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Convert and Burn Xvid Videos to DVD with DVD Burner


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Title: Convert and Burn Xvid Videos to DVD with DVD Burner

Convert and Burn Xvid Videos to DVD with DVD
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  • You have some movie files encoded with XviD video
    codec and you may want either free or paid
    software to help you burn XviD videos to DVD disc
    so that you could be able to play movies on DVD
    player or share video clips freely. However, you
    may come across various problems, like quality
    loss, XviD to DVD converting software, system and
    hardware requirements, etc. Thats why you have
    come to this tutorial.
  • So, what would this tutorial do for you? This
    guide tries to take you through the process of
    converting XviD videos to DVD-Video with
    professional XviD to DVD converter and detailed
    steps, accompanied with some basic information
    about XviD video codec and XviD to DVD converter
    tools. This guide is actually not just for DivX
    or XviD to DVD burning, but should work for other
    video to DVD converting and burning, like MP4 to
    DVD, MKV to DVD, WMV to DVD, etc.
  • Part 1 About XviD Video Code
  • Part 2 Preparation for Burning XviD Video to DVD
  • Part 3 6 XviD to DVD Converter Software
  • Part 4 Burn XviD to DVD Guide

Part 1 About XviD Video Codec
  • XviD is the name of a popular new video codec
    being developed as an open source project by
    volunteer programmers from all over the world.
    The format was created to offer a free
    alternative to other commercial video codecs, and
    despite being open source its quality and
    efficiency has made it one of the most popular
    video codecs online. While XviD still isnt as
    widely used as the DivX codec, playback of XviD
    movies is usually supported in new DVD player
    programs nowadays.
  • The XviD codec makes it possible to compress a
    full-length DVD-quality movie enough to fit on a
    single CD (might require 2 CDs depending on the
    length of the movie), while still maintaining the
    original image quality. Despite the fact that
    XviD movies offer higher quality video at smaller
    file sizes they take less time to encode than
    MPEG-2 due to the incredible compression
    technology. The video is usually combined with
    MP3 or AC3 audio to enable both high quality
    video and audio. These factors and the fact that
    the codec is distributed for free has contributed
    to the success of the format.
  • The extensions of XviD video code files are .avi,
    .mkv, .mp4, etc. However, it should be noted that
    the video and audio codec of a file couldnt be
    recognized only through the file extension. An
    AVI extension movie might come with DV code, XviD
    code or other codes, while its audio code might
    be PCM, AC3 or MP3.

  • By converting XviD to DVD or burning XviD to DVD,
    you could also play XviD video on DVD player. You
    should understand that all of the most common
    video formats, including MPEG-2 (used with
    DVD-Video discs, digital TV and SVCDs) and MPEG-4
    (used by DivX and XviD) are so-called lossy
    formats, which lose quality and the lost quality
    couldnt be reversed after conversion or burning.
    It means that even when your DivX/XviD movie has
    been originally taken from the DVD-Video source,
    it wont be the same quality when converted again
    to a DVD-Video source. Actually, the resulting
    DVD-Video made from the DivX/XviD will have
    slightly worse picture quality than the DivX/XviD

Part 2 Preparation for Burning XviD Video to DVD
  • Though video quality might get reduced, sometimes
    its necessary to convert XviD to DVD and burn
    XviD video to DVD for multiple uses. Obviously,
    to get XviD videos converted to DVD disc or other
    DVD files, its not enough to get source XviD
    videos only. You need to get the below things all
    prepared before you can convert XviD to DVD,
  • Hardware DVD burner (also known as DVD recorder
    drive, or DVD optical drive that supports writing
    files onto DVD disc).
  • Blank and writable DVD-R/DVDR discs to write
    XviD videos (both single layer and double layer
    disc of DVD-9/DVD-5 are OK, depending on the
    space of your source files).
  • Software DVD burner, the tool that could help you
    author and burn XviD to DVD disc, just like
    Windows DVD Maker and iDVD.
  • Source XviD video files. (Note Source XviD files
    might come with extension of .mp4, .avi, .mkv,
    etc. Theres no saying of .xvid file.)
  • Make sure your computer get enough storage if you
    need to burn XviD to DVD folder or create ISO
    image file from XviD files for later re-authoring
    to DVD disc.

