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Digital Marketing Course, Training, Institute in Janakpuri, Dwarka, Uttam Nagar


Sit hub is experienced digital marketing Course in provider Delhi. We are proven to be the best training hub in uttam nagar, najafgarh, janakpuri, vikaspuri, nawada, Delhi, India More info: Address: First floor of bikaner sweet, Main Matiyala Road Uttam Nagar, Nearby Nawada Metro Station, pillar no-722. Contact us:+91-11-65178885 / 7210018919 State:Delhi Country: India – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Digital Marketing Course, Training, Institute in Janakpuri, Dwarka, Uttam Nagar

What is Digital Marketing ? Digital marketing is
the promotion of products or brands via one or
more forms of electronic media and differs from
traditional marketing in that it involves the use
of channels and methods that enable an
organization to analyze marketing campaigns and
understand what is working and what isnt
typically in real time.
Digital Marketing Tools 
Organic Social Media Paid Social Media Email
Marketing Display Retargeting Programmatic
Advertising Website Testing Video Hosting Con
tent Creation Content Curation Website
Analytics Customer Service Search Engine
Optimization Affiliate Marketing
What is SEO ? SEO stands for search engine
optimization. It is the process of getting
traffic from the free, organic, editorial
or natural search results on search engines.
Organic Social Media ?
Getting your content noticed is harder than ever
now that social media advertising has
become really big business. Optimizing for Face
book news feed, using video and reacting in
real-time are now required tactics for successful
social media marketers. But keeping up with
organic social is marketing departments
equivalent of unfunded mandates. 
Paid Social Media
In the first chapter we talked about ways you can
use paid social media to build your social
communities and followings. In this chapter were
going to share key strategies you can use to grow
your traffic by marketing your blog posts through
paid social media.
Paid Social Media Tools
Social media sites arent just great for
organically reaching and engaging with your
customers theyre also effective for paying to
promote your brand to large groups of active
users. The major social networks have so much
data on their users that targeting can become
extremely granular and effective, which makes
social an ideal place to pay for impressions.
Email Marketing Tools
The first email was sent way back in 1971, so
its kind of strange to think of how big a part
email still plays in our online marketing
strategies. But even though it may be one of the
oldest marketing channels, it is by no means one
of the most ineffective. In fact, it was
predicted that email marketing would be the top
target for increased investment in 2015, which is
why you should look into email marketing software
for your business.
Display Retargeting Tools
Have you ever gone to a website, left without
purchasing anything, only to be followed around
by that companys advertisements all around the
web? These are retargeting ads, and even if you
havent heard of them theres a good chance that
youve been targeted by them in the past. This
channel is incredibly efficient for getting
customers back to your site to make a purchase or
become a lead.
Programmatic Advertising Tools
Programmatic advertising refers to the use of
software to automate the purchase of media
from both online and offline channels. Two of the
largest benefits of using programmatic media
buying solutions are that you can reduce the time
you spend finding the best networks to advertise
on, and you gain access to the plethora of data
that most of these companies have access to.
Website Testing Tools
The smallest changes can make the biggest
differences when it comes to getting people to
convert on your landing pages. Changing the color
of your call-to-action button can spell the
difference between getting someone to start a
free trial of your product, and bouncing from
your site. Thats why its important to use
website testing tools to constantly innovate your
Video Hosting Sites
It seems like video has recently become the next
big content powerhouse brands are taking
advantage of, and with so much effort needed to
create videos its important to make sure you get
as many eyeballs on them as possible. A solid way
to do that is to host them on some of the popular
video sites which draw in large crowds of viewers.
Content Curation Tools
We constantly need to fill our content
calendars if were going to satiate the growing
need to share actionable insights with our fans
and followers. However, we dont always have the
time to put together something unique for every
post we create. Thats why its good to have some
content cur a t i on tools on hand to help you
fill up those lulls in your calendar.
Website Analytics Tools
Many tools out there come with their own
performance analytics. For instance, Sprout
Social has social media analytics that show how
your content performs on a variety of social
platforms. However, its important to keep an eye
on the data about events that actually take place
on your website.
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Customer Service Tools
More than ever before customers are turning to
online channels to reach out to brands with their
inquiries and complaints. If youre not there to
engage with these customers it reflects poorly on
your brand, and you could lose their business
forever. Try one of these customer service tools
to streamline your customer service process and
to ensure youre responding to all of your
inbound messages.
Affiliate Marketing Tools
Affiliate marketing is the idea of having regular
people advocate your brand to drive sales all
you have to do is pay them a percentage of every
sale that they generate. Its an effective
channel because people tend to trust friends and
brand advocates more than they trust a company
when it comes to selling. Plus, you only pay for
the sales that they generate.
Get out there and start some free trials!
Companies these days dont typically ask for too
much information for you to get into the
platform. And who knows, you may end up finding
the cost is worth the time you savewe know wed
be lost without Sprout Social.
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