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What is correct format of a manuscript


This presentation is about correct format of a manuscript and why you need to format it right. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is correct format of a manuscript

What Is Correct Format Of A Manuscript
What is manuscript typing?
  • Manuscript typing is a hand written document,
    without using mechanic printing or typing that is
    done with some kind of computer. Before invention
    of printing machines, all written documents (or
    any kind of book or notes) were manuscripts.

What is manuscript typing?
  • When we are speaking about manuscript typing
    there is not universal definition for which kind
    of documents manuscripts are for they can be
    used for all kind of writing text, mathematical
    formulas, drawings etc.

Manuscript typist
  • Manuscript typist is a person/artist that is
    responsible for manuscript job. They can create
    manuscripts from different type of inputs, some
    of them are handwritten version, a typescript or
    audio tapes.
  • Professional typist of manuscript usually charge
    manuscripting per page.

Manuscript typist
  • Some of the most important rules and standards
    that typist that is providing typist services
    should provide are
  • To be very accurate, always on time, affordable
    prices, free proofreading and in any case of not
    delivering agreed quality there should be money
    back guarantee.

Manuscript typing services
  • There are various manuscript typing services.
    Nowadays they are usually divided on traditional
    and modern manuscript services.

Manuscript typing services
  • Some of the most usual typing services
    (traditional and modern ones) are
  • Handwriting Retyping, PDF to Word conversion,
    JPEG/PNG to word retyping, PDF to Excel
    translation, Translation services, Data Entry
    Assistance, Secretary Services, Manuscript
    Critique, Free Sample Edit, Manuscript,
    Manuscript, Script Editing, Query Package,
    Manuscript Proofreading and Query Package Bundle,
    Ebook Editing, Ebook Proofreading, Ebook

Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
Before sending your manuscript there should be
sent some kind of manuscript sample to potential
agents or publishers, there are some rules that
you should follow. 1) Write every idea there
should be included all ideas that you have as a
typist. Dont bother yourself if some ideas will
not be in final manuscript because final
adjustments are about to come later.
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
2) Write clearly being understandable is one of
the most important things. If you write even the
best possible idea, but you are not capable to
present it in a best possible way that idea is
useless. So you should alse put an extra effort
in presenting your idea in a good way. 3) Be
extensive Try to be detailed about your idea
in the beginning stages it is important to give
as much as details as possible. Later, you can
work more on making them more concrete. Those
three things are really important when we are
speaking about format of a manuscript in early
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
Also, depending on a type of a document that you
are manuscripting, there are some of accepted
format for manuscripts (for professional
typist).A lot of students in universities such as
Harvard , Yale and Barkeley using manuscript
typing because of lots of conspects they need to
write everyday.
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
space between paragraphs there should be no
extra line space align  Usually it should be
aligned left page numbering  every actual story
should begin with number (and not on a page
title) scene breaks  Insert a blank line to
indicate scene breaks and also center sing in
the line (note this as well in manuscript sample
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
page header  Put your last name, title (or
keywords from the manuscript title) and the page
number in the page header of every page except
for the title page. chapters every chapter
should begin on new page end  Sign should be
in a blank line or end should be indicated with
The End
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
italics  for italicized words it should be used
italic (before it was a custom to underline those
type of words) character spacing  Use one space
(not two) between two sentences. In manuscript
typing, using spaces is really important.
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
Format of a manuscript title page, there are
several things to be included contact info
contact info should be close to the top of the
page, including relevant information (name, phone
number, e-mail address) . title and author
 full manuscript title should be somewhere about
half of the way to the end of the page
Formatting Submitting Your Manuscript
agent  It should be included agents name (if
there is an agent that is part of manuscript
typing services) page header  Header should not
be included in first page subgenre  If there is
need for subgenre (which is also depending on a
main genre) it can be included
Usual questions
How long the process of manuscript takes
time? This is really subjective and it can be
really different from typist to typist. When
setting a deadline there are a lot of things to
think about and also person who is giving a
manuscript request should be aware that
manuscripting is certainly not as fast as
computer typing. In Ohio University professors
ask students to type their manuscrips to economy
the paper.
Usual questions
What if customer is not satisfied? First of all,
this kind of dissatisfaction should be regulated
with expectations that are set at the beginning
of a contract (or starting a job). If however
this happens manuscript typist should go through
the thing that should be better and put a
customer at the first place. Here is one
interesting book , where you could find a lot of
interesting information about manuscript typing.
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