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In this presentation you will find most recent news related to NASA which are published on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: News About NASA

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Rare comet will be visible from Earth for first
time NASA
  • A rare comet discovered by NASA scientists will
    be visible using just binoculars to skywatchers
    on Earth this week for the first time, before the
    object heads back into outer reaches of the solar
    system for an orbit lasting thousands of years.
  • The comet, C/2016 U1 NEOWISE, "has a good chance
    of becoming visible through a good pair of
    binoculars, although we can't be sure because a
    comet's brightness is notoriously unpredictable,"
    said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA's Centre for
    Near-Earth Object (NEO) Studies at the Jet
    Propulsion Laboratory in the US.

NASA image shows Saturn's north pole basking in
  • NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured a stunning
    image of Saturn, showing the whole northern
    region of the ringed planet bathed in sunlight.
  • The image from late 2016 obtained at a distance
    of about 1.2 million kilometres from Saturn shows
    a hexagon-shaped jet-stream which is fully
  • The planet appears darker in regions where the
    cloud deck is lower, such the region interior to
    the hexagon, NASA said.
  • Mission experts on Saturn's atmosphere are taking
    advantage of the season and Cassini's favourable
    viewing geometry to study this and other weather
    patterns as Saturn's northern hemisphere
    approaches Summer solstice.

Top trends in the technology space in 2016
  • The year 2016 has been a packed year when it
    comes to technology, with some of the biggest
    trends emerging out of India. From a 20 billion
    investment on setting up a 4G network to Aadhaar
    now becoming part of the billion club that only
    companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and
    Microsoft have been members of.
  • Here are the top 10 technology trends for the
    year gone by
  • A Billion Aadhaar
  • Year of Make in India for phones
  • Google becomes a hardware maker
  • Reusable rockets
  • Reliance Jio

Top trends in the technology space in 2016
  • Year of self-driving
  • Uber out of China
  • Drone deliveries
  • Google WiFi at Indian train stations
  • ISRO goes private

Five important technological breakthroughs in
  • The digital and technology space is changing at
    such a rapid space that it's easy to get lost in
    the sea of new developments. However, there are
    some disruptions that leave an indelible mark and
    make a great impact in our lives. Business
    Standard takes a look at five such technological
    breakthroughs in 2016
  • The concept of AI has been there for a long time.
    What speeded up RD in this field is the increase
    in computing power of systems and advancement in
    AI research. Instead of programming everything a
    computer has to do, researchers fed large amount
    of data into the system and got the computer to
    figure out how to get the result with the given
    inputs. In March 2016, Google's AlphaGo, a
    computer algorithm, beat world champion Lee Se-do
    in the ancient Chinese board game of Go. The
    event was significant because the game involves
    moves based on intuition. This year AI entered
    the mainstream, already giving a taste of its
    power through chatbots and personal
    assistants. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg built
    his own a home Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    assistant called Jarvis, which can perform tasks
    like switching lights on and off, identifying
    people at the door, playing music, preparing
    toasts, scheduling etc. Although at the
    experimental stage, the AI is coming to home
    sooner than though with other products like
    Amazon's Echo and Google's Google Home.