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Know Cancer statistics in India | Major Types of Cancer Affecting Indians


Different types of diseases and infections have always threatened man.However, one disease that is considered almost deadly and has a very high rate of recurrence is cancer.Know more by visiting – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Know Cancer statistics in India | Major Types of Cancer Affecting Indians

Cancer statistics

  • Different types of diseases and infections have
    always threatened man.
  • However, one disease that is considered almost
    deadly and has a very high rate of recurrence is
  • Irrespective of a particular region, state or a
    country this particular disease affects everyone
    without discriminating in between the different
    types of human races.

Why is Cancer on the Rise in India?
  • According to health experts, the causes of
    increase in the number of cancer patients are
  • These can be divided broadly into internal and
    external causes.
  • The internal causes include
  • Mutations
  • Genetic
  • Poor immune conditions
  • Hormonal

  • The external causes include
  • Industrialization
  • Food habits
  • Population overgrowth
  • Social
  • Air pollution
  • Smoking
  • Occupational exposure such as asbestos
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Year-wise Evaluation of Cancer Incidences in
Year Incidences in Male Incidences in Female Total Patients
2004 390803 426545 819354
2005 40000 43000 83000
2006 40000 45000 85000
2007 42000 47000 89000
2008 44000 49000 93000
2009 454842 507990 962832
2010 460428 517378 979786
2015 55000 60000 110000
2020 58000 65000 123000
Major Types of Cancer Affecting Indians
  • Lung cancer
  • Lately lung cancer has grown like an epidemic
    and is responsible for more number of deaths than
    caused due breast, colorectal and prostate

  • Breast cancer
  • This is most common type of cancer found in women
    of developed countries
  • The ICMR has found out that every year minimum
    100,000 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed
    in India.

  • Stomach Cancer
  • Globally, stomach cancer stands at the fifth
    position in the table of highest occurring cancer

  • Gall bladder cancer
  • This cancer is highly prevalent in the northern
    parts of India and the ICMR has reported that 4.5
    percent males and 10.1 percent of females per one
    lack population were affected by this type of
    cancer by the end of the last century.
  • The frequency of gall bladder cancer is much
    higher in the Ganges delta with around 70 to 90
    percent patients of cancer suffering from gall
    bladder cancer.

  • Cervical cancer
  • Women of most of the developing countries like
    India are more susceptible to cervical cancer.
  • However, proper screening and technological
    inputs have resulted in decrease in cervical
    cancer patients in the country.

  • Oral cancer
  • This cancer is quite common, especially among
    the youngsters who suffer from oral sub-mucous
  • It is the fourth common cancer among males and
    fifth among females.
  • Miscellaneous cancers
  • Other types of cancer that too are quite
    common in India include esophageal cancer,
    colorectal cancer, head and neck cancer or

  • State-wise Distribution of Cancer in India

Type of cancer State Highly affected State Moderately affected State least affected
Lung Cancer A.P, JK, M.P Jharkhand, Kerala, Manipur, Tripura Nil
Gall Bladder cancer Punjab Uttar Pradesh Bihar
Cervical Cancer Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, W. Bengal, Goa, Rajasthan, Punjab, U.P., Andhra Pradesh
Stomach Cancer Goa, Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand Jammu Kashmir, Sikkim,
Oral cancer U.P,Gujarat, Assam
Breast cancer Goa, Rajasthan, Delhi Punjab, Maharashtra, Manipur, Tripura
Cancer Common Among Men, Women and Children 
Men Women Children
Pharynx Breast Leukemia
Oral Cavity Oral Cavity Brain and Central nervous system Related tumors
Leukemia Esophagus Neuroblastoma
Esophagus Ovary Wilms tumor
Lung Leukemia Lymphoma
Stomach Stomach Retinoblastoma
Brain and Nervous system Lymphoma Bone Cancer
Larynx Pharynx Ewing Sarcoma
Liver Cervix Osteosarcoma
Cancer Preventive Measures Available in India
  • The best method to control cancer is prevention.
  • Since tobacco is one of the major reasons behind
    the increase in the number of cancer patients in
    India, discouraging the use of tobacco is a part
    of the awareness program initiated by the
    District Cancer Control Program.
  • Other precautions include immunization against
    hepatitis B and practicing safe sex to avoid
    genesis cancer.

Cancer-wise Preventive Measures
Recommendations by Health experts Cancer Prevention Cancer Cures
Non-smoking Lungs, bladder Lung, neck and head
Drug abuse control Breast and cervical Breast and cervical
Water pollution All types of cancer Liver, bladder and colorectal
Air pollution lungs lungs
Protection from ozone depleting chemicals skin Squamous cell carcinoma of lips
Adapting traditional values All types Skin, brain, cervical
awareness All types Almost all types
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