what youre selling. But how do
you get that free traffic, when the engines are
dominated by authority websites with massive
credibility? BY DOING THIS! This little-known
secret is a way to hack traffic from top
authority sites and siphon those visitors
straight to your offers. You can get results in a
couple of days, targeted visitors that have
wallets out, ready to buy what youre
offering. 100 legal and ethical - its just a
method that most marketers have given up on,
because they thought it was impossible, but NOT
anymore. When your offers hit the top of the
search engine charts, you get all the free
traffic you can handle And it doesnt cost a
dime. Buyers on tap WITHOUT paying for
ads? Youve got to check this out. Rank Hijack
Rank Hijack is a ground breaking SaaS that finds
Niche Keyword based 'parasite' sites that can
be used to rank quickly and easily in Google,
leveling the playing field for
members... Heres What Rank Hijack Does In A
Nutshell. . . Rank Hijack is like an SEO
Crystal Ball which finds and filters highly
profitable ranking pages by criteria you
define. Why put tons of time and effort into
creating content and backlinks if you cant rank
for them in short order? Rank Hijack is YOUR
shortcut to top rankings and profits! Rank
Hijack locates powerful "Parasite SEO" properties
with high Authority in Google that can be
leveraged to rank quickly for buyer
keywords... Parasite SEO Properties are websites
that have high "Authority" in Google's algorithm
that also allow users to set up their own pages
that can then be used to target a niche or
specific keyword, effectively levelling the
playing field with the dominant high authority
sites. This is a tried and tested SEO tactic
that works as well now as it did 7 years ago and
isn't going away any time soon. These
properties can be used to get free targeted
traffic from Google, as well as to help increase
the rank of your own sites.
  • How Does Rank Hijack Work?
  • Special Features of Rank Hijack
  • To understand the power of Rank Hijack you have
    to know about the power of Parasite sites
  • Heres Why Parasites Are The Perfect Secret SEO
  • A big benefit of using parasites is you can throw
    backlinks at them at a high velocity without
    risking the dreaded Google Penguin penalty . . .
    which is a big reason why you can rank parasites
    much faster than your self-hosted pages.
  • However, its only the start of why top SEO
    experts love parasites.
  • Here are just a few reasons
  • Google Love Built-in trust/authority makes pages
    rank faster and easier than pages from
    non-authority sites

  • Faster Ranking You're able to rank pages faster
    and easier than with a totally new website
  • Simpler SEO You can focus on single page SEO,
    instead of building a huge site before your
    keywords are noticed
  • Easier Posts You dont need long, well-written
    content to rank your pages get easy traffic
  • Newbie It's a newbie friendly way to put up
    pages quickly, without messing with hosting or
  • More Traffic You can rank more than one parasite
    for the same keyword, dominating competitive
    keywords in your niche
  • How Rank Hijack Will Work For You. . .
  • Rank Hijack is an easy to use private search
    engine, that discovers profit-ready keywords and
    then uses that knowledge to tap into THEIR
    traffic source - redirecting the HYPER TARGETED
    traffic to your own webpages instead!
  • Option 1 Finding Ideas
  • If you're just looking for new ideas for niches
    to target then filtering Rank Hijack by high
    keyword count and low backlink count can uncover
    easy to target pages in niches/topics that you
    wouldn't have thought of uncovering golden
  • Option 2 Niche Targeting
  • For a specific niche/topic you can filter by the
    "Topic" and "Sub-Topic" data columns, and/or pop
    a keyword in to the field under the "Title"
    column header, this will filter the results down
    to all those that include the given keyword in
    the title of the page.
  • Heres why Rank Hijack is so powerful

Rank Hijack replaces a full team of researchers,
and its always working for you in the
background. To find you profitable keywords that
you can rank for free traffic. The massive
database is the engine. Every result inside is
PRE-QUALIFIED based on our strict standards for
buyer intent, quality of traffic and how easy it
is to outrank. Thousands of brand new,
pre-qualified buyer keywords are added EVERY 24
hours youll NEVER run out of search terms to
drive free traffic. This fully searchable
database includes filters that let you create
specialized traffic campaigns. Fully customize
YOUR Results based on
  • Search Volume How many people are actually
    looking for that keyword
  • Keyword Value So you can KNOW that your keyword
    will make you cash

  • Buyer Intent How likely your the searchers are
    to lead to a sale
  • Much More Including video age (for video-based
    parasite pages), how many backlinks there are as
    well as the backlining difficulty, so you can
    find the easy ones faster
  • Each result INCLUDES a backlink report to make it
    easy to copy the link structure of the existing
    ranked pages - or, as we like to call it YOUR

