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HIS 301 - HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz Assignments on Studentwhiz


Discover new skills & ideas with Studentwhiz smart online courses HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz Assignments uop, HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz solutions and HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz questions papers with 100% correct answers available on (University of Phoenix) USA.. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: HIS 301 - HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz Assignments on Studentwhiz

HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz
University of Phoenix, Arizona
  • HIS 301 Week 3 Quiz
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  • Is the federal government obligated to avoid
    denying persons the equal protection of the law?
    Why or why not?
  • No, because the federal government does not have
    a history of discrimination
  • Yes, because the Fifth Amendment Due Process
    Clause contains this obligation
  • Yes, because its the right thing to do
  • No, because the equal protection clause only
    applies to the states
  • Who was primarily responsible for drafting the
    Bill of Rights? 
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison(pg 312)
  • Thomas Paine

  • Under most domestic search warrants what legal
    standard must be established before a warrant
    will be issued?
  • Probable cause
  • Reasonable cause
  • Certiorari
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • The right to a fair trial in federal cases stems
    from what constitutional source? 
  • The Fourth Amendment Speedy Trial Clause
  • The Sixth Amendment Fair Trial Clause
  • The Fifth Amendment Just Hearing Clause
  • The Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause (493)

  • According to the readings, which of the following
    provisions has not been formally applied to the
  • Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination
  • First Amendment right to peaceably assemble
  • Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual
  • Fifth Amendment right to a grand jury indictment
    in felony cases
  • Which of the following rights within the Bill of
    Rights officially has not been incorporated and
    applied to the states through the Fourteenth
  • The right against double jeopardy
  • The right to a grand jury indictment
  • The right to counsel
  • The right to a trial by jury in felony cases

  • How many amendments were originally proposed and
    submitted to Congress as the initial draft of the
    Bill of Rights?
  • 12
  • 15
  • 8
  • 10
  • The United States Supreme Court decision that
    requires prosecutors to turn over any evidence
    that tends to show the innocence of the defendant
  • Gideon v. Wainwright
  • Santobello v. New York
  • Brady v. Maryland (527)
  • Batson v. Kentucky

  • Currently, how many amendments have been added to
    the Constitution?
  • 26
  • 19
  • 10
  • 27 (27 as 314 states that 17 additional amendment
    are added)
  • Prior to 1954, if a state wanted to enact a
    program that separated individuals based on their
    race, but still provide both sets of persons
    equal services, what would the government have to
    demonstrate for this program to be deemed
  • it was rationally related to a legitimate
    governmental interest
  • it was necessary to promote a compelling
    governmental interest
  • there was only minimal state action involved
  • it was substantially related to an important
    governmental interest

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