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Top Exercises For Weight Loss


Home exercise program is designed for the beginner, using simple exercises that can be done around the home, with either no equipment required or minimal equipment that is found around most homes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top Exercises For Weight Loss

  • Weight Loss Exercise

  • Top Exercises For Weight Loss

  • Losing weight with the right exercises can be a
    challenge if you are just starting out. Are
    looking for ways to get in shape while losing
    those extra pounds, I found several exercises
    that target your abdomen, glutes, hamstrings and
    back that will tone and tighten while you lose
  • These are the best exercise for weight loss and
    toning your butt thighs and legs.  Want to wear
    the latest fashion and look and feel you best in
    any attire?  Try some of these moves or try them
    all to sculpt and transform your body into a fit
    healthier you.  Get lean sexy legs, tone and
    tighten your glute muscles while you lose weight
    with a good fitness program and diet.

  • Always ask your doctor before beginning any
    Weight Loss Exercise program.  Warm up your body
    10 minutes before beginning any exercises to get
    your muscles warm and oxygenated before you
  • Sumo Squats
  • Squats are the number one exercise for your legs
    and butt.  No equipment is necessary and this
    exercise can be done at any location.  Go at your
    own pace and length of duration.  Stand with feet
    hip-distance apart and squat down as far as you
    can.  Try to let your chest rest on your knees
    when you squat down and then stand.  Do 10 to 20
  • Modify Your Pose
  • If this is too difficult try using a chair to
    modify the exercise.  Simply put the chair on a
    surface that is secure nonslip flooring such as a
    carpet.  Stand in front of the chair as if you
    are about to sit down.  Raise your arms over your
    head and sit down in the chair and then stand
    straight.  Do 10 to 20 reputations.

  • Burn Cellulite Exercise Hip Extensions
  • Moves to tone your butt thighs and legs.  If you
    want to look and feel you best in any outfit,
     try some of these moves or try them all to
    sculpt and transform your thighs, clave,
    hamstrings, and butt.  Get lean legs, tone and
    tighten your glute muscles while you lose weight.
    This exercise may not be for everyone.  Always
    ask your doctor before beginning any exercise
    program.  Back kicks are great exercises for your
    legs and butt.  No equipment is necessary and
    this exercise can be done at any location.  Go at
    your own pace and length of duration.  Do 10 to
    20 reputations to gain muscle and toned glutes.
  • Back Kick For Glutes
  • This exercise makes developing your glutes a
    breeze.  Get down on your hands and knees, Pull
    your right knee into your chest and then flex
    your right foot as your lift your leg up behind
    you.  Do 10 to 20 repetition and then switch legs
    and do the left side.  This is a targeted move
    that will build muscle, strength, and stability
    in your glutes and hamstrings. 

  • Side Plank Pose
  • Fire up your core abdominal muscles with this
    side plank pose also commonly used in yoga
    practise.  If you want to trim down and, lose
    weight in your belly focus on the sides of your
    body in the core area. Protect your joints and
    back with this plant lateral supportive move.   
  •  This Weight Loss Exercise works on your oblique
    muscles on the side abdominal area toning and
    tightening your core will help you lose weight
    and look fit.  Start by laying down on your side
    positioning yourself on your mat.  Feet together
    and support your body on one one elbow.  Slowly
    lift your hips until your body is straight and in
    line,  focusing on your core abdominal muscles.
     Slowly lower your hips to the mat.  Repeat 15 to
    20 times for each side to tone the sides of your
  •  Burn more calories more effectively by building
    muscle and burning fat.  If this is too difficult
    you can modify this pose by doing repetitions and
    building up your endurance as you work on your
    core.  Over time you will gain strength and
    accomplish more with your exercise program.

  • Hip Extensions
  • Booties are defiantly grabbing attention these
    days not only due to appearance but for the pure
    functionally of the glutes maximus muscle also
    called the butt.  The glutes are known as the
    largest muscle group in the human body and
    virtually every movement we make with our lower
    extremities requires the activation of this
    important muscle.  Plus stating the obvious a
    strong lean sharply butt is more attractive.  
  •  Push Ups
  • This exercise is great for your Pectorals Major
    and Trapezius or chest and back muscles.  These
    muscle groups support the upper body and spine.
     Building muscle in these important areas will
    help you gain strength as well as burn more
    calories.  Improve your endurance and level of
    activity with daily pushups.  Prevent back pain
    with pushups by activating your back trapezius
    muscles. Build muscle and support your spine.  If
    you are a beginner and find pushups too difficult
    you can modify the pose by doing pushups on your

  • Wall Pushup Modification
  • Wall Push-ups are another good alternative to the
    traditional push ups and may help people who are
    just starting out.  Ask your doctor, before
    beginning any exercise program.  Start a wall
    push-up by standing in front of a stable wall.
     Put your hands on the wall at chest level.  keep
    your feet approximately two feet away from the
  • Six Pack AbsToning your abdominal muscles takes
    work and dedication here are some simple moves to
    help you get the results you want.  Start by
    lying on your mat with your knees slightly bent,
    hip distance apart.  Lift your chest halfway off
    the floor reaching for your knees.  Hold the pose
    for a few seconds and lower to the mat.  Repeat
    this exercise 10 - 20 times several times per
    week to tone and tighten your abdominal muscles.
     Lose weight while gaining strength and stability
    in your core abdominal muscles.

  • Walking Every Day!
  • Simply walking  once per day has fantastic
    benefits for your entire body.  Lose those extra
    pounds by walking just 30 to 50 minutes per day
    can increase your metabolism to work more
    effectively burning more calories throughout the
    day.  Condition your cardiovascular system to
    prevent heart and vascular disease. Burn five
    times more calories by walking on an incline.  If
    you are lucky enough to live in an area that has
    hills and mountains to climb this is the perfect
    way to achieve your fitness goals.  
  • Cool Down Time
  • It is very important to give yourself 10 minutes
    cool down time after any workout.  Deep breath
    and allow your heart rate to syncopate into its
    natural rhythm.  Gently stretch your whole body
    as you cool down with targeted moves that relax
    muscles.  Start by sitting on the floor with your
    legs extended in front of you.  Slowly bend
    forward to touch your toes.  Follow by doing some
    twists.  Lie down on the mat with your legs out
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