No more spending months to get your own pages to
rank - or wasting time going after keywords
which are nearly impossible to rank for. Get
complete confidence youve got a slam dunk in the
SERPs in the making before you write any content
or send any backlinks! Its as easy as putting up
your own version of a ranking parasite page with
more content than the original, and aim a few
backlinks at it And youll OUTRANK the current
page in a much shorter time frame than you ever
could starting with a brand new domain without
any authority. Rank Hijack brings back results
in a fully searchable database which can be
filtered by multiple criteria to suit your
needs. Ranking FAST and ranking EASY has never
been so simple before now! How It
Works Stealth SERP Takeover At Lightning
Speed Can your business wait months to produce
  • It can take months, even years, to rank your own
    pages for certain high-value keywords.
  • And its all too easy to pour money down the
    drain trying to make paid traffic work. Now you
    dont have to have a big paid traffic budget or
    wait for months to rank for your
  • keywords.
  • Parasites are the SEO easy button youve been
    waiting for.
  • In only 3 simple steps...
  • You can overtake an existing ranking parasite
    page in the SERPs with Rank Hijack
  • Step 1 Create an account on the same authority
    domain host
  • Step 2 Create the same kind of content as on its
    ranking parasite page
  • Step 3 See at a glance how many quality
    backlinks youll need to outrank the
  • original parasite page
  • https//youtu.be/FvLwqBatiTk
  • Who Should Use Rank Hijack
  • Rank Hijack is perfect for

By relying exclusively on paid traffic you pay a
double price. . . one in ad costs and the
other in conversions! Because paid traffic
doesnt convert nearly as well as search traffic
does. In fact, there is NO traffic which converts
better than traffic coming from organic
searches. People using search are actively
looking for solutions - solutions theyll GLADLY
pay for! No one logs onto Facebook purposely to
buy products (if they do, its typically
low-ticket impulse buys.) When you rank at the
top of the SERPs for keywords with commercial
intent, you almost CANT fail to make money . .
. and with Rank Hijack, youll know ahead of time
which keywords can be easily ranked for . . .
and also know exactly how many links youll need
to build to overtake your competitors parasite
pages. Especially since we hand you the ranking
and monetization strategies we use ourselves.
Another benefit to Rank Traffic is you can get
important social links from authority sites like
Facebook, Reddit, Rebelmouse to your own sites
pages as well. This gives you the important
social signals which help your own pages rank. So
Rank Tracker improves both your short AND long
term game. Rank Hijack Is Completely Newbie
Friendly If youre new to SEO, or new to making
money online, relax. Rank Hijack is ideal for
beginners - yet sophisticated enough for the most
discerning business owner. All the data you need
to find web pages you can easily outrank in the
SERPs is at your fingertips . . .and the user
interface is intuitive and easy to
understand. Imagine No more slaving for hours
over site design, hosting and setup. No more
spending months of link building before you rank
a self-hosted page. The beauty of Rank Hijack is
you can set your own search parameters with its
advanced filters. Youll be able to discover
possibilities for content placement you never
even knew existed before now. Youll never again
put up content or send links without having a
clue in advance if youll rank or not. Rank
Hijack finds pages you can easily overtake in the
SERPs. Follow the SEO Blueprint Im including at
no-extra-cost with Rank Hijack and you can be
absolutely sure you can outrank the other
ranking page. Now SEO is Simple. Effective.
Optimized for success before you start.
  • So dont believe the hype. SEO is alive and well,
    even though the rules have changed.
  • Become a rule-breaker today. Dominate the SERPs
    with Rank Hijack.
  • And get very special launch pricing if you act
  • Plus, whenever purchasing this product through my
    site, you will have an oppoturnity to claim all
    the bonuses below for you as an offer to sweeten
    the deal. All delivered in the members area.
  • Exclusive Bonuses From Rank Hijack
  • Rank Hijack SERP Domination Bonus Package
  • They not going to leave you on your own to figure
    out how to dominate with SEO and parasites. So
    theyre going to show you how to get tons of FREE
    traffic courtesy of Google!
  • Heres whats included in the package
  • SEO Blueprint training manual and videos - Get
    the same paint-by-numbers system they use to
    rank all of their sites. Theyll cover every
    aspect of dominating with SEO in these in- depth
    tutorials. Finally youll have the blueprint you
    need to get server-melting FREE traffic.
  • Rank Monetize - this training could be a
    complete product all on its own. Theyre going
    to uncover exactly how they rank pages and
    monetize them for FAST profits.
  • Bonus Package Value 127
  • Even though youll get this underground software
    and bonus package today at an insanely low
    introductory price. Theres something which may
    be holding you back from purchasing Rank Hijack

