Etizolam 0.5mg is Used for treatment & Cost of Etizolam 0.5mg | Side Effects | Medicines Prices India | Compare Branded Medicines Prices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Etizolam 0.5mg is Used for treatment & Cost of Etizolam 0.5mg | Side Effects | Medicines Prices India | Compare Branded Medicines Prices


Etizolam 0.5mg is Used for treatment & Cost of Etizolam 0.5mg | Medicines Prices India | Compare Branded Medicines Prices. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Etizolam 0.5mg is Used for treatment & Cost of Etizolam 0.5mg | Side Effects | Medicines Prices India | Compare Branded Medicines Prices


What is Etizolam?   
  • Etizolam is a benzodiazepine used for the
    treatment of depression, anxiety, and similar
    illnesses. It has been used several years ago but
    has recently fallen out of favour with doctors.
    Another shocking fact is that theres been an
    increase in drug addicts who use Etizolam to get
    a high or feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately,
    even though Etizolam might help with relieving a
    patient/person with these mental illnesses,
    theres a high chance that some negative effects
    might occur. Currently, other benzos are being
    used to treat specific mental disorders. Simply
    put, Etizolam has fallen out of favour not
    because it doesnt have potential, but because it
    can be dangerous to use.
  • On top of that, you need a doctors prescription
    if you want to use Etizolam, which means that the
    only way to get it without a doctors
    prescription is by buying it online, or by buying
    it from street vendors (in the case of street
    vendors, its most likely not Etizolam but a
    concoction of various chemicals which can cause a
    lot of harm. Its also illegal to buy Etizolam in
    the United States).

Is Etizolam a Good Medicine for Mental Disorders?
  • Abuse potential
  • Etizolam, like a benzo, has a high potential for
    abuse. This isnt uncommon with benzodiazepines
    because they have an effect on the human psyche.
    Also, they function in such a way that your body
    will want more of it, or in other words it will
    need it to function properly. This is why the
    unregulated use of Etizolam is dangerous and can
    lead to deadly outcomes. There have been hundreds
    of cases of deaths by overdosing on Etizolam in
    the United States in the year 2014, so if you
    choose to use it for the purpose it was designed
  • Conclusion
  • In conclusion, wed like to state that Etizolam
    can be helpful with people that have mental
    issues. The drug does work as intended and it
    might help you lead an easier life. However, due
    to all the adverse effects that it carries, its
    hard to find and usually not recommended by
    doctors. All in all, it might be better to simply
    take something else, as to not risk any potential
    negative effects happening.

Is There Any Relation Between Etizolam and
Psychoactive Drugs?
  • What is Etizolam used to treat?
  • Etizolam is mainly used to deal with the symptoms
    of depression, but they also produce some other
    drugs such as depressants, sedatives, hypnotics,
    depressants, muscle relaxants, etc. However, due
    to certain issues, its not a common drug in most
    of the world doctors avoid giving prescriptions
    for it and instead opt for some other drugs. Its
    also not a controlled substance in some economies
    in the world so before you decide to get yourself
    some, be sure to check if its even legal where
    you live.
  • Etizolam Physical effects
  • Although there are many misconceptions about
    etizolam, its important to know the effects of
    Etizolam and the usually allowed doses so you
    dont encounter any problems if you decide to use
    it. The doses that we will list arent
    recommended by health officials but rather by
    users that have been using the drug. It is not an
    official recommendation. The effects include
  •     Feeling of dizziness
  •     Respiratory Depression
  •     Physical Euphoria the user might feel a
    state of extreme euphoria after taking Etizolam
  •     Relaxation of muscles
  •     Feeling Sedated Etizolam can actively
    force the user into a state of tiredness. The
    user can feel as if they havent slept in a long
    time and they might feel the need to sit or lay
    down. These effects increase with the dose.