Part 3 6 XviD to DVD Converter Tools
  • DVD Creator
  • DVD Creator is a practical DVD maker software
    program that enables you to create DVD from
    video, audio and image files, allowing you to add
    disc menu and edit source video/audio/image files
    via the internal editor. You could create DVD-9
    or DVD-5 disc in either PAL or NTSC according to
    your region. It accepts videos and audios in all
    formats. Learn More

  • DVD Flick
  • DVD Flick aims to be a simple but at the same
    time powerful DVD Authoring tool. It can take a
    number of video files stored on your computer and
    turn them into a DVD that will play back on your
    DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. You
    can add additional custom audio tracks, subtitles
    as well as a menu for easier navigation.

  • DVDStyler
  • DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring
    application for the creation of
    professional-looking DVDs. It allows not only
    burning of video files on DVD that can be played
    practically on any standalone DVD player, but
    also creation of individually designed DVD menus.
    It is Open Source Software and is completely free.

  • Windows DVD Maker
  • Windows DVD Maker is a feature you can use to
    make DVDs that you can watch on a computer or on
    a TV using a regular DVD player. The quickest way
    to make a DVD is to add pictures and videos in
    Windows DVD Maker, and then burn your DVD. If you
    want to get creative, you can customize the DVD
    menu style and text before you burn the DVD.

  • DeVeDe
  • DeVeDe is a Linux-only DVD authoring solution
    that requires a minimal amount of dependencies to
    do its job. Outside of the GUI dependencies,
    DeVeDe requires Mplayer, Mencoder, FFMpeg,
    DVDAuthor, VCDImager, and Mkisofs. DeVeDe
    features include Create DVD, VCD, SVCD, China
    Video Disks, MPEG-4 ASP output to images or
    video formats, subtitles, audio shift, basic
    video editing (rotation, deinterlacing, etc), and
    more. DeVeDe supports a large range of formats
    and automatically converts source material to
    DVD-compatible formats.

  • iDVD
  • If you run on a Mac, iDVD is the best DVD
    authoring software for you. It comes free on most
    Macs with the iLife suite. The program is
    intuitive and offers loads of DVD menu templates
    and themes for selection. One flaw of iDVD is it
    only supports a few media formats like QuickTime
    VR, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2, Flash, etc. So if you want
    to burn AVI, WMV, etc. to DVD using iDVD, you may
    fail. Though Apple dropped support for iDVD since
    Mac OS 10.7, its still available in iLife suite
    on Amazon and other stores.

  • Conclusion Most of the abovementioned DVD
    authoring apps are well enough for you to convert
    and burn Xvid video and other videos to DVD disc.
    However, the little differences lie in the system
    compatibility, formats supported, disc menu
    inserting, and program performance. DVD Flick and
    DVDStyler have been dis-upgraded for a long time,
    while Windows DVD Maker and DeVeDe are not
    available for latest Windows OS. iDVD is not
    included in the latest Mac OS either. DVD Creator
    from Leawo Software has both Mac and Windows
    versions to burn and convert video to DVD format
    with wonderful quality.

Part 4 How to Convert XviD to DVD Guide
  • As a professional and top-rated XviD to DVD
    converter program, Leawo DVD Creator allows you
    to freely convert and burn videos of up to 1080
    formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc.
    to DVD disc, folder or/and ISO image file on your
    computer in several simple clicks and high speed.
    It has both Windows and Mac versions, applicable
    to most operating systems for widely using. The
    below guide would show you detailed steps on how
    to convert and burn XviD to DVD with this DVD

  • How to Burn XviD to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator?
  • Download and install Leawo DVD Creator on your
    computer. As described in Part 2, get all things
    required ready for burning. If you need to burn
    and convert XviD video to DVD disc, insert
    prepared DVD disc into the DVD recorder drive.
    Then, launch Leawo DVD Creator and follow the
    below steps to burn Xvid to DVD on your computer.

Part 5 Burn XviD to DVD Tutorial Video
For more details, welcome to visit
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