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The Role of Criminologist - Dr. Kirkham Criminal Justice Consultant


DR. KIRKHAM have doctorate in criminology and criminal justice. He has served as a consultant in many law enforcement agencies at the federal,state and local level. He was internationally known as “THE PROFESSOR WHO BECAME A COP”. Visit to our website and know the important role of the criminologist. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Role of Criminologist - Dr. Kirkham Criminal Justice Consultant

The Role of the Criminologist
A criminologist may be most interested in the way
particular cultures and subcultures define crime,
how they produce criminals, and how they deal
with them.
The Origins of Crime
A great deal of criminological research focuses
on the origins or causes of various forms of
crime. Criminological research has helped our
society to understand how cultural and social
factors influence criminal behavior. As a part of
understanding what motivates criminal behavior,
criminologists also analyze the behaviors and
methods of known criminals.
Measure Crime Scene
Criminologists are also responsible for measuring
the amount of crime locally, nationally and
sometimes on a global scale. In these situations,
criminologists will frequently work closely
alongside law enforcement agencies in order to
determine a statistical number for crimes
Preventing Controlling Crime
Using the data that they generate through
research, criminologists can also work towards
finding reasonable and workable proposals for the
prevention and control of crime in society.
Analyze Responsiveness of Law Enforcement to Crime
Criminologists are also responsible for analyzing
the responsiveness of law enforcement officials
and study the criminal behaviors. If officials do
not persecute criminals, the laws intended to
deter them will likely not succeed.
Criminologists will often analyze the legal
institutions in society that are set up in order
to maintain peace and order and reduce crime.
Analyzing the Rehabilitation of Criminals
Another important duty attributed to
criminologists is analyzing the effectiveness of
rehabilitation and correctional programs for
criminals. Certain treatment programs are
designed to help criminals understand the
psychological and social causes of their criminal
Analyzing The Criminal's Role in Society
One of the most interesting tasks for a
criminologist is analyzing the criminal's role in
society. Not only do criminologists attempt to
understand what role these deviant individuals
play in our society, they also analyze how
society and the media respond to criminals
existing in our society such as the apparent
discrepancy between how individuals treat
criminals who commit street crimes versus those
who commit white-collar crimes.
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