Buy Etizolam Is Etizolam a medicine? How to use?
  • Introducing Etizolam
  • The fact we are living in an urban area and it is
    required of us to stay awake all the time and
    lead those fast paced live there are problems
    which emerge because of that. Problems such as
    anxiety, depression, and insomnia are becoming
    more and more common, and we have to deal with
    them to stay on track. Medicine is advancing at a
    rapid pace, and all of these problems can be
    dealt with using appropriate treatment. Etizolam
    as medicine can be a good solution for some of
    these health problems.
  • What is Etizolam as medicine?
  • Etizolam is a benzodiazepine drug which is
    similar to any benzodiazepine type of drug. It
    provides that soothing and relaxation feeling to
    the consumer and is used to deal with many both
    psychosomatic and physical problems. This drug
    has that hypnotic effect that will help an
    individual to deal with insomnia. Its a very
    strong medication, and that makes it quite
    dangerous. You need to be very careful when
    consuming it due to you can end up with unwanted
  • Another usage of Etizolam as medicine can be in
    treating anxiety. There is a slight difference in
    the usage of this medication in both cases. For
    example, if you want to treat insomnia, you will
    have to use it in greater quantity while when one
    wants to treat anxiety, the dosages have to be
    slightly lower.

Etizolam side effects and Withdrawals
  • As it was already stated, this is a very powerful
    drug because it interacts with GABA transmitters
    in our brain and helps them increase the GABA
    transmission. The release of these chemicals in
    larger quantities in our brains causes that
    relaxation and sedation-like feeling. Whenever
    some substance is meddling with our brain, it can
    cause addiction. Its simple, the brain just gets
    adjusted to the levels of those chemicals and
    then its hard to change that adjustment.
  • Etizolam can cause blepharospasms, and that is
    the contraction of the eyelid which is not
    normal. This could be a short-term problem, but
    sometimes it becomes a problem with which you
    have to deal for the rest of your life. Another
    problem is that it can cause depression or even
    cause insomnia to come back again. This is the
    main reason why you have to pay close attention
    to how you consume it. This drug just as any
    other benzodiazepine, it will significantly lower
    your cognitive functions and weaken your memory.
  • After constant usage of this drug for four weeks,
    an individual can develop an addiction, and in
    those cases, one must look for help from some
    professionals. Etizolam can significantly affect
    your lives because you will not be able to
    function properly when under the influence
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Can Etizolam help to get rid of insomnia?
  • Etizolam for Insomnia
  • People tend to develop various types of
    psychological and physical problems, and the
    cause of this is the society which is pushing us
    harder and harder. Stress is becoming a common
    thing, and there is not a single person on this
    planet who isnt stressed at least a little. This
    stress is the main reason for disorders such as
    insomnia, depression, and anxiety to manifest.
    Luckily, medicine is advancing, and we can seek
    help there.
  • Why Etizolam?
  • Etizolam is one of those benzodiazepines such as
    Xanax and Valium which can be used to treat
    insomnia. This medicine affects the chemicals in
    our brains thus providing us with relaxation
    feeling and soothing our nerves. This is the
    perfect thing for those who suffer from insomnia
    because the stress which is causing insomnia in
    the first place is going to be reduced
    significantly. Etizolam induces the GABA emission
    since it interacts with GABA receptors in our

Why is Etizolam considered as a dangerous
  • Etizolam is a medicinal drug used for the
    treatment of anxiety, depression, and sleep
    disorders. It isnt medically available in the
    United States, which means that the DEA hasnt
    approved it and they are keeping a close eye on
    etizolam abuse. It is used in some parts of the
    world, but its rare to receive prescriptions
    from doctors for it. In 2014 there have been 140
    seizures that occurred from the use of Etizolam
    (these happened in the United States). For
    comparison, 2012 had 0 seizures, which prompted
    the DEA to launch an investigation. But what can
    you, as our reader, find out about this drug?
    Well list all the necessary information in this
  • Etizolam works in a similar way like Valium and
    Klonopin. These drugs have the potential for
    abuse due to their euphoric effects or highs.
    Users can also experience relaxation along with
    these symptoms so its understandable and obvious
    why some street dealers would choose to sell this
    type of drugs. Obviously, people want to
    experience certain effects without having to
    worry about breaking the law, but what they dont
    understand is that Etizolam shouldnt be taken
    lightly nor should it be abused.
  • Its usually sold as pills or powder and can be
    more than ten times more hypnotic than some other
    drugs such as Valium!

