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Cake Boxes


We print all various sorts of custom cake boxes and packaging at the most affordable price in town for all your bakery needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes
  • The Custom Boxes Australia

Cake Boxes
  • Introduction
  • A cake is a sweet baked dessert that comes in
    many flavors. Initially, it was modified bread
    covered in honey or different sweetening
    materials. It is one of the most loved desserts
    in the world which has equal importance globally.
    Its importance can be judged by Julia Childs
    these words A birthday party without cake is
    just a meeting.
  • It is made for celebrating any event of happiness
    and remembrance. It is loved by people of all age
    classes. Like in a movie after eating the whole
    cake the lead character says I am not much of
    cake person. A cake is included in meals on
    daily basis and is now a part of the diet.

Cake Boxes
  • Composition
  • A cake is mostly made from flour, eggs, sugar,
    butter or oil, and leavening agents like Baking
    soda or Baking powder. There are many additives
    added to give taste to cake like cocoa, dried or
    fresh fruit, nuts, and essences of vanilla. They
    are covered with dessert sauces or creams to give
    additional taste and make its appearance more

Cake Boxes
  • History
  • A cake was made as easy to make food for the
    purpose of feeding the people during the Great
    Depression. It was patented by a company and that
    was the beginning of the production of cakes in a
    box. The mass produced packed cakes are more
    preferred over specially baked cakes.
  • After the war, easy-make cake mix was introduced
    into the world that gave convenience to the women
    of all classes. But this caused the downfall of
    the cake market as women were dispirited by not
    making enough effort at home. So in light of this
    problem, Marketing strategists and psychologists
    introduced frosting, which gave women a chance to
    prepare their own custom cakes at home. Ever
    since cake has been a staple of markets worldwide.

Cake Boxes
  • Cake in a Box
  • Cake in a box is phrase is used for cake mixes
    that are in powder form and made by just adding
    oil and water. Baking it for required time and
    your desired cake is ready. This was invented for
    the people who either did not know how to make a
    cake or didnt have the time to make it.In
    earlier days making a cake was a hard labor and
    buying cakes from a bakery was not cheap. So cake
    producers came up with this easy-make cake so
    anyone and everyone could enjoy this sweet bliss.

Cake Boxes
  • Cake Packaging
  • Cakes come in all types, sizes, flavors, and
    shapes. There are dry cakes, fresh cream cakes,
    and ice cream cakes. Cakes are available in every
    possible flavor and any possible setting or
    shape. Some cakes are custom made in special
    shapes for special events. And hence the custom
    cake packaging boxes are made for this purpose.
    Cake boxes are usually made from cardboard or
    hard paper. Custom cake boxes are printed pre-cut
    and then assembled for the cake packaging.
    Sometimes cakes are made for special orders for
    weddings and birthdays. These cakes cant be
    packed in conventional boxes and hence require
    custom cake packaging. The packaging material is
    a specially made paper that keeps the frosting
    intact for transportation of the cake.

The cake packaging boxes used in the baking
industry are made of hard paper which is printed
on one side and the inner side is often laminated
so that cream or frosting doesnt get absorbed
into the paper. Customization in the boxes is
important in the cake business no cakes are made
alike. Normally bakers keep different sizes and
types of cakes on display. Every cake on display
may a different height, diameter, and frosting.
So custom made boxes are produced so the
customized cake can be packed in it. The boxes
usually have a transparent top so that the
customer can see the box and see what kind of
cake it is.
Cake Boxes
  • Advantages of custom packaging boxes
  • Many of the bulk producers forget the importance
    of packaging and that cause the downfall of the
    business. Cakes are produced in the form of rolls
    and bars which are ready for consumption. These
    cakes are packed in special resalable packs. This
    packaging keeps the cake soft and keeps the taste
    and texture of the cake intact. The idea is to
    keep the cake good until the expiry date. The
    packaging is a silent marketer and shows the
    potential of the product. So the product on a
    rack in a shop is an advertisement about the
    companys credibility and ensures that sales are
    good. Hence the companys focus is more on
    packaging as well as the taste and quality of the
    cake. A cake with poor packaging loses its
    credibility by just one look. Mind makes the
    first impression of an object by seeing it. If
    the box has an eye-friendly appearance the
    customer will surely check it out and even buy it.

Cake Boxes
  • Bakeries have their own custom boxes made for
    cakes and pastries. These boxes have the name of
    the bakery printed on the top including the
    marketing statement telling the customer that the
    product is fresh and tastes really good. The cake
    will sell if it looks good but it will be only a
    half sale if the customer is not satisfied with
    the packaging. Cakes are really delicate and
    require careful handling. The cake is baked and
    placed on a round or square cardboard covered
    with aluminum paper. The cardboard acts as a
    plate or platform for the cake. Even when the
    frosting and cream are applied on the cake, the
    cake is handled and moved by holding the plate
    and not moving the cake itself. When the cake is
    packed for the customer the box should be such
    that the cream or frosting on the top does not
    get destroyed. The description of celebration is
    usually written using frosting on the top of the
    cake. If the packaging box is not high enough it
    could smudge the writing on top of the cake and
    the appearance will be destroyed completely.

Conclusion Packaging is undoubtedly one of the
most important things for marketing of a product.
Similarly, cakes also sell on the same principle.
It may be ready to eat cakes or custom made
birthday cakes, in both scenarios the packaging
should be as good as the cake itself. The
packaging ensures that the cake will reach its
destination safely and in one piece.
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