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MTS to DVD – How to Burn MTS Files to DVD


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: MTS to DVD – How to Burn MTS Files to DVD

MTS to DVD How to Burn MTS Files to DVD
  • From http//

  • "I recently bought the Canon HFS 10 camcorder and
    would like some help to convert the contents to a
    regular DVD format with menus. I am not much into
    editing but rather just convert the files to an
    optical disc so I can remove them from the SD
    card and have permanent storage. What software
    would give me a good end to end solution and is
    my computer config good enough for the task?"
  • Videos stored in MTS (on camcorder) or M2TS
    (after transferred onto computer from camcorder)
    are quite common these days due to the wide
    popularity of digital camera and camcorder. With
    digital camcorders or cameras becoming so
    popular, it becomes more convenient for you to
    record happy moments and you may have a lot of
    MTS videos stored on your SD card or M2TS files
    on your computer. However, you may then find that
    there are few media players that could accept
    MTS/M2TS files. And sometimes you may need to
    burn M2TS/MTS files to DVD disc for storing your
    babys clips or family gatherings.
  • In this post, you will learn easy to use MTS to
    DVD burning solutions and other useful tips for
    helping store M2TS/MTS files.

  • Part 1 What is MTS?
  • Part 2 Things Needed to Burn MTS to DVD
  • Part 3 How to Burn MTS Files to DVD on Mac/PC
  • Part 4 MTS to DVD Converter Tutorial Video

Part 1 What is MTS?
  • MTS and M2TS are both file extensions for the
    high definition digital video camera recorder
    format, AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High
    Definition). AVCHD was jointly established by
    Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation in
    2006 for use in their digital tapeless
  • The AVCHD format records video using the MPEG-4
    AVC/H.264 video codec, and audio in Dolby AC-3.
    Other than the video and audio codecs, AVCHD also
    contains menu navigation, slide shows and
    subtitles. The menu navigation allows access to
    individual videos from a common intro screen, the
    slide shows consists of a sequence of AVC still
    frames accompanied by background audio track, and
    the subtitles are used to timestamp recordings.

  • Though both MTS and M2TS are file extensions for
    the same AVCHD and both support 720p and 1080i HD
    video formats, there is a slight difference
    between the two. In the M2TS file, the video file
    is saved in the high definition Blue-ray BDAV
    format. Video data on the Blue-ray discs can be
    saved in one of the three video codecs MPEG2
    Part 2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, or SMPTE VC-1 and the
    audio data in either Dolby digital, DTS, or the
    uncompressed Linear PCM. The M2TS file extension
    is written as xxxxx.m2ts where the xxxxx are
    a five digit number corresponding to the
    audio-visual clip.
  • Both the MTS and the M2TS files can be played on
    Free Blu-ray Media Player, Cyber Link Power DVD,
    Cyber Link Power Director, Sony Picture Motion
    Browser, Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. If you
    dont have then just convert MTS to MPEG, AVI,
    WMV, 3GP with Total Movie Converter.

Part 2 Things Needed to Burn MTS File to DVD
  • To accomplish MTS/M2TS to DVD burning, you need
    to get several things prepared. The very first
    thing is of course the source MTS file. If you
    havent transferred your MTS files from your
    camcorders SD card, you need to use SD card
    reader to move MTS files from SD card to
    computer. Since you may need to convert MTS to
    DVD disc, therefore, you also need a computer
    with DVD recorder drive and blank writable DVD
    disc. Another things is a must have for burning
    MTS to DVD is a media that could convert and burn
    MTS to DVD content, known as MTS to DVD
  • Conclusion things you need to prepare for MTS to
    DVD burning include
  • Blank and writable DVD disc
  • A computer with DVD recorder drive
  • MTS to DVD converter and burner program
  • SD card reader to transfer source MTS files from
    camcorder to computer.

Part 3 Convert MTS to DVD on Mac and Windows
  • To burn MTS to DVD on your computer could be an
    easy task only when you use the proper MTS to DVD
    converter software. Windows users could turn to
    Windows DVD Maker (available in Windows Vista and
    7 only) or Windows Media Player (need extra codec
    pack installed) to accomplish the task, while Mac
    users could make use of iDVD (available in 10.6
    and lower Mac OS versions) to do so. However,
    these are not the best MTS to DVD converter
    solutions since they are restricted here or
    there. Turn to Leawo DVD Creator. Thats the best
    MTS to DVD burning solution you could ever get.
  • Leawo DVD Creator is a top-notch MTS to DVD
    converter software program that could convert and
    burn M2TS/MTS to DVD disc, folder and/or ISO
    image file in only a few simple clicks on Windows
    Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10 (Leawo DVD Creator for Mac
    works on Mac OS 10.6 and later). Its far more
    than a simple MTS to DVD burner. It converts and
    burns videos of 180 formats like MP4, AVI, FLV,
    MPEG, WMV, MOV, etc. to DVD with ease. You could
    easily finish the MTS to DVD burning task with
    Leawo DVD Creator.

Why Choose Leawo DVD Creator?
How to Burn MTS to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator
  • Download and set up Leawo DVD Creator on your
    computer via the above links. This MTS to DVD
    burner is free and clean to download and install,
    no malware included. Get your source MTS files
    ready on your computer and then follow the below
    steps to learn how to burn MTS file to DVD on
    Mac/PC with Leawos DVD Creator.

Part 4 MTS to DVD Converter Video Guide
  • For more details, welcome to visit
  • http//
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