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Story Of A Lyme Disease Patient Living In Australia


One of the worst things associated with Lyme disease is that it’s hard to diagnose. Many people (including doctors) don’t have much knowledge about Lyme disease in Australia. You need to visit an experience, if you develop Lyme disease symptoms. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Story Of A Lyme Disease Patient Living In Australia

Story Of A Lyme Disease Patient Living In
Dr. Peter Dobie
Lyme disease cases are on a rise in Australia,
but many people are still unaware or have little
knowledge about this illness. Lets read a story
of a Lyme disease patient, who also faced a
situation where doctors were unable to identify
that he was suffering from Lyme disease.
Matthews Lyme Disease Story I live in
Australia and Lyme infection just changed my
life. It removed whole nutrition benefits from my
eating routine. It created agony and weariness so
persevering that I limited my life to the basic
needs (like working all day and doing essential
house chores), and later ignored those relying
upon how terrible I felt.   Suffering from Lyme
is like been affected by flu throughout the
day, consistently. It devastated my body, making
such high amounts of inflammation that my body
was always feeling hurt, burned, numb, and
tingled throughout the day. My body temperature
was also dropped due to this illness.
  • Lyme took on my psyche, as well. On the awful
    days, I failed to recall that where streets I
    regularly you to travel went. Some funny (scary)
    things I did were
  • Left my car running with the keys inside and went
    to the supermarket.
  • At an airport, I took my travel bag from sensors
    where only people were allowed.
  • Find difficult to do even small calculations to
    help my kid with homework.
  • Left the tap open after washing my hands, and
    this happened most of the times.

Step by step, this illness transformed me into a
person I never anticipated that would be me in my
life. And then, at a point in life I realised
that Im suffering from chronic illness and this
was the lifestyle I adapted.   Many years passed
and I didn't even know the name of chronic
illness I was suffering from. Now I think that
the tingling and numbness feeling was the dawn of
this problem. Numerous tests failed to indicate
anything. One doctor thought that I was suffering
from diabetes, despite the fact that my sugar
levels were well inside the normal range. I
simply chose to disagree with the doctor, and I
knew I was right.
I became sicker gradually throughout the
following three years. I looked for treatments
for the occurrences of mysterious rash, extreme
fatigue, food allergies, the killing pain in
joints, and the never-ending low level fever.   I
underwent expensive tests recommended by doctors,
which come either normal or negative. Sometimes,
I felt so wrecked emotionally, physically and
financially that I decided to give up everything
and run away. Then, the things become even worse
as I suffered from extreme pain, fatigue and
gastrointestinal problems.
Then, my life took another U-turn, when I visited
an experienced doctor in Sydney. He did some
test, analysed my medical history and told me
that Im suffering from Lyme disease. He started
my Lyme disease treatment and I had positive
results within a week. I felt more lively and
healthy within a month. My body started reacting
to the Lyme disease treatment offered by that
expert doctor and soon I was fully fit.
Now, I have joined college in Australia back
again (I left because my performance was severely
hurt by Lyme) to get my degree. My life is back
on the right track again. I shared my story
because I dont want anyone else to go through
the same what I did. Remember, only visit expert
doctors, if you think that youre suffering from
a chronic illness.
Address Pymble Grove Health Centre, 11/924
Pacific Highway, Gordon 2072, Sydney
(Australia) Email   Teleph
one (02) 9418 1388   Fax (02) 9418 1418