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Why Are People Taking Colostrum as A Health Supplement


colostrum is a type of milk produced by mammals for the first few days of their offspring’s life. Nowadays, the colostrum of cows is being sold as a health supplement, and it is becoming increasingly popular for its many beneficial effects. During the course of this article, we will examine these effects. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Are People Taking Colostrum as A Health Supplement

Why Are People Taking Colostrum as A Health
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  • As stated in the summary, during the course of
    this article we are going to explore the health
    benefits of bovine colostrum for humans. While
    there are few studies in this area, and evidence
    is anecdotal, we feel that its important for you
    to understand what the potential benefits may be.
  • First, though, lets start by asking what is
    colostrum? Colostrum is a special type of milk
    that mammals produce when they first give birth
    (only mammals produce milk, so that makes sense).
    It lasts between 3 to 4 days on average. It
    contains some very special ingredients to help
    the mammal babies thrive outside the environment
    of the womb (more on these in a minute).
    Colostrum has a much thicker consistency than
    ordinary milk it is also a different colour, and
    tends to be much yellower.

  • So, why do humans want to start taking colostrum
    as a health supplement? There are many reasons,
    and we will list them now
  • People take colostrum for its immune-boosting
    ingredients. Colostrum contains various
    antibodies and other infection-fighting
    ingredients (e.g. probiotics) that help a baby
    (mammal) fight off infections. It is natures
    first immunisation. When we grow up, we get
    vaccines, when were first born, we get
    colostrum. Clearly, the type of infections
    protected against in cows does not necessarily
    translate to us and so colostrum is not a perfect
    fit for humans in this regard. However, it does
    have some immune-boosting properties, we believe.
    People that take the supplement often self-report
    as suffering from fewer coughs and colds.

  • It contains a great number of vitamins and
    minerals and these are in a form that is much
    easier to absorb than the traditional pills and
    potions that we take now. The vitamins,
    nutrients, and minerals of colostrum are fat
    soluble, and this allows us to absorb them at a
    much greater amount than tablets.
  • It has a lot of ingredients that aid digestion.
    People often take colostrum if they suffer from
    frequent digestive discomfort. While it doesnt
    work in every case, it can work very well for
    some people. Clearly, if you have something
    serious such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's
    Disease, then we would recommend against taking a
    supplement before speaking to your GP. However,
    for people with minor discomforts, they often
    find relief from taking colostrum.

  • It has a high level of growth factors. While this
    is intended to help infant mammals grow, when
    taken as an adult, it can have some benefits and
    protect against problems caused by a lack of
    growth factor produced by the pituitary gland.
    Human adults that have a deficiency in growth
    factor are frequently weaker and fatter than
    those that do in particular, it causes fatigue
    and lethargy, as well as impaired concentration
    and memory.
  • We hope that you now have a good understanding of
    the many reasons that people take colostrum as a
    health supplement. If you would like to learn
    more about these supplements, please visit
    https//www.thefinchleyclinic.com .

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