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Everything you wanted to know about vitiligo


Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition marked by white depigmented patches that develop and enlarge in the certain section of the skin. Know more about vitiligo and it's causes, treatment, and symptoms here. For more information visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Everything you wanted to know about vitiligo


What is Vitiligo?
  • Vitiligo is a disease of skin pigments called
    melanin. It is a disease where there is a loss of
    skin pigment or color, which could be due to
    various reasons. Vitiligo affects about 2 of
    world population and close to 8 of Indian and
    Mexican population. Vitiligo is not a serious
    disease, medically speaking. It has more social
    significance than medical importance, as it does
    not cause any major harm to the body.
    Cosmetically and personally, it can affect lives
    of the suffers especially in those society, where
    color of skin is given importance specially
    among brown and dark skin people.
  • In simple words, vitiligo is caused by one or two
    of the following processes
  • Melanin cell destruction, leading to loss of
    color on skin, leading to white patches of
  • Defective process of melanin formation, hence, no
    skin color formation
  • The exact cause for above processes remain
    unknown. There are some theories which are
    considered responsible for the above processes in
  • To know more about Vitiligo visit here

Causes of Vitiligo
  • Vitiligo is a disease of which the exact cause is
    not fully understood. However, there is
    increasing understanding about the processes
    involved in the development of Vitiligo. In most
    cases there are multiple causes responsible for
    vitiligo. However, there are theories suggesting
  • Autoimmune links The cells fighting among
    themselves leading to destruction of the melanin,
    is one of the reasons. There are other
    immunological factors as well. One of the studies
    has suggested role of some neuropeptide (NYP)
    which may damage melanin. Such neuropeptide may
    be released in response to skin injury or
    emotional stress again suggesting a combination
    of causative factors.
  • Hormonal connections Affection of certain
    hormones such as Thyroid hormones or Melanocyte
    Stimulating hormone may be responsible for
    vitiligo. Also, simultaneous occurrence of
    vitiligo and other hormonal disorder suggest
    underlying genetic factor.
  • Genetic tendencies
  • Neural theory
  • Autocytotoxic theory As per this theory, there
    is self-destruction of melanocytes and hence the
    melanin. This could be a result of genetic,
    immunological, neural or stress factors.
  • There are factors, internal and external, which
    either predispose or trigger or maintain the
    process which leads to development of vitiligo.
    In most cases, more there may be a mix of causes.
  • Read more causes of Vitiligo here

Symptoms of Vitiligo
  • The typical symptom of Vitiligo is a milky white
    de-pigmented spot or spots. It may vary from a
    single white spot to multiple spots. The shape
    too is a variable round or irregular in shape.
    In some cases generalized de-pigmentation
    observed all over the body. It has a tendency to
    start as a single spot and gradually grow in size
    and number. It may present with a single or
    several spots on limbs or abdomen or back and
    then spreading to other parts of the body. In
    some of the vitiligo patches the hair may turn
    grey suggesting of loss of melanin pigment at the
  • In some cases showing affection of the
    muco-cutaneous junctions such as finger-tips,
    corners of the mouth, genital, around eyes. The
    spread of the disorder is usually slow and
    progressive. Symmetrical appearance on both the
    sides of the body (say, on the legs, hands, etc.)
    is common. In rare cases one finds vitiligo
    spreading all over the body. It is a common
    concern among the patients if the disease would
    spread to entire body which happens very rarely.

Treatment for Vitiligo
  • There are various modalities of treatment
    available for vitiligo under different systems of
  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Conventional treatment
  • Ayurvedic (herbal) treatment
  • Surgical treatment
  • Read more about various treatments of Vitiligo

Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo
  • Homeopathy offers proven treatment for the cases
    of vitiligo which do not have extensive spread.
    Early and milder cases may be treated with
    excellent success, moderate and spreading cases
    can expect partial color formation with good
    control, while rapidly spreading cases may be
    controlled significantly. It may be noted that
    good control over the spread is also considered a
    success in extensive cases.
  • Homeopathic treatment works in the following
  • Controlling the spread of Vitiligo by attempting
    to correct the immune system
  • Enhancing the natural melanocyte formation

What does the Homeopathy treatment do?
  • The scientific and documented study shows that
    the homeopathic treatment helps achieve
  • Enhances melanocyte formation by stimulating the
    natural process called melanogenesis
  • Controls genetic disposition by using miasmatic
  • Treats after effects of environmental factors
    such as exposure to chemicals
  • Treats aftereffects of emotional stress which may
    have triggered the disease process of vitiligo
  • Corrects the hormonal imbalance such as Under
    active thyroid (hypothyroid)
  • Helps body cope up with stress and emotional
  • Individualistic approach whereby every patient is
    treated based on one's case
  • Read more about Homeopathic Treatment of Vitiligo

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