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Natural Ways To Detoxify Liver And Boost Overall Health In A Safe Manner


This power point presentation describes about Natural Ways To Detoxify Liver And Boost Overall Health In A Safe Manner – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Natural Ways To Detoxify Liver And Boost Overall Health In A Safe Manner

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Natural Ways To Detoxify Liver
Other than alcohol - auto immune diseases,
exposure to chemicals or toxins, diseases of
parasitic worms, medication and certain other
non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases can raise
liver-based life threatening complications. Poor
liver function reduces insulin secretions and
causes osteoporosis (as it changes the metabolism
of vitamin D and calcium).
Natural Ways To Detoxify Liver
Poor liver function can cause liver failure,
increase blood pressure of the veins which
carries blood to the liver, build up fluids in
abdomen cavities, cause infections in the
abdominal cavities and damage nervous system and
the brain (mostly by toxin accumulation in the
Livoplus Capsules
Natural ways to detoxify liver involve the
methods to treat underlying cause of the damage
by making changes in lifestyle or eating habits,
avoiding alcohol and avoiding harsh medications
(e.g. beta blockers, non-steroidal anti
inflammatory chemicals, sedatives, opiates).
Natural ways to detoxify liver provided by
Livoplus capsules involve a proper set of
ingredients to get rid of a number of digestive
disorders and cleanse the liver from toxins and
Ingredients In Livoplus Capsules
E.g. Cichorium Intybus, one of the herbs in the
cure, was reported (by European monograph) to be
a supportive of digestive functions where it
helped in reducing the feeling of abdominal
fullness, problem of slow digestion, flatulence
and temporary loss of appetite. The roots of the
herb can cure a number of ailments, gallstones,
sinus, gastroenteritis and bruises. Commercially,
it is used in many herbal liver formulations to
boost overall health.
Ingredients In Livoplus Capsules
Cichorium Intybus water extract was tested on
rats where its regulated dose could reduce the
level of alanine transaminase, aspartate
transaminase and urea, and increased the level of
tissue glutathione. It caused a marked reduction
in the number of inflamed liver cells and
prevented toxicity induced by galactosamine. It
was even effective in reducing liver toxicity and
the treatment with the herbal formulation did not
show any fat accumulation or necrosis.
Ingredients In Livoplus Capsules
Livoplus capsules contain various other herbs
such as Solanum Nigrum, Terminalia Arjuna,
Boerhaavia Diffusa, Tinispora Cordifolia, Eclipta
Alba, Phyllanthus Emblica, Phyllanthus Niruri,
Terminalia Chebula, Plumbago Zeylanica etc.
Solanum Nigrum is widely used to get rid of
toxicity from body.
Ingredients In Livoplus Capsules
Terminalia Arjuna was tested in laboratory where
its water extract was able to reduce the
biomarker of oxidation induced by pro oxidative
agent e.g. TERT (by more than 60 percent) to
boost overall health. The intake of the herb
significantly prevented the rise of GPT and
normalized ALP. This could increase hepatic
levels of antioxidants to the control levels or
Ingredients In Livoplus Capsules
Terminalia Arjuna was able to reduce toxic
effects - oxidation caused by chemicals e.g.
cadmium, arsenic, adriamycin and the potency was
more than vitamin C in many conditions due to the
presence of arjunolic effects. Terminalia Arjuna,
Phyllanthus Emblica and Terminalia Chebula
together provide natural ways to detoxify liver
and enhance metabolism in a safe way.
Ingredients In Livoplus Capsules
Phyllanthus Emblica is widely used in ayurvedic
cures to lower liver cholesterol and
triglycerides. Tests showed it (amount 40 mg per
kg) could reduce 10 mg per kg (cholesterol) over
100 days of use in rats. It outperforms vitamin C
in many of its effects. It can promote protection
to liver to boost overall health and provide
improvement in condition in acute case of liver
injury in both aging and young rats.
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