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A Comprehensive Guide On Writing A Reflective Essay From The Best Essay Writers In Australia


A reflective essay is meant to divulge a student's personal views on the assigned topic. Students can write top quality reflection papers if they follow a particular set of rules and regulations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Comprehensive Guide On Writing A Reflective Essay From The Best Essay Writers In Australia

A Comprehensive Guide On Writing A Reflective
Essay From The Best Essay Writers In Australia
  • -MyAssignmenthelp.com

  • During high school and college years, students
    have to churn out quite a few reflective essays
    to reveal their understanding of the world around
    them. A reflective essay, also known as
    reflection paper, is a medium through which a
    student is asked to present his thoughts on
    something, whether it's a movie or a book, or
    another essay, etc. Many students get stuck at
    this simple task as they fail to express their
    ideas clearly. Therefore, some of the topmost
    essay writers in Australia have prepared a brief
    guide to composing an excellent reflection paper.
  • Here are some tips to forming a concise
    reflective essay that even UK essay writers
    online stick to -

  • 1. Plan out the essay
  • At this, students must brainstorm and figure out
    their thoughts on their assigned topic. These
    ideas must be written down in crisp sentences
    that are detailed but do not stray from the
    point. Students must try to keep the essence of
    their essay in less than three to five sentences.
    This'll help students to plan out their piece
  • 2. Analyze the subject matter thoroughly
  • A student may have been assigned to write about a
    lecture in class, a book or a particular poem and
    to write on such topics, he or she has to, first,
    analyze his topic carefully. This means that if
    the reflective essay is on a novel, the student
    must read the novel from the first page to the
    last instead of relying on Cliff notes. Since the
    thoughts offered in the essay have to be the
    student's, it is vital that he or she should know
    the topic like the back of his/her hand.

  • 3. Use the introduction to present your
  • The opening of a reflective essay must reflect
    the expectations of the student on his/her
    assigned topic. For example, if the essay is on a
    book, the student should mention in the
    introduction what he thought the book would be
    about based on the title of it.
  • 4. Write the thesis statement
  • This part of the paper will come straight at the
    end of the introduction. The purpose of the
    thesis statement is to offer an explanation
    regarding why the student moved from the
    expectations he had to the conclusion he finally
    drew from the said topic. The thesis makes it
    easier for the reader to understand the aim of
    the essay.

  • 5. Dont reveal all your thoughts
  • Essay writers in Australia advise students not to
    present every single thought they have about
    their topic in the paper. The key is to censor
    these opinions according to their appropriateness
    for the essay. Hence, students must avoid
    information that is personal in nature and which
    they feel uncomfortable in sharing. However, in
    case the essay requires the student to offer his
    views on issues he or she is not comfortable
    sharing, providing a general viewpoint would be
  • 6. Use a formal style of writing
  • Despite the personal nature of this form of an
    essay, the tone of it should be completely
    formal. Even the writing style should be
    professional, and the presentation of the views
    of others in the essay should be avoided. Writing
    in the first person is allowed but making use of
    colloquial language or slang words is an absolute
    no-no. At the end of it, a thorough grammar and
    spell check must be performed by the student
    before submission.

  • 7. The essay should be short
  • Long reflective essays can run the risk of
    repetition. Hence, it is advisable to stay within
    the word limit, which is ideally anywhere between
    300-700 words. But it is always wise to check
    with the teachers first to know the word limit
    they desire. If the instructor asks for an
    extended essay (700 words and beyond), the
    student must ensure that the word count is met.
  • 8. The body should contain explanations for the
  • In a reflective essay, a student is bound to come
    to a concrete conclusion based on his experience
    with the issue at hand. Therefore, in the body of
    the essay, a detailed discussion of that
    conclusion must be provided rather than just
    stating a plain summary of the topic.

  • 9. The conclusion of the essay must summarize the
    main points
  • Finally, when writing the conclusion, the student
    must describe the moral of his essay in a
    succinct manner.
  • By following the above guidelines, students can
    manage to get a good grade in their reflective
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