  • The danger of abusing Etizolam
  • Etizolam, like other benzos, has a high potential
    for Etizolam abuse. This is mainly because it can
    cause high levels of addiction which mean that
    users will constantly seek out bigger and bigger
    doses, eventually overdosing. Also, people (for
    whatever reason), mix benzos with alcohol or
    other drugs which, in turn, increases the
    possibility of adverse effects happening. Its
    highly recommended you stay away from other drugs
    or alcohol when taking any drug or medication to
    avoid Etizolam abuse.
  • Alcohol and benzodiazepines both depress the
    central nervous system (CNS). Combining the two
    can lower functions which are vital to the
    functioning of the human body, which results in
    hospitalizations due to overdoses. 2014 is a dark
    year which brought around 8 thousand deaths in
    the United States that happened thanks to
    overdosing on benzos. 2001 had five times fewer
  • The following effects characterize etizolam
  •     Feeling drowsy
  •     Feeling agitated
  •     Blurred vision
  •     Issues with breathing
  •     Headaches
  •     Confusion
  •     Muscle weakness
  •     Arrhythmias and potential cardiac arrest

Buy Etizest Addiction Potential and Drug
  • Etizolam or Buy Etizest is known as a
    short-acting drug belonging from the
    thienodiazepine class. Its known to relax
    muscles, decrease anxiety, and promotes sleep. It
    also functions as anti-depressant and
    anti-convulsant. 1mg of the drug is comparable to
    at least 10mg of diazepam.
  • Currently, the drug isnt commonly prescribed
    worldwide and has yet been recognized as a
    controlled substance. As a result, its popularity
    has risen sharply over the years. The compound is
    widely used for research purposes but a number of
    others extensively take Etizolam for recreational
  • With similar properties to benzodiazepines, a
    majority of thienodiazepines were discontinued
    due to the potential dangers they pose to
    individuals who use it constantly or for extend
    periods. Such frequent use have been attributed
    to multiple seizures and deaths. With Etizolam,
    its advisable for long-term users of the drug to
    slowly taper off dose by gradually lowering
    intake for each session instead of completely
    halting the drug.

  • Buy Etizest Tolerance and Addiction Potential
  • Etizolam has been described by users to be
    addictive. Based on a rat study, multiple
    Etizolam administered to the neurons of rats led
    to an increase of the alpha-2 benzodiapezine
    binding sites (a completely reversed tolerance to
    effects of anti-anxiety). No anti-convulsant
    effects were observed. Therefore, this concludes
    the drug to have decreased liability to trigger
    tolerance and dependence compared to the
    benzodiazepine class.
  • However, such tolerance have led to the
    development of sedative effects within a few days
    of frequent intake. After termination, tolerance
    returns back to its baseline within one to weeks.
    In specific cases, this may take a little longer.
    This is proportional to the intensity and period
    of one taking the drug for extended periods.
  • Symptoms of withdrawal may happen after
    terminating drug use following several weeks (or
    longer) of constant and steady dosing of Buy
    Etizest Etizolam. This could lead to a gradual
    reduction intake.
  • Discontinuing the intake of Etizolam can be
    challenging. It may pose danger to individuals
    who take it constantly then abruptly
    discontinuing intake without gradual dosage
    reduction over a short time period. The chances
    of seizure are high when abruptly stopping the
    intake of Etizolam. Medications capable of
    lowering the seizure threshold should be avoided
    at all costs during the withdrawal period.
  • Etizolam offers a cross-tolerance with both
    thienodiazepine and benzodiazepine classes. That
    means after taking the drug with any of the
    compounds from both classes, it would lead to a
    less potent effect.

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