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Java Training | Core Java and Advanced Java (1)


Develop your java programming skills with best java training course of Asterix Solution. With this Core Java Training, Advanced Java Training, Interview Preparation sessions, Placement Assistant also provided. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Java Training | Core Java and Advanced Java (1)

Java Training
  • Core Java Advanced Java

Java Training
  • Java is most used programming language in the
    world according to the survey done by and it also states that Java hold
    23 of the total used languages.
  • Learning Java will always give you an upper hand
    in the IT industry. Here are two modules of
    Complete 35 Days Java Training.
  • 1. Core Java 2. Advanced Java
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Core Java Training
  • This module is the base platform for this whole
    Java Training Program.
  • Core Java module covers everything in detail.
    Topics covered here are
  • - Object Orientation - Inheritance -
  • - Arrays - Wrapper Classes - Java I/O
  • - Date and Time API - Exception Handling -
    Packages - Abstract Class and Interfaces
  • - Generics and Collections
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  • Object Orientation
  • Java is Object Oriented programming languages
    that provides many concepts such as Inheritance,
    Data Binding, polymorphism etc..
  • Inheritance
  • Inheritance refers to a feature of Java
    programming that lets you create classes that are
    derived from other classes. Types of Inheritance
    Single Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance,
    Multilevel Inheritance, Hierarchical, Hybrid
  • String
  • In the Java programming language, strings are
    objects. The Java platform provides the String
    class to create and manipulate strings.
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  • Arrays
  • In the Java programming language, arrays are
    objects (4.3.1), are dynamically created, and
    may be assigned to variables of type Object
    (4.3.2). All methods of class Object may be
    invoked on an array. An array object contains a
    number of variables.
  • Wrapper Classes
  • Integer, Long, Byte, Double, Float, Short are
    wrapper classes in Java. The object of the
    wrapper class contains or wraps its respective
    primitive data type. Converting primitive data
    types into object is called boxing, and this is
    taken care by the compiler.
  • Java I/O
  • The is a package in java contains nearly
    every class you might ever need to perform input
    and output (I/O) in Java.
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  • Exception Handling
  • An exception in Java is a problem that arises
    during the execution of a program. When an
    Exception occurs the normal flow of the program
    is disrupted and the program/Application
    terminates abnormally
  • Packages
  • A Java package is a technique for organizing
    Java classes into namespaces similar to the
    modules of Modula, providing modular programming
    in Java. Java packages can be stored in
    compressed files called JAR files, allowing
    classes to be downloaded faster as groups rather
    than individually.
  • Abstract Class and Interfaces
  • Abstract class and interface both are used to
    achieve abstraction where we can declare the
    abstract methods. Abstract class and interface
    both can't be instantiated.
  • Generics and Collections
  • The Java Collections Framework is a set of
    classes and interfaces implementing complex
    collection data structures. A collection is an
    object that represents a group of objects.
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Advanced Java Training
  • Advanced Java can be considered as the tools of
    the trade Java Developer needs.
  • Swing, JDBC, Servlet and JSP majorly forms the
    module of Android Java in our 35 days Java
    Developer Training. With two mini projects
    covered in this modules Asterix Solution make
    sure that development is something you master at.
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  • Swing
  • Swing is a set of program component s for Java
    programmers that provide the ability to create
    graphical user interface components, such as
    buttons and scroll bars, that are independent of
    the windowing system for specific operating
    system . Swing components are used with the Java
    Foundation Classes.
  • JDBC
  • JDBC is an application programming interface
    (API) for the programming language Java, which
    defines how a client may access a database. It is
    part of the Java Standard Edition platform, from
    Oracle Corporation.
  • Servlet
  • A Java servlet is a Java program that extends
    the capabilities of a server. Although servlets
    can respond to any types of requests, they most
    commonly implement applications hosted on Web
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  • JSP
  • Java Server Pages (JSP) is a technology that
    helps software developers create dynamically
    generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other
    document types. Released in 1999 by Sun
  • Hibernate
  • Hibernate is an Framework for implementing
    ORM-Object Relational Model. Hibernate is the
    most used ORM in the field of IT and it is one of
    the important part in our 35 Days Java Training
  • Spring
  • Spring Framework is defined as Framework of
    Frameworks. It can be used for developing a
    simple console app to the biggest Enterprise
    Application. Spring is something we focus a lot
    on and topic like Spring is really important for
    the execution.
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Java Training Program
  • Java Training Program is a Job oriented Java
    Training Program to be completed in 35 training
    days (1 day7 hours). This training encompass all
    the modules required for a candidate to be a
    Professional Java Developer.

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