Top sources for killer backlinks and how you can
use them to jack up your SEO score!
Bonus 2 The Link Wheel System - 10 Video The
The Link Wheel System program will show you how
to create a network of sites that not only
boosts your money site higher in the search
engine rankings but also how to dominate the
search engine results.
Bonus 3 The Insiders Guide To Niche
Research Learn how you can find profitable
niches easily from tens of thousands out there
before you work in and make money from
them. Niche research is one of the most
important parts of Internet marketing. Far too
many people skip over this step or pick a niche
without researching it properly and then they
struggle to get it ranking and making money.
Bonus 4 25 Proven Traffic Methods
Videos Targeted website traffic is the best type
you can get. Here are 25 proven methods to get
targeted traffic to your website. In this
step-by-step 25-part video course you will get to
watch over my shoulder as I show you how to
create a proper plan of attack for your website
Bonus 5 Ultimate Link Building ebook Discover
how to build links to outrank your competitors
and get your site on the top of search engines
for more business. As with any successful
marketing effort, you need a strategy and
realistic goals. But before you embark on a link
building effort you should probably take time to
read and understand the many elements of a link
as used by search engines and how those same
elements factor into the valuing and weighing of
your links.
Bonus 6 Affiliate Authority ebook 10
Videos Learn how to get started as an affiliate
marketer and how to generate huge passive income
by selling other people's products. As an online
affiliate, you'll be selling products for
commission but you'll be doing it through the
web and you'll be letting your customers come to
you. You'll have any means necessary available
to you to achieve this with and you'll be able to
constantly tweak and improve the system you're
using to make sales. What's more, you can learn
from the advice and mistakes of others and in
some cases even use templates. In fact, you can
even outsource the marketing process!
Bonus 7 Niche Authority ebook 10
videos Picking the right niche is vital to your
online success. Learn how to find hot niche
markets and dominate the one you choose. By
definition, the word niche means A specialized
segment of the market for a particular kind of
product or service. This description makes sense
for a blogger too as it illustrates the fact
that this is at least partly a business decision.
Ideally, your niche should also
unveil a niche in the market - meaning that
you're meeting a demand that is as-yet
unfulfilled. Of course, this isn't something that
every 'niche' website needs to accomplish but as
you read on you'll see there are definitely some
parallels. Ideally your niche will also provide
you with access to some niches in the market.
Bonus 8 Surefire WP SEO - 8 videos Learn how
you can start ranking your WordPress site higher
on search engines and drive traffic to your site
consistently. There are two main parts when it
comes to driving traffic with search engines.
First of all is on-page optimization, which
basically means how you will make your website
more search engine friendly so they know exactly
what you are talking about. Second is off- page
optimization, and these things include social
backlinks of all sorts of types along with high
authority sites linking to you.
Bonus 9 Social Media Authority - 10 videos
Learn how to dominate the industry and build up
your social media authority across the most
popular social media platforms
Bonus 10 Affiliate Cash Mastery Private Label
Rights This is a brand new step by step video
training that reveals how to make affiliate cash
quickly and easily. You can use these videos in
anyway you wish to add value to your existing
products or even sell it for a fee. The choice
is completely yours.
Bonus 11 Embarrassing Niche Profits Private
Label Rights This is a brand new step by step
video training that reveals how to make insane
money from niche marketing. You can use these
videos in anyway you wish to add value to your
existing products or even sell it for a fee. The
choice is completely yours.
Bonus 12 Facebook Ad Secrets Private Label
Rights This is a brand new step by step video
training that reveals how to start tripping
targeted traffic to any where online on demand
using Facebook You can use these videos in
anyway you wish to add value to your existing
products or even sell it for a fee. The choice
is completely yours.
Bonus 13 Secret Instant Traffic Private Label
Rights This is a brand new step by step video
training that reveals the secret way to get
instant traffic today. You can use these videos
in anyway you wish to add value to your existing
products or even sell it for a fee. The choice
is completely yours.
Bonus 14 Solo Ad Secrets Private Label
Rights This is a brand new step by step video
training that reveals the secret to making big
with solo ads. You can use these videos in
anyway you wish to add value to your existing
products or even sell it for a fee. The choice
is completely yours.
Bonus 15 Traffic Exchange Mastery Private
Label Rights This is a brand new step by step
video training that reveals how to tap into the
traffic exchange trend. You can use these
videos in anyway you wish to add value to your
existing products or even sell it for a fee. The
choice is completely yours.
Conclusion Lifetime access to this game changing
software is yours for a very low fee, when you
act now. Dont delay, because the price is
jumping BIG TIME after launch. Where will you be
in 30 days if you dont act now? Paying too much
for ads? Frustrated your websites pages wont
budge in the search engine ranking positions?
Spending hours everyday building links? It
doesnt have to be this way with Rank Hijack. Act
now to claim your copy of Rank Hijack . . . and
lock in special launch savings. This
breakthrough software is currently available at
its lowest price - but the cost increases
significantly after launch, so take action